Otherly Insane America

“The transnational progressive expects to maintain and expand modern, enlightened, prosperous, liberal society while opening up the borders that shelter that society to unlimited numbers of the least assimilable and most reactionary, most traditional and hidebound, least economically productive cultures on the face of the Earth. This wouldn’t be so bad, or so insane, did they not at the same time insist that nothing be done to even try to assimilate the immigrants from those cultures to modern, enlightened, liberal values.

“The Tranzi also insists on enlightening the rest of the world, but rejects any and every means that might actually work.

“This, friend, is the other kind of insanity.”

– from A Desert Called Peace, by Tom Kratman

As the novelist observes, the America in which we live is presently insane. It is not the insanity of Einstein, in which different results are expected from doing the same thing over and over again, but rather the insanity of Kratman’s Corollary: “Insanity also consists of doing everything differently and expecting the same result.”

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It’s no mystery why Kratman is hated by the Left even more than I am. Kratman’s work is categorized as military science fiction, but the reality is that he writes the same sort of ideological fantasy that most modern science fiction writers commit, but from a pro-civilization perspective.

The ideological barbarism of the Stephen Goulds and John Scalzis of the world is utterly and intrinsically opposed to Kratman’s advocacy of civilization. Unlike the short-sighted, cognitively self-contradictory magical thinkers of the Left, Kratman possesses the ideological Key of Solomon: actions always have consequences.

And unlike most on the side of civilization, Kratman understands that civilized men will ultimately have to adopt sub-civilized measures if sanity is to be restored and Western civilization is to be saved. This, of course, is absolutely terrifying to the barbarians, who know perfectly well that they cannot survive any battle that is fought on anything close to even terms, which is precisely why they devote themselves entirely to convincing civilized men to lay down their intellectual arms.

The one benefit of Obamacare

Lost in all the reports of web site problems, presidential lies, and
millions of Americans losing their insurance have been the two real
crimes of Obamacare. The first crime is the way in which Obamacare does
not reform health insurance, but rather, eliminates it altogether.

Health insurance is a form of gambling. It is betting on one’s
ability to take care of one’s health except for the rare possibility of
unexpected and ruinously expensive catastrophes. It has very little to
do with going to the doctor, with birth control, or with the vast
majority of things that fall more properly under the heading of health
care services.

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