Impact Day is on the way

The Project Asteroid Production Leader puts out a call for more volunteers.

Impact Day approaches!

The asteroid is picking up momentum and increasing in size. A few brave souls are needed to help us guide the asteroid toward its intended target.

We need the help of a few volunteers with Photoshop (and ideally Illustrator) and some experience using Photoshop. You’ll be expected to put in at least six hours work per week, but if you want to spend a little more time helping push back in the culture war then that’s great.

Some of the work is basic but time consuming, whereas other aspects are more technical. We value people with little experience but a strong drive to help more than people with little determination but a lot of skill. If you’d like to be part of helping take down the dinosaurs of comics publishing then contact us for more information.

Email voxday AT gmail DOT com if you’re willing and able, and I’ll forward your contact information to the project leader.