Clay Travis goes after Big Tech

The head of Outkick the Coverage hammers Amazon, Google, and the rest of the corpocratic tech elite:

Amazon, a company founded to sell books and promote the free exchange of ideas more efficiently, effectively enacted the largest modern-day book burning in world history by shutting down Parler. Amazon’s message was clear: if we don’t like your political perspective, you have no right to reach an audience on the Internet.

This should terrify every American.

And how about Google here? Google’s pledge upon its founding was to organize all the information in the world and to do no harm. That was literally written into their corporate charter. And now they are selectively removing information they don’t like from the marketplace of ideas, which makes the information they cite less reliable. It’s a total refutation of their founders’ aims.

Apple may be even worse. Apple has specifically censored its own content to avoid offending China. The company literally said it would produce no content that upsets China. Now, they are selectively eliminating political opinions from the public discourse that they don’t like .

Honest question: how do Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Google’s Sundar Pichal, the three leaders of these companies, sleep at night? The same is true of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Are they aware of what their companies are doing, or are they just sleepwalking our country into a Chinese-like Internet state? Are they really this afraid of people saying bad things about them online? How is there no billionaire tech champion for free speech in the country?

It’s not courageous to do what everyone else does in times of tumult and tempest. It’s courageous to stand up for the marketplace of ideas when everyone is screaming for censorship. That’s true courage. Is there no one out there in Big Tech who will stand up and say, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?” Or are they all cowards?

As a result of monopolistic collusion on the part of Big Tech, Parler can no longer be downloaded, and it may soon be removed from the Internet entirely. Again, this is a modern-day technological book-burning lit afire by three of the biggest American tech companies in the world.

Instead of the government restricting speech, you have three “different” trillion dollar companies — Amazon, Google, and Apple — colluding to reach the same exact view at the same exact time. They are using their monopolistic market clout to effectively tell Parler it can’t exist. They are using their marketplace dominance not only to destroy the marketplace of ideas but to destroy the marketplace, period.

American Big Tech has become our own Frankenstein version of China.

Those who claim these deplatformings and bannings are not censorship “because private corporations” are being disingenuous. A corporation is not an actual person, it is a government entity that is deemed “a juristic person” by the government. Corporations are not people, they have no unalienable rights, and it is long past time for the people to begin reining them in.

Emergency in Washington DC

It’s official. President Trump has declared an emergency exists in Washington DC:

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

Issued on: January 11, 2021

Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the District of Columbia and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the District’s response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from the 59th Presidential Inauguration from January 11 to January 24, 2021.

The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, and to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in the District of Columbia.

Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency. Emergency protective measures, limited to direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 100 percent Federal funding.

Now isn’t THAT interesting? I don’t recall any hurricanes or tornados hitting the District. Perhaps the defeat of the Washington Football Team by the Buccaneers has the restless natives acting out? 

Curiouser and curiouser

The State Department claims President Trump’s term ended today.

Donald J. Trump



Donald J. Trump’s term ended on 2021-01-11 19:48:42.

Wait and see…. Secretary of State Pompeo is now live and babbling about Uzbekistan and Voice of America, expanding freedom and democracy, and American exceptionalism. He may be leading up to something, but whatever it is, we’re clearly not there yet.

UPDATE: President Trump Speaks in Alamo, TX. Scheduled for Jan 12, 2021

UPDATE: Sources tell BuzzFeedNews a “disgruntled staffer” is behind the State Department site’s change of Trump and Pence’s biographies.

The silence of the cucks

 They took the enemy’s silver. Now they have been given their marching orders. Shed no tears for them. And note, for future reference, that the Littlest Chickenhawk has not contested the fraud in any way, shape, or form.

A media company that employs right wing talk-radio hosts, including Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino, circulated a memo after the pro-Trump riots on Capitol Hill telling hosts to dial down allegations of election fraud, or else face termination.

Cumulus Media sent the internal memo to employees on Wednesday, according to Inside Music Media. The Atlanta-based company owns 416 radio stations throughout the country, many using a talk-radio format with local and national right-wing personalities. (Shapiro has not contested the results of the general election.)

“We need to help induce national calm NOW,” Cumulus’s executive vice president of content Brian Philips wrote in the memo. The company “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.’”

Philips added, “If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”


Mailvox: the woodworker’s philosophy

This expert woodworker’s philosophy is vital for every Christian and right-of-center individual today:

When woodworking with power tools, I routinely ask myself, “If I fell into this tool right now, what would happen?” If the risk is too great, I reorient myself and attempt to do the job safer. There’s risk in all of it, or I could go back to hand saws and chisels. It’s all about managing risk.

