ARKTOONS: four new titles

 It will probably not surprise you to learn that Bounding Into Comics has the exclusive story:

Arktoons continues to roll out new titles to the digital comics platform found at

Arktoons is a free-to-view website, meaning all episodes are free to read. New episodes of each series are released weekly. In fact, there are new episodes for a variety of titles on every single day of the week.

While all the comics and series are free-to-view, you can support the platform and the comics creation through a subscription. There are currently four options ranging from $5 to $50. It is not a requirement to subscribe in order to read the comics.

After releasing 10 titles in its first two days including Alt-Hero Q, Midnight’s War, The Hammer of Freedom, A Throne of Bones, Ascendant, and Flying Sparks among others, Arktoons announced four new titles.

Those four new titles are Hypergamouse, Right Ho Jeeves, Dynamite Thor, and Shade.

While there are a few technical infelicities, particularly on mobile, the platform has proven to be entirely stable. Traffic is already 3x that of Day One, which bodes well as it appears that the positive word of mouth is beginning to take effect. 

Thursday’s winner was A Throne of Bones, although Ascendant was a strong number two and Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure proved to be surprisingly popular. The production team did a stellar job with The Frogmen, as they almost flawlessly replicated the old-style dialogue balloons in a manner that is actually legible at 1080 resolution.

Post-vaccine covid transmission

Spacebunny passed this on:

My husband and three of our adult kids work together. Their place of employment has only had a few positive cases here and there since this whole thing began. Now that several people there got vaccinated, there has been an explosion of cases. I posted a tweet yesterday asking for studies on this vaccine shedding, and someone who works with my husband messaged me and said that every department where someone got vaccinated now has multiple cases, including some of the vaccinated individuals. I think every single person in my husband’s department is out because of it.

The only thing more disastrous about the response to the Covid Flu than the lockdowns has been the not-vaccines. This promises to be one of those inexplicable disasters that future historians struggle to explain.

Begging for a coup

France may be about to learn that using the military’s standards against it is an effective way to convince the military to abandon its standards:

Eighteen French servicemen, who have been identified as signatories of a letter warning President Emmanuel Macron about a looming “civil war,” will come before a military court, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff said.

Each of the identified soldiers and officers would appear before a higher military council, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Francois Lecointre, told Le Parisien. All of them would be subjected to “disciplinary sanctions,” with the harsher ones reserved for the most senior ranks, he added.

“I believe that the higher the responsibilities, the stronger the obligation of neutrality… is,” the general said. The chief of staff also said that those among the semi-retired generals who signed the controversial letter could potentially be forced to leave military service and go into full retirement.

“These generals will each appear before a higher military tribunal. Following this procedure, it will be the President of the Republic who will sign a decree on [their] retirement,” Lecointre said.

French defense minister threatens ‘sanctions’ against ex-generals behind open letter blasting Islamism and ‘suburban hordes’

Such a strong response was sparked by an open letter declaring the country is headed toward “civil war,” signed by several former high-ranking military personnel as well as “a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand soldiers.” The appeal published in the conservative ‘Valeurs Actuelles’ news magazine urged Macron to save the nation from Islamism and the “suburban hordes” of immigrants.

As always, the Promethean tactics are based upon subversion and lies. The military has a duty to defend the nation against invasion, which the enemies of the nation have subverted by redefining the nation as the state and redefining invasion as immigration.

But immigration is war. And prosecuting the messenger is never wise.

It appears the end of the Fifth Republic is approaching. It has already survived longer than three of its predecessors, and is unlikely to last as long as the Third Republic did.

The sell-out

Gandhi’s Law: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Drudge’s Addendum: After which they buy you out and undo everything you accomplished.

The Drudge Report’s drift from its original Internet rebelliousness took another step into mainstream irrelevance with a purge this week of links to pioneering conservative sites The Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, Free Republic, Daily Wire and Western Journal, and Also reportedly gone are links to the late Rush Limbaugh’s site and columnist David Limbaugh.

Infowars and ZeroHedge survived the purge, however one report observed ZeroHedge was delisted for a time this week.

