It IS low-hanging fruit

Perhaps SNL simply realizes they can never out-parody the real Creepy Joe and Javier.

Saturday Night Live completely avoided parodying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in its first episode since the pair were sworn into office. 

Hosted by John Krasinki, the first SNL of 2021 managed to not feature either the president or vice president in its skits. 

Instead it featured special ‘appearances’ from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Brady. 

The move was blasted online by some viewers who described the show as a ‘snoozefest’ which is ‘too scared of getting canceled’. 

Others noted how Donald Trump had been the butt of their jokes for the past four years.

Although what they should have done is have the real Javier Bardem guest-host and then play his doppleganger. 

Preemptively burning the books

What, exactly, is so frightening to The Washington Post about Donald Trump’s inevitable Presidential Library?

The Washington Post has published an op-ed arguing that President Donald Trump “must never have” a presidential library. The paper, whose motto is “Democracy dies in darkness,” presented an argument Thursday by “art and architecture critic” Philip Kennicott about why the history of the Trump administration should, in fact, be shrouded in darkness.

Kennicott wrote: “Trump must never have an official presidential library, and Congress should move quickly to make sure he never will.”

He argued that Trump cannot be trusted to handle documents relating to his presidency, because he “mixed public and private interests.” He adds that Trump must be punished because he allegedly “incited an insurrection” on January 6.

Kennicott argued further that Trump might use a presidential library to tout his successes, which should not be allowed:

The danger of Trump using a presidential library to burnish his image is far more serious, with the ex-president and his surrogates still promoting the idea that his electoral loss was somehow fraudulent. That creates an ongoing uncertainty in American public life, which Trump and even more unscrupulous actors will use to further division, inflame tension, exacerbate racism and delegitimize the American democratic system.

Kennicott not only calls on Congress to deny Trump any government support for a presidential library, but also says Trump should not be allowed to build one privately, calling on the public to “put pressure on corporate and other entities not to donate to any group associated with any effort to build a Trump presidential center.”

It’s always Year Zero with these evil morons. Perhaps they are frightened that President Trump will prominently feature SJWs Always Lie in his library? Or more likely, Neon Revolt’s Revolution Q.

Have you noticed yet that the media is not at all behaving as if anything is over?

Junior Classics Vols I-III

Volumes I through III of the Junior Classics are now available from the Castalia Direct store. They should soon be available through Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores in the next week. These are the larger Royal Octavo editions. The Demy editions were ordered for backers last week, though the printer is still catching up to its post-Christmas printings so no one will have received them yet.

If you are a backer who a) hasn’t received your books yet or b) received the wrong number of books or a damaged or misprinted book, we’re going to be addressing those in the next two weeks. You will get them, but please understand that we do not ship them ourselves so emailing us and asking for shipping information or tracking numbers is totally useless. We are putting together a comprehensive report of the various issues for the printer and they will take care of everyone as they have reliably done for the last five years.

Seriously, so what?

Why on Earth should Americans care that the Chinese government is jailing its citizens for tweets of which it doesn’t approve?

China’s Communist Party has sentenced more than 50 people to prison in the past three years for using Twitter and other platforms banned in China to criticize Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his government. The Wall Street Journal reports the growing use of prison sentences marks an escalation of China’s efforts to “control narratives and strangle criticism outside China’s cloistered internet.”

The majority of users that China has imprisoned have little influence and reach. Among the detained citizens, their online followings range from the hundreds to the low thousands, with one having fewer than 30 followers…. This entire story is sickening and is in dire need of help. And it will take more than Big Tech platforms to make a change. All companies in the US that are profiting largely from China must stand up, this includes the NBA which has refused to condemn slave labor, and Apple and Nike, two companies that actually lobbied against cracking down on forced labor in China. Until the NBA, Nike, Apple, and Pepsi make strong stances against China’s behavior toward its citizens and its handling of social media use, all their social justice campaigns should be viewed as what they are: opportunistic and phony.

