Mission successful

Excellent work, everyone. Seriously, excellent work by the ELoE. If you missed out, don’t worry, phase two is expected to launch in November and it’s going to be even better than those in the know presently believe. In the meantime, don’t talk about it.

The advance proceeds on all fronts.

Do it now!

If you received an email recently, this is the time to do it. There are no problems at all, the objective here is maximum impact and there is still a considerable quantity of ammo in reserve. So, don’t delay, take action now if you can.

And if you didn’t receive an email, sit tight. The call will come and it won’t be long. Days, not weeks.

UPDATE: BOOM! Objective achieved with 39 minutes to spare. Well done. I’ll announce what it was in a few days. In the meantime, please continue to pour it on.


If you can’t find USA or United States, try AMERIKA. Also, Canada is KANADA.

If you don’t understand this, don’t worry about it. And if you were a backer of the Alt-Hero:Q campaign on Indiegogo, please check your email for an important message about that campaign. If you didn’t receive one – and I have received about 20 delivery failure notifications – email me and be sure to provide the email address you used on the Indiegogo campaign in the body of the message.

And don’t comment here or anywhere else about it. We will make the announcement when we’re ready. The ride never ends.

Leave no one behind

Brian Niemeier decries the excessive individualism on the Right:

The Left wouldn’t bother trying to disemploy and de-platform hatefact purveyors on the Right if Conservatives didn’t indulge them.

It’s been said before, and it bears saying again: Conservatives’ main weakness is their critical lack of solidarity. It comes from the nasty individualist streak in their capitalist and Liberal influences. I’ve seen right-leaning business owners flatly refuse employment to like-minded friends because the job-seekers’ unemployment exceeded an arbitrary 18 month limit. Even an otherwise solid guy like Stefan Molyneux, who speaks passionately about the need to put winning first, says he won’t hire people who’ve “lost momentum”.

One big advantage of being on the Left is that, if you check the right boxes and recite the proper credal formulas, the cult looks out for you. Note the curious phenomenon of lefties in media and business “failing upward”. SJW editors from protected groups who bankrupt venerable sci-fi magazines don’t have to apply at Target. They’re given cushy writing assignments at Marvel Comics. When their unreadable books are inevitably cancelled, there’ll be junior college associate professorships waiting to break the fall.

Conservatives who publicly speak uncomfortable truths are in for a rougher ride. First, the bow tie-bedecked moderates can be counted on to show up and virtue signal at the victim’s expense. “Sure, he denounced the harassment,” they’ll say, “but if he meant it, he’d disavow his unruly followers who’re causing all the trouble.” Always conveniently forgotten is the fact that it’s the Left who are stirring up fake outrage to distract from their loss.

After that, the employer will decide it’s best to discontinue their working relationship with the victim because nothing says “sound, long-term business planning” like sacrificing a productive employee who reliably adds value to the company for the sake of dispersing an angry mob that would’ve lost interest and gone away on its own if management had just ignored them.

As the years have passed, I’ve gradually been forced to recognize the truth of this. No matter how good you are, no matter how smart, no matter how capable, you can only go so far on your own. I can write, but I can’t draw and I don’t even own a working color printer, so how could I possibly produce a comic without the assistance of a whole team of others? How can one be a Dark Lord of nothing and no one?

I’m as guilty of not looking to help out those who have come under SJW attack as anyone, so don’t think that I’m pointing fingers at anyone here. And I am fully aware that not everyone is going to take full advantage of any assistance that is provided. Some people are self-destructive, some people are just difficult, some are socially retarded, and some just seem to be born losers. The mere fact that someone is on the Right doesn’t make them inherently productive, likable or competent.

Even so, that doesn’t detract from the importance of not leaving people behind and looking to help those who have been successfully swarmed and disemployed.


Wow, you guys are unbelievable. Incredible. And generous. Will Cadigan’s Comic hit its $7,500 initial goal in just 149 minutes. Now let’s see who wants color….

Let’s take a non-binding poll. Which book do you favor?

  • Nick Cole (The End of the World as We Knew It)
  • Peter Grant (Rocky Mountain Retribution)
  • Lawdog (The Lawdog Files)
  • Rolf Nelson (The Stars Came Back)
  • Kai Wai Cheah (Flashpoint: Titan)
  • Rawle Nyanzi (Sword and Flower)
  • John C. Wright (Swan Knight’s Son)

Only express an opinion if you’ve backed, please.

UPDATE: The campaign passed 10k in three hours, eleven minutes. Looks like I’d better talk to the colorists.

Mountain View quakes with fear

Google’s Colin McMillen FEARS FOR HIS LIFE because my ideas are so terrible, my mien is so frightful, and my gaze is so lethal that my mere existence on the same planet puts specific Googler’s lives in clear and present danger!

Indeed, the mere act of emailing the Supreme Dark Lord clearly amounts to recklessly endangering human lives. Or rather, it would if SJWs did a better job of passing for human. You know they’re going to blame the next earthquake in the Bay Area on me. But then, who is to say that they would be wrong to do so?

It must be quite the little witch hunt they have going there. Of course, if they ever do discover the various sources of the leaks, I’m pretty sure that at least one identity will absolutely shock them to their core.

Tweet of the Day

Martin Vanderhof‏ @wethinkwerefree
I found all of the people Vox has helped by his insistence on adhering to his truths.

(nods) I approve this tweet. Now, VFM, go collect the skulls and start heating up the silver.