The Drudge Report has gone through a sharp change in recent years leading to speculation about whether reclusive owner-editor Matt Drudge secretly sold the site and relinquished control. Regardless, the site is not what it used to be and has lost substantial traffic.

Last month the Press Gazette reported the Drudge Report lost over forty percent of its traffic year-on-year from February 2020 to February 2021, “Influential conservative news aggregation site the Drudge Report saw its year-on-year visits fall by 41{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} from 71.4 million to 42.4 million.”

This is why the entrepreneur’s dream of being acquired or going public is so ultimately futile. Because unless you’re creating something purely for the love of filthy lucre, selling out is going to destroy what you created. The more effective and beautiful your creation, the more demand there will be to subvert it, if not entirely invert it.

Joseph Farah of WND saw it coming.

In the early days, WND had the distinguished honor of having more links back on Drudge than any other website. Joseph Farah was the second one. How did I achieve it way back in the ’90s? I simply asked for it. Yes, Drudge and I had a real relationship. That’s how I knew in recent years that it wasn’t Drudge in charge. He sold it – or sold out. 

Fortunately, there is still Infogalactic News for all your daily aggregated news links. 

ARKTOONS: five new titles

Bounding Into Comics has the story:

Arktoons Releases 5 New Titles Including A Classic Golden Age Tale As Part Of Chuck Dixon Presents

A day after Arktoons officially launched on with five new titles, they revealed five more titles today including three surprise titles that had not been previously announced.

Arktoons is a free-to-view website, meaning all episodes are free to read. New episodes of each series are released weekly. You can support the platform through a subscription. There are currently four options ranging from $5 to $50. However, it is not a requirement to subscribe in order to read the comics.

The site launched with Alt-Hero, Midnight’s War, The Hammer of Freedom, Go, Monster Go, and Deus Vult. It has now added five more titles including Alt-Hero Q, Ascendant, A Throne of Bones, Flying Sparks, and Chuck Dixon Presents: Adventure.

Read the whole thing there. Impact Day was a complete success, and now the production team is cheerfully throwing more coal in the engine, as it’s apparent that the Chuck Dixon Presents line, which was the brainchild of the team leader, is a successful approach to introducing Golden Age comics to a modern audience that hates the convergence of modern mainstream comics.

There are a few issues we have to address, such as the occasional missing panel, and people are already asking about mobile and television apps – below is a photo of Midnight’s War on a reader’s 60-inch screen and it looks great – but some of our technical advantages are already paying off by reducing the amount of time required to publish a completed episode. 

Still, in the end, it’s all about the content, and now the site is beginning to start to look just a little bit populated. There are even multiple series per genre now, which is cool to see. And tomorrow, there will be still more new series to announce.

Mailvox: that’s not a victory

That’s a fatality! A reader of Corporate Cancer writes to tell of her experience fighting back against, and roundly defeating, a pair of infesting SJWs.

Just a note to thank you both for your book Corporate Cancer and for the constant refrain on your blog to never apologize and to embrace the conflict. With the help of your writing, I’ve had a complete victory over an SJW-infiltration campaign, albeit at a small and very local level.

I’m a board member of an organization that provides a direct, well regarded program to help families in our rural community gain a financial toehold. In the time that I was away from the board on maternity-leave, a Boomer-SJW and a GenX-SJW, so stereotypical they could be caricatures of themselves, took over the board and made great efforts to redirect the program so that it would primarily benefit single white women like themselves, instead of our target group of young families. We were on the verge of having our bank pull out and the entire program dying as a result. A banker friend on the board had been complaining to me about it all year, but didn’t have the tools to lead a counteroffensive.

In my first meeting back on the board, Boomer-SJW and GenX-SJW pressured the board into passing a vote that was a blatantly illegal act of self-dealing, in favor of their SJW-oriented vision. It also became clear that GenX-SJW had A LOT of time on her hands and was making up problems for herself to spend months solving. 

Corporate Cancer and a search of your blog for relevant posts, gave me the framework to explain to Banker what was happening. I was able to pull out a copy of Rules for Radicals and show Banker that GenX-SJW was applying about five of the rules to purposefully derail our organization in favor of her vision, that she likely had training in how to do this, and was doing it on purpose. Banker was astounded. We were able to build an anti-SJW coalition that included our executive director, treasurer, and vice president.