Is Clay Travis really unaware that Douglass Mackey was recently arrested for tweets he posted four years ago? He wasn’t arrested in Shanghai or Beijing, he was arrested in West Palm Beach. By the FBI, who is also looking to arrest four more people on similar charges.

Americans desperately need to stop fretting about what is happening on the other side of the world and start paying a lot more attention to what is happening to them in their own backyard.

Mailvox: self-reflection

So long as one doesn’t overdo it and turn it into navel-gazing, self-reflection is always a good habit even when one doesn’t necessarily like what one sees:

Observing you stick to your position on Trump over the last several weeks, I learned something about myself; which was not good.

What I saw you doing was staking out a reasoned position and then sticking to it.  Neither the naysayers, backstabbers, fair-weather fans, trolls or “new friends” caused you to change your position.  You stayed true, until events played themselves out.

Watching all of this, I realized that I have a tendency to either succumb to external pressure and/or hedge my position in my mind.  This was evidenced by many conversations where I would say what I “hoped” would happen with Trump, but then equivocate by saying what I was “afraid” would happen.

Watching you stand firm eventually made me realize that equivocating is nothing but weakness or fear expressing itself.  I then realized this has been a pattern of mine.  It is much better to take a stand, then stick to that position with everything you have.

It became clear why taking a stand is better: by being firm, you are more likely to engage in actions to bring about that position.  By equivocating, it is far less likely you will put the effort into something you are afraid may not work out, even if you hope you are wrong.

I’m tired of equivocating and making excuses.  Thank you for demonstrating what “taking a stand” looks like.  You doing so over such a major issue, in the face of intense criticism, made it possible for me to see my own flaws. The interesting thing is that making a personal change like this requires the same steadfastness in order to succeed.

Admittedly, I happen to have an advantage over the reader, in that I genuinely don’t care what most people think. But the important thing is to understand that emotions, internal or externally imposed, don’t improve one’s analysis. The syllogism doesn’t care how you feel about it. The facts are what they are.

The reader is entirely right to dismiss self-centered equivocation. Saying one “fears” x but “hopes” y is merely autopsychological posturing meant to avoid the possibility of future criticism for being unable to predict the future with 100 percent accuracy. But no one ever has and no one can, so don’t worry about it. Run your best analysis as dispassionately as you can, stick with it, and you’ll be correct more often than not.

Note that even the correct contextual version of the famous Zhou Enlai quote is relevant to everyone’s questions about President Trump.

The impact of the French Revolution? “Too early to say.”

Thus did Zhou Enlai – in responding to questions in the early 1970s about the popular revolt in France almost two centuries earlier – buttress China’s reputation as a far-thinking, patient civilisation. The former premier’s answer has become a frequently deployed cliché, used as evidence of the sage Chinese ability to think long-term – in contrast to impatient westerners.

The trouble is that Zhou was not referring to the 1789 storming of the Bastille in a discussion with Richard Nixon during the late US president’s pioneering China visit. Zhou’s answer related to events only three years earlier – the 1968 students’ riots in Paris, according to Nixon’s interpreter at the time.

What part of “The Ride Never Ends” don’t you understand? We won’t win every skirmish. We won’t even win every battle. But we will win the war. 

You have the power

 But you have to actually use it to accomplish anything:

Amid a boycott in response to its politically motivated decision to drop Mike Lindell’s MyPillow products, shares of Bed Bath & Beyond plunged 36.4{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} at the close of trading Thursday. The retail chain suffered its biggest one-day loss since going public in June 1992.

The consumer organization Media Action Network launched the boycott of Bed, Bath & Beyond after the retail chain stopped selling Lindell’s products due to his support of President Trump’s claim that fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election.

Americans could break enemies like the Devil Mouse within a month if they would simply stop justifying their continued support of those who hate them.

Il Cane Grande’s on it

If you wrote a negative review of Robinhood, and you were truly one of their customers, file an arbitration against them. If they had 100,000 filed in one day, they’d tank. They require arbitration. They wont allow group actions. So, let them get consumed by piranhas!