I think that every Christian and conservative (or whatever political strip which is not woke) needs to ask, “What if everything I ever said, did, or where I even went was instantly exposed to my spouse, church, employer, and eventually greater world?”. 

You are standing over that dangerous tool every moment you use an iPhone, Android device, or PC. One must never stop asking that question so you understand the risks you are taking and what it means for your future.

He’s absolutely right. And it’s also important to be open about your past and present failings, in order to prevent those who dig up dirt on everyone from having any hold over you. 

And so, when you close your doors and create darkness within, remember never to say that you’re on your own, for in fact, you’re not alone, because God is within you, and your guardian spirit too. And what need do they have of light to see what you’re doing?

– Epictetus

Here we go again

D-Live appears to be interested in being the next to attract the baleful gaze of the Legal Legion of Evil



Your DLive channel has been restricted for violating our community guidelines. You will be unable to stream until this ban is lifted which will occur at 2021-02-10 04:51:28 UTC.

(checks TOU database)

  1. DLive
  2. arbitration
  3. AAA
  4. California law 

Looks like someone is about to get an education in California law. The LLOE really should charge for this. But this is all the more reason to a) support UATV and b) get on SG.

All Parler’s data are belong to them

Using Parler was a massive, massive mistake. When are conservatives going to learn to stop trusting their gatekeepers? Handing over your telephone and drivers license to someone who can’t protect your data just because they let you use their site for free is sheer idiocy.

A group of developers latched onto the Press Release that Twilio put out at midnight last night. In that Press Release, Twilio accidentally revealed which services Parler was using. Turns out it was all of the security authentications that were used to register a user. This allowed anyone to create a user, and not have to verify an email address, and immediately have a logged-on account.

Well, because of that access, it gave them access to the behind the login box API that is used to deliver content — ALL CONTENT (parleys, video, images, user profiles, user information, etc) –. But what it also did was revealed which USERS had “Administration” rights, “Moderation” rights.

Well, then what happened, those user accounts that had Administration rights to the entire platform… The hackers, internet warriors, call it what you will, was able to use the forgot password link to change the password. Why? Because Twilio was no longer authenticating emails. This meant, they’d get directly to the reset password screen of that Administration user.

This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts.

Now that they had a way of creating admin accounts without interruption, they created a Docker Image (basically a virtual machine) called a Warrior, that anyone could download, and when fired up, would immediately start collecting data off of Parler, in a coordinated fashion.

Consider it like SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) that people used to load up as screen savers when their computers were not being used. Same concept, crowdsourcing.

All of this data, the videos, the images, the posts, the metadata (including the GEO location of all images and videos, and the connections to the accounts that posted it, has been (since midnight) being uploaded to various cloud drives and storage arrays for the purposes of Archiving this information, for later retrieval by law enforcement, by the public, by Open Source Intelligence communities.

And the kicker.. is this: all of this information was thought to be secure and private by individuals who were making the posts. A significant number of those individuals went through the process of being a “Verified Citizen” on Parler. What does that mean?

It means they uploaded a picture of the front and back of their REAL State Driver’s License…….. Let that sink in for a second.

I am positive the FBI has been actively soaking in this information along with the Internet Warriors, but this is how they are going to officially track down. And it’s how the FBI, DHS, and FAA have been able to immediately and exhaustively create no-fly lists. Every verified attendee of the Capitol riot where they can find a real name has been placed on No-Fly Lists.

It might seem like a small geeky glitch or hack.. but in the age of Information warfare… this is the silver bullet for the people who used Parler as a place to organize their efforts. Also, a lot of posts were deleted by Parler members after the riots on the 6th. Turned out… Parler didn’t actually delete anything.. just set a bit as deleted.

Guess what has access to all “deleted” content?

Administrator accounts.

And this is why breaking yourself of your addiction to the Cult of Free is vital. Due to their business model, sooner or later, they are going to need to sell your data. That’s why they hold onto it even when they claim to respect your data privacy. If they actually did, they wouldn’t hold onto it in the first place.

Desperate indeed

Nancy Pelosi sure seems to be a) scared and b) in an awful hurry. I wonder what has her in such a tizzy on this happy Rubicon Day?

Dear Democratic Colleague,

On this Sunday, as we pray that God will continue to Bless America, I write to inform you of our next actions, which will be made with the great solemnity that this moment requires.