Following the advice in Corporate Cancer to kill them with the rules, I sent out a lengthy email holding up the illegal vote against our bylaws and state laws, and asking the board to rescind the vote and conduct it legally. 

I promptly received an email, copied to the whole board, from Boomer-SJW about how she was too upset to even consider my arguments because my email was so mean that she had been crying since receiving it. I “replied all” to the entire board with a one liner saying “Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the action is still illegal and needs to be rescinded.” 

She followed up, to me alone, with a long wall-of-text email about her feelings and how she had been crying for three days and how mean I was by “sea-gulling” her (apparently this means, swooping in and “crapping” on someone’s head). She insisted that I owed the whole board a public apology for being mean.

At this point you happened to have a week of posts about not surrendering, never apologizing, and embracing conflict that could not have been better timed for encouraging me to stay the course. After consulting with the ED and Banker, and laying out a six-month plan with the Banker to “trigger” the SJWs into quitting, I re-read many of your posts on these topics, and found the courage to pen a response including lines such as “If you think that a homeschooling mother three taking six hours of her Sunday to provide you with over $1500 of free legal advice is “crapping” on you – I can’t help you with that,” “I will not apologize. I have done nothing wrong and am not in the business of issuing insincere apologies,” and “I’m also a sensitive person – in this case sensitive to our board deciding to take illegal action that harms our beneficiaries.” 

She stopped telling me about how much she was crying.

From there, I launched a campaign to take away GenX-SJW’s biggest pet projects by outsourcing them to a specialist attorney, effectively sidelining her. Throughout, I maintained a calm, professional demeanor, and expressed my bafflement that Boomer-SJW and GenX-SJW were so emotional about it all. I reassured the board president and the executive director that I wasn’t upset, wasn’t taking it personally, and was not at all considering quitting. 

And the drama seriously escalated, with GenX-SWJ losing her mind in Zoom meeting – head in hands, pulling at her hair, accusing everyone on the board personally of corruption for not giving her what she wanted, and declaring our employees to be derelict in their duty because in their shoes she would do more [magically impossible things, like having our bank recruit other banks to fund us] “BECAUSE I’M AN ACTIVIST!” In private conversations afterwards, the employees and other board members were actually using the words “mentally unwell,” “unstable,” and “needs help.”  She followed up with an email making mountains out of mole hills, and appointing all of the work of fixing it to herself, or else she would quit. I’m not privy to what actions the board president took, but the next communication was her resignation letter.

Left on her lonesome, Boomer-SJW and her feelings didn’t know what to do with themselves, and she resigned just a month later. All-in-all our six month counteroffensive only took four months to come to completion, and really only three actions: holding them to the rules, not apologizing, and focusing on deliverables and deadlines to be performed by the most competent person available. 

To the best of my knowledge, GenX SJW is devoting her newfound freetime to “Conversations about Decolonization” and Boomer-SJW is “Working on Climate Change.”

Our meetings are back on track, our program is focusing on our intended beneficiaries, we have a competent lawyer helping us, and we’re getting ready for our phase-two roll out. We’ve cut both the meeting times and the number of committee meetings in half and are getting twice as much work done. 

All of which is to say thank you – for providing the framework, vocabulary, and encouragement that helped me excise the cancer from our organization. In terms of real-world impact, your writings and blog posts on this topic have helped keep [families] on the path to homeownership, when the project would otherwise be dead.

It’s over. He’s done.

Speaking as an author of a long-awaited epic fantasy novel that is years behind schedule and has yet to be finished, I think I am one of the few people on Earth who can speak with authority on the matter of George RR Martin and the likelihood that he will ever finish A Song of Ice and Fire.

I’ve said since the 7th season of Game of Thrones that George RR Martin would fail to finish his book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. There are now concerns that Martin won’t even finish The Winds of Winter, the planned penultimate novel of the series. Martin revealed this week on his blog that he has, again, fallen “hugely behind” on a project, which we assume means The Winds of Winter.