Marc Randazza

SSH goes mainstream

Or perhaps viral would be a more accurate description. Regardless, the SSH has made its initial appearance in the mainstream media. It won’t be the last one. 

People are mocking a resurfaced classification of men known as the ‘sigma male’ — a ‘lone wolf’ type that is equal to the alpha in the oppressive male hierarchy. 
Twitter user @LilySimpson1312 thrust the lesser-known term into the spotlight this week when they shared photos of socio-sexual hierarchy charts, a video about how ‘to become’ a sigma male, and the self-help book ‘The Sigma Male.’
‘What the f**k is going on with men,’ they captioned the viral post, which has been retweeted more than 25,000 times, prompting critics to tear apart the term and the alpha/beta mythology as a whole. 
The characterization of men into two groups, the dominant alpha and the submissive beta, has been around for decades. The idea was derived from the now-debunked theory that wolf packs are ruled by aggressive leaders know as alphas. 
The socio-sexual hierarchy categorizing men as either alphas, sigmas, betas, deltas, gammas, or omegas was coined by Alt-right writer Theodore Robert Beale, who uses the pseudonym Vox Day. 
The limiting system ranks men based on their social position with other males and their ability to attract women. The alphas and sigmas are considered equal as top dogs, with the latter being seen as someone who sits outside the hierarchy by choice. 

I’m amused by how they’re not only doing the real name thing, but the seldom-seen real FULL name thing. This is a media technique that is utilized to convey distrust in the individual named. You’ll notice that they don’t say anything about my being a publisher, a game designer, or having 8 million pageviews per month on my personal blog. But it is interesting that they would choose to actually identify me for once, although I suspect that is because, unlike the Religion Doesn’t Cause War, Atheism is Autism, and the Magic Dirt memes, they don’t understand how legitimate and useful the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy actually is.

Since the theme is mockery, I suppose it was deemed acceptable to identify me for once, although the author seems a bit confused as to whether the concept discredits the creator or the creator discredits the concept. Of course, what everyone seems to be missing is that the concepts are not derived from biologists playing wolf-watcher, that’s merely where the labels originated. No doubt the next criticism will be that the Greek letters aren’t in alphabetical order.

The SSH is actually a predictive analytical model based on observable male behavioral patterns. Its applicability to intersexual relations is actually a minor subset of its utility, even though that aspect gets all of the attention for the obvious reasons. It’s extremely useful for everything from team sports to business management. One reason that our projects have a much higher rate of success than normal is that we go to great lengths to ensure that SSH conflicts are minimized when we put teams together.

No more than one Alpha per team, find a reliable Bravo or two to back him up, target and guide the Deltas, focus the Omegas on their areas of expert autism, minimize the Gammas, and leave the Sigmas alone to freestyle without interrupting the team.

Office Space beautifully explicated the Sigma’s attitude to the social hierarchy.

Breaking Robinhood

The GameStop investors will be able to go all Sheriff of Nottingham and easily bury Robinhood in arbitration if they wish, as it has the same insanely stupid ban on class arbitration incorporated into its terms of use that many tech firms do. Note that JAMS used to wisely mandate a class arbitration clause in its rules, but removed it in 2005 because the idiot tech corporations didn’t want to risk losing in arbitration to all their users if they did something shady. Instead, the technocracy forced a system on everyone that can quite literally bankrupt them in order to save a little on potential litigation fees. The stupidity is epic-class.