I want to call to your immediate attention the action to be taken tomorrow morning, when Majority Leader Hoyer will request Unanimous Consent to bring up the Raskin resolution. This resolution calls on the Vice President to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office, after which the Vice President would immediately exercise powers as acting President. The text of the resolution can be found here.

If we do not receive Unanimous Consent, this legislation is planned to be brought up on the Floor the following day. We are calling on the Vice President to respond within 24 hours.

Next, we will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the Floor.

In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both. As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.

I look forward to our Caucus call tomorrow. I am grateful to all Members for the suggestions, observations and input that you have been sending. Your views on the 25th Amendment, 14th Amendment Section 3 and impeachment are valued as we continue. I am answering your communications in chronological order and will do so into the night.

Thank you for your patriotism.


I wonder to which devil god she is praying? Deus vult….

They will not tolerate you

 Alexander Macris explains why you will not be spared the repressive tolerance, no matter how beautifully you cuck or how slavishly you denounce everyone to your right:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably right-of-center. But perhaps you feel safe from repressive tolerance because your view are so, well, gosh-darn tolerable. You obviously don’t advocate right-wing violence. You’re not a racist or misogynist or homophobe or bigot. You just want America to have a healthy free market, a strong military, fair trade, low taxes, equality of opportunity, and protection of every citizen’s constitutional rights. You’re just a mainstream, moderate, right-of-center conservative!

Do not fool yourself into believing that because you are a moderate, you are safe from the doctrine of repressive tolerance. Herbert Marcuse explains that the plan is:

withdrawal of tolerance from regressive movements before they can become active; intolerance even toward thought, opinion, and word, and finally, intolerance… toward the self-styled conservatives [Tactics] would include the withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups and movements which promote aggressive policies, armament, chauvinism, discrimination on the grounds of race and religion, or which oppose the extension of public services, social security, medical care, etc.

Anyone who opposes any extension of public service, social security, or medical care, or who supports freedom of religion, is to be completely and utterly deplatformed. No freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, no communication in word, print, or image.

This is the plan; this has always been the plan; all that has been lacking were the means to effectuate the plan. Those means are now at hand. If the President of the United States can be silenced, anyone can be.

And what happens if conservatives resist having their voices suppressed and repressed? Well that’s a problem that requires a solution. And as Herbert Marcuse explains:

[The solution] may require apparently undemocratic means…

I will leave it to the reader to ponder what sort of “undemocratic means” might be justified to solve the problem of conservative thought, opinion, word, action, or being.

This is why they begged for freedom of speech in the first place. To put themselves in a position where they could deny it to everyone else. They demanded the toleration of evil so that they could eventually refuse to tolerate good. The Sin of Jeroboam leads invariably to the destruction of the nation that is foolish enough to commit it. 

Il papa arrestato?

Not merely huge, absolutely MASSIVE, if true:

VATICAN / ITALY – Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio was arrested Saturday in connection with an 80- count indictment of charges including possession of child pornography, human trafficking, incest, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony fraud. The Italian National Prosecutor’s Office confirmed it ordered the arrests, and filed the charges.

HOWEVER, there is literally NOTHING in the Italian media about this. Absolutely nothing at all. Nor have any of my contacts in Rome heard anything about this. And there is nothing about the Pope or the Vatican on the Ministero della Giustizia site either. That being said, (1) there was definitely a blackout at the Vatican last night, (2) it is true that St. Peter’s Square was empty this morning, and, (3) it is confirmed that the Pope did not say prayers in public at noon as previously scheduled. There simply isn’t any other information out there.

VERDICT: too soon to say. But if it turns out to be real, then we can be very highly confident that The Storm has begun and other significant arrests will follow.

Happy Rubicon Day!

UPDATE: If all the Smart Boys would please shut up and stop trying to demonstrate their Very Smart Knowledge of international law and the theoretical independence of the Vatican, that would be great. Perhaps they might recall that Iraq was an independent state and Saddam Hussein was a sovereign Head of State too, and that didn’t prevent him from being arrested, tried, and executed without ever being extradited anywhere.

UPDATE: I am dubious too. But if you want to wait until three days after something has happened before even discussing the possibility of it, then go back to Facebook, CNN, and Fox News. You don’t belong here.

UPDATE: Lin Woods has now mentioned the story, but he appears to be citing the same source as everyone else. I remain dubious, but intrigued.