“When a lot of stuff happens very fast, I fall further and further behind. I am hugely behind right now, and the prospect of trying to catch up is feeling increasingly oppressive,” Martin writes.

That doesn’t sound good.

It has been 10 years since the last book of the series, A Dance with Dragons, was released. If Martin can’t finish Winds in a decade, how long will A Dream of Spring, the final and longest novel of the series, take?

Perhaps, there is not enough time in life to close every Martin-formed storyline. Maybe this book series grew too large, too deep, too in-depth for a conclusion. That TV ending may be all we get. 

The Outkick writer is right. Martin won’t finish the series. He almost certainly won’t even finish The Winds of Winter. He’s not only lost his fastball, he’s lost his ability to pitch.

I, however, have not. I will finish A Sea of Skulls and continue with The Arts of Dark and Light. In fact, if fans of the epic fantasy series here are genuinely interested, I can even post a chapter or two of new material here at some point, although I will certainly understand if you would prefer that I reserve all of the new content for the completed book.

“Marvel is very unhappy”

 EXTERIOR. Day. A Jurassic jungle. 

Dinosaurs amble about doing nothing in particular. A light flashes across the sky. A few dinosaurs look up at the light, but most don’t even notice. In the distance, somewhere far beyond the horizon, there is a faint booming sound.

MARVELSAURUS REX: What was that?

DEECEEATOPS: What was what?

DARKEQUESAURUS: Wha? I didn’t see nothin’!

MARVELSAURUS REX: I just… I just have a very bad feeling about this.


A writer who is almost entirely unfamiliar with comics sent me the following email two days ago, which demonstrates that unlike the independent comic scene and its mainstream peers, Marvel is already beginning to grasp that Arkhaven’s new digital comics site, Arktoons, poses a serious existential threat to the mainstream comics industry:

I was in [top ten US city by population] recently, and dropped into a comic book store to see what they looked like. I’ve never been into comics at all, so this is a new field to me.

The manager was having a discussion behind the cash register with two of his staff, and I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation as I looked around.  Paraphrased, the manager was telling them that Marvel was “very unhappy” about the new Arktoons initiative, coming as it does on top of the Arkhaven Comics venture.  The money quote was something like, “They say the industry’s overcrowded and underfunded enough as it is – we don’t need more competition trying to muscle in and make everybody unprofitable”.

Arktoons is already making an impact, along with Arkhaven.  Congratulations!

I’m genuinely impressed that someone at Marvel managed to figure out the situation so quickly. They realize that none of the market leaders will be able to even begin to compete with high-quality independent comics offering a 30x value proposition to their readers. It could take a year, it could take five years, but it’s just a matter of the inevitable playing out over time now.

Meanwhile, DC is too busy slitting its own metaphorical wrists to even notice that its extinction event just took place.

New intel suggests DC Films President Walter Hamada has one job WarnerMedia expects him to accomplish: produce projects on the cheap to keep costs down. Sadly, this could mean the end of the Snyderverse.

A source close to Small Screen gave the site a full scoop that details Warner’s goals, Hamada’s task, and how JJ Abrams’ and his firm Bad Robot fits in to their plan. Long story short, Hamada is allegedly counting on Bad Robot to do most of the heavy lifting and take over operations of DC behind and in front of the camera.

“What I can tell you is that the last I heard, Walter wanted to hand over almost all the DC stuff over to BR [Bad Robot],” said the source. 

JJ Abrams is a serial killer of popular franchises. It’s at the point where I’m beginning to wonder if he is a secret agent in the employ of the Chinese movie industry on a mission to destroy the Hellmouth. 

Impact Day was entirely successful, as Episode 1 of THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM eked out a surprise victory on the popularity front, beating out Episode 1 of MIDNIGHT’S WAR by just 2 likes. This was a bit of a surprise, to be honest, as prior to launch, most of the team felt that MW and AH would be the most popular, with GO MONSTER GO! having an outside shot at the Day One title simply by virtue of being created and written by The Legend.  And DEUS VULT more than held its own.