38. Arbitration.

A. This Agreement contains a pre-dispute arbitration clause. By signing an arbitration agreement, the parties agree as follows: (1) All parties to this Agreement are giving up the right to sue each other in court, including the right to a trial by jury, except as provided by the rules of the arbitration forum in which a claim is filed. (2) Arbitration awards are generally final and binding; a party’s ability to have a court reverse or modify an arbitration award is very limited. (3) The ability of the parties to obtain documents, witness statements and other discovery is generally more limited in arbitration than in court proceedings. (4) The arbitrators do not have to explain the reason(s) for their award unless, in an eligible case, a joint request for an explained decision has been submitted by all parties to the panel at least 20 days prior to the first scheduled hearing date. (5) The panel of arbitrators will typically include a minority of arbitrators who were or are affiliated with the securities industry. (6) The rules of some arbitration forums may impose time limits for bringing a claim in arbitration. In some cases, a claim that is ineligible for arbitration may be brought in court. (7) The rules of the arbitration forum in which the claim is filed, and any amendments thereto, shall be incorporated into this Agreement. B. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, any other agreement between Me and Robinhood, any Account(s) established hereunder, any transaction therein, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of FINRA Dispute Resolution, Inc. (“FINRA DR”). I agree to arbitrate any controversy or claim before FINRA DR in the State of California. C. This agreement to arbitrate constitutes a waiver of the right to seek a judicial forum unless such a waiver would be void under the federal securities laws. If I am a foreign national, non-resident alien, or if I do not reside in the United States, I agree to waive My right to file an action against Robinhood in any foreign venue. D. No person shall bring a putative or certified class action to arbitration, nor seek to enforce any pre-dispute arbitration agreement against any person who has initiated in court a putative class action; or who is a member of a putative class who has not opted out of the class with respect to any claims encompassed by the putative class action until: (1) the class certification is denied; or (2) the class is decertified; or (3) the customer is excluded from the class by the court. Such forbearance to enforce an agreement to arbitrate shall not constitute a waiver of any rights under this Agreement except to the extent stated herein.

Two observations:

  • Unlike AAA, FINRA has no rule allowing an arbitrator to declare an arbitration to be “frivolous”, and furthermore, the right to file even frivolous arbitrations is protected by the Federal Arbitration Act and the Supreme Court rulings Steelworkers and Schein.
  • Robinhood’s terms of use specify California law. CCP Section 1284.3 prevents any consumer from being charged anything for an arbitration proceeding beyond the initial filing fee. “No neutral arbitrator or private arbitration company shall administer a consumer arbitration under any agreement or rule requiring that a consumer who is a party to the arbitration pay the fees and costs incurred by an opposing party if the consumer does not prevail in the arbitration, including, but not limited to, the fees and costs of the arbitrator, provider organization, attorney, or witnesses.”
If this sounds like a foreign language to you, I strongly suggest reading Corporate Cancer, particularly chapters 8-10.

The Ride Never Ends.

Burning Wall Street

Thanks to the GameStop defense, hedge fund short sellers have lost nearly 27x more in the last month alone than all short sellers combined did in the average month last year.

Wall Street investors are sitting on estimated year-to-date losses of $70.87 billion on their bets against U.S. companies following massive surges in some of the heavily shorted shares, data from analytics firm Ortex showed on Thursday.

Some shares such as in video game retailer GameStop have jumped more than 1,000{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} in the past week, driven primarily by retail investors trading on online apps and sharing tips on social media messaging boards

Such gains have forced short-sellers to buy back stock to cover potential losses in what is dubbed a short-squeeze. Moves were exacerbated by more retail investors piling into the stock.

Ortex data showed that as of Wednesday, there were loss-making short positions on more than 5,000 U.S. firms.

Shorting GameStop may have cost $1.03 billion year-to-date, Ortex estimates, while those shorting Bed, Bath & Beyond were looking at a $600 million loss.

Its short interest data, sourced from submissions by agent lenders, prime brokers, and broker-dealers, showed that around 62 million GameStop shares with a value of $2.2 billion were out on loan as of Wednesday.

To put this in perspective, the average monthly profit/loss for short sellers in 2020 was $2.7 billion. Now you know why Wall Street is shrieking like little girls for the government to stop the public from being able to do what they do.

One thing is clear from all of this. The America public is not going to support another bank bailout once the next financial crisis begins. They’d rather see Wall Street burn, and rightly so.