This just testifies to what a strong lineup is being featured on Wednesdays. But as you’ll see later today, the Thursday lineup is very nearly as formidable. And if this inspires those of you with soft hearts to help those poor converged dinosaurs go extinct sooner rather than later, don’t hesitate to subscribe to Arktoons.

So congratulations to Luciano and the Super Prumo team for winning Day One. As a consolation prize, however, MIDNIGHT’S WAR does already boast its own fan-created Heroforge version of Andre St. Jean, the iconic Knight of St. Michael and the Catacombs of Rome.

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: You have absolutely no need to log in to the Arktoons site. The login there is for the creators and publishers. To read the comics, just click on them. When subscription-dependent features are added, such as comments and ratings, you will be informed.

Excising social justice at Basecamp

 A few smart corporations are finally beginning to grasp that convergence is corporate cancer that will destroy their businesses and are actively attempting to surgically remove the SJWs that infest them. Basecamp has taken a strong anti-social justice stance that might just turn things around there:

1. No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account. Today’s social and political waters are especially choppy. Sensitivities are at 11, and every discussion remotely related to politics, advocacy, or society at large quickly spins away from pleasant. You shouldn’t have to wonder if staying out of it means you’re complicit, or wading into it means you’re a target. These are difficult enough waters to navigate in life, but significantly more so at work. It’s become too much. It’s a major distraction. It saps our energy, and redirects our dialog towards dark places. It’s not healthy, it hasn’t served us well. And we’re done with it on our company Basecamp account where the work happens. People can take the conversations with willing co-workers to Signal, Whatsapp, or even a personal Basecamp account, but it can’t happen where the work happens anymore. Update: David has shared some more details and more of the internal announcement on his HEY World blog.

2. No more paternalistic benefits. For years we’ve offered a fitness benefit, a wellness allowance, a farmer’s market share, and continuing education allowances. They felt good at the time, but we’ve had a change of heart. It’s none of our business what you do outside of work, and it’s not Basecamp’s place to encourage certain behaviors — regardless of good intention. By providing funds for certain things, we’re getting too deep into nudging people’s personal, individual choices. So we’ve ended these benefits, and, as compensation, paid every employee the full cash value of the benefits for this year. In addition, we recently introduced a 10{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} profit sharing plan to provide direct compensation that people can spend on whatever they’d like, privately, without company involvement or judgement.

3. No more committees. For nearly all of our 21 year existence, we were proudly committee-free. No big working groups making big decisions, or putting forward formalized, groupthink recommendations. No bureaucracy. But recently, a few sprung up. No longer. We’re turning things back over to the person (or people) who were distinctly hired to make those decisions. The responsibility for DEI work returns to Andrea, our head of People Ops. The responsibility for negotiating use restrictions and moral quandaries returns to me and David. A long-standing group of managers called “Small Council” will disband — when we need advice or counsel we’ll ask individuals with direct relevant experience rather than a pre-defined group at large. Back to basics, back to individual responsibility, back to work.

4. No more lingering or dwelling on past decisions. We’ve become a bit too precious with decision making over the last few years. Either by wallowing in indecisiveness, worrying ourselves into overthinking things, taking on a defensive posture and assuming the worst outcome is the likely outcome, putting too much energy into something that only needed a quick fix, inadvertently derailing projects when casual suggestions are taken as essential imperatives, or rehashing decisions in different forums or mediums. It’s time to get back to making calls, explaining why once, and moving on.

5. No more 360 reviews. Employee performance reviews used to be straightforward. A meeting with your manager or team lead, direct feedback, and recommendations for improvement. Then a few years ago we made it hard. Worse, really. We introduced 360s, which required peers to provide feedback on peers. The problem is, peer feedback is often positive and reassuring, which is fun to read but not very useful. Assigning peer surveys started to feel like assigning busy work. Manager/employee feedback should be flowing pretty freely back and forth throughout the year. No need to add performative paperwork on top of that natural interaction. So we’re done with 360s, too.

6. No forgetting what we do here. We make project management, team communication, and email software. We are not a social impact company. Our impact is contained to what we do and how we do it. We write business books, blog a ton, speak regularly, we open source software, we give back an inordinate amount to our industry given our size. And we’re damn proud of it. Our work, plus that kind of giving, should occupy our full attention. We don’t have to solve deep social problems, chime in publicly whenever the world requests our opinion on the major issues of the day, or get behind one movement or another with time or treasure. These are all important topics, but they’re not our topics at work — they’re not what we collectively do here. Employees are free to take up whatever cause they want, support whatever movements they’d like, and speak out on whatever horrible injustices are being perpetrated on this group or that (and, unfortunately, there are far too many to choose from). But that’s their business, not ours. We’re in the business of making software, and a few tangential things that touch that edge. We’re responsible for ourselves. That’s more than enough for us.

Of course, the SJWs are trying to hold their ground, utilizing the popular “you are the problem” defense, complete with a nuclear MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. quote. Damn, they really aren’t pulling any punches, are they? What’s crazy is that this tactic actually works in some corporate circles instead of simply getting the lunatic fired for insubordination.

Jason and David, I believe that your recent company policy changes are both terrible and redeemable. But to be redeemable, you first must recognize that you are a BIG part of the problem. That you too perpetrate the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others. Once you hold yourselves publicly self-accountable, then the next step is transparency. Show us all the warts along with the unblemished skin. And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp.

Ideas don’t have consequences

The American Conservatives points out that if they did, all the neoclowns in the media would be unemployed:

When the University of Chicago Press brought out Richard Weaver’s book Ideas Have Consequences in 1948, it was instantly hailed as a landmark text on American conservatism. The title itself has become a sort of rallying cry for the conservative intelligentsia. I’d wager that 98 percent of those who utter the phrase “Ideas have consequences!” have never read the book, nor even heard of Richard Weaver.

What’s ironic is that Weaver himself hated the title. He hated it so much, in fact, that he nearly pulled the book. Looking back, his objection was prophetic. When it comes to the American right, ideas—good or bad—have no consequences whatsoever.

Take the war in Iraq, the greatest policy snafu in American history. Our crusade to depose Saddam Hussein was built on lies: that he was in possession of nuclear weapons, that he was sheltering Al Qaeda, etc. Granted, many of those lies came straight from the “intelligence community.” But, from day one, there were voices on the right who called B.S. Many of them gathered together in a magazine called The American Conservative; maybe you’ve heard of it.

Even if one can be forgiven for trusting the U.S. government back in those halcyon days, pro-war pundits also promised that Iraq would be over in five months, tops. That wasn’t just wrong; it was insane. The idea that we could purge the Iraqi government of Ba’athists right down to the last postman, install a stable transitional government, and leave Afghanistan a functional modern democracy—all in five months—was insane. Anyone who repeated that line was either stupid, evil, or both.

Some, like Bill Kristol, went even further. In November of 2002, he said: “We can remove Saddam because that could start a chain reaction in the Arab world that would be very healthy.” That’s nuts. It’s just nuts.

Now, tell me this. Once every single argument in favor of the Iraq war was proved categorically false, did anyone lose their jobs? Did any politicians or pundits suddenly disappear from the airwaves? Did their bad, stupid, evil ideas have any consequences? (For their careers, I mean. Their ideas certainly had consequences for the hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers and civilians.) Of course not.

What about those hawks who referred to the war’s critics as “unpatriotic conservatives”? Most of them are making six figures in the legacy media. Others are “senior fellows” at any of the millions of think-tanks across the Beltway. Because ideas don’t have consequences.

It is astonishing how many conservatives still listen to morons like Ben Shapiro or definitely-not-methheads like Jordan Peterson despite the fact that their ideas have repeatedly been proven to be false, harmful, or false and harmful.

Yes, people are wrong from time to time. Even smart, handsome individuals who correctly call economic crisis in advance are occasionally wrong. But there is a difference between not being perfectly omniscient and repeatedly pushing bad, stupid, and evil ideas on the public.

Also, America First is the new Tea Party. The once-nationalist rhetoric has already been subsumed and subverted by the Buckley wing of the Republican faction of the bifactional ruling party.