Legal Legion update

There have been a number of developments on the defamation front. First, a member of the Legal Legion of Evil has filed the petition in Travis County and the county clerk has approved the filing. Today a hearing will be scheduled, at which we will seek to be provided with the identity of 14 individuals presently identified only by username, and ask to depose a representative of Gab concerning matters related to the identity of said individuals.

According to other members of the Legal Legion who have been reviewing activity at Gab, there have been a considerable number of additional defamatory attacks, directed at me as well as at others, and we will be amending the petition accordingly to add additional examples and usernames until the hearing actually takes place.

Now that we have actually gone through the process, it is evident that Gab’s recommended path of “get a court order” is simply not viable for the average individual who doesn’t have lawyers and paralegals at his immediate disposal. The process is simply too expensive for most people; the court filing alone is over $300.

As one individual has already discovered, it is much easier and more cost-effective to simply contact the Australian registrar, Asia Registry, at abuse@asiaregistry.com. Unfortunately, rather than address the individual’s concerns, news that the abuse on his site was being reported led Andrew Torba to publicly threaten a campaign of harassment of the gentleman concerned.

Andrew TorbaPRO · @a
If our registrar requires us to remove something again we will publish it here and let everyone know that you whined to them because someone hurt your feelings with mean words on the internet.

However, in Australia, defamation is both a civil and a criminal offense, and Asia Registry’s terms of service say a website owner must ensure that the website, “is not comprised or is not used for any unlawful purpose or activity.”

So, if you have reason to believe you have been defamed on Gab, you can send me the link to the defamatory Gab post along with your real name and the username of the offender with the subject LL-ASIA. I will pass your email along to a member of the Legal Legion of Evil, who will review it and decide if it rises to the level of defamation, defamation per se, or criminal defamation according to Australian standards. If, in his opinion, it does, you will then be provided with an appropriate template that can be sent to the woman responsible for handling abuse-related complaints along with her email address.

Again, I will point out that it is not my intent to harm Gab. We are not requesting any damages from Gab and we do not anticipate any further legal action against them once we obtain the requested information about the parties responsible. As a number of VFM and Dread Ilk have noted, I am handling Gab with kid gloves, in part because they are young and inexperienced and they do not appear be receiving appropriate legal counsel. But I have made it very, very clear that the defamatory attacks on me are going to be removed, one way or another, and as always, I am not bluffing.

At this point, it should be clear to everyone that the Legal Legion of Evil is real. As it happens, the LLoE has over 200 years of collective experience practicing the law in various states in a surprisingly wide range of specialties. Including defamation.

I understand that not everyone is happy with my actions, and I understand that a few of my supporters are extremely unhappy with them. To them, I would merely point out that this is a problem Gab was always going to face. I first warned Andrew of Gab’s need for some form of moderation back in early November 2016. And contra the opinions of the free speech purists, extortion, treason, fraud, defamation, and death threats are not free speech, as the court process should suffice to make abundantly clear.

I am not at all unfamiliar with the way in which some individuals simply refuse to take the easy and obvious way out. I once spent three years to resolve a situation that could have been resolved, at vastly less expense, by sending me a simple one-paragraph letter. I hope it won’t take three years to resolve this one, but if it does, that possibility doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve been through it before, and if I have to, I will go through it again.

What say you, supporters

I like to think that I know my own supporters’ minds better than the average individual, but I could be wrong. What say you?

Vikfield‏ @vikfield
This was a really bad idea. You are dividing the right by forcing this meme. Please re-think this.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
You can’t divide the Right by pointing out who is not, and has never been, of the Right. We tried this with the neocons, remember?

Vikfield‏ @vikfield  55m55 minutes ago
Btw, check out the RT and Like stats on this Meme vs your other #DailyMemeWars What you are doing is not popular with your own people

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
It wasn’t popular when I predicted the 2008 financial crisis either. I don’t give a quantum rat’s ass about popularity. I never have.

Vikfield‏ @vikfield
I’m not talking about popularity with the masses but within your own supporters. What you are doing is illogical and we can see that.

Vikfield is a genuine supporter of two years duration. So, I’m willing to hear him out and at least entertain the possibility that his assertion is correct. Here is the meme and the statistics compared to other recent #DailyMemeWars tweets. The tweet in question is italicized.

Aug 25:  9,747 Impressions, 152 Likes, 136 Retweets
Aug 24: 26,215 Impressions, 200 Likes, 143 Retweets
Aug 23: 21,539 Impressions, 271 Likes, 200 Retweets
Aug 22: 37,030 Impressions, 428 Likes, 305 Retweets

I have to admit, it’s not a spectacularly successful meme – far too wordy and rather esoteric – but I think it would be stretching it somewhat to claim that it is “not popular” with my own people. I am not going to back down on anything I’ve said, but I’m quite willing to hear your opinions concerning my take on the Fake Right.

Speaking of which, you’d think they’d learn. But they never do.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
I don’t do rallies. Or events. Or conventions. I reject all speaking invitations and I have for 16 years.

Jason Kessler‏ @TheMadDimension
Is that because of your stutter?

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
No, it’s because of your face. Your soft, pasty-white, terrified face with tears running down it as a girl tackled you.

Retraction and apology

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday

Dear @JGreenblattADL,

I am an American Indian. Neither I nor my beliefs are “white supremacist”. I expect a retraction and an apology.


Now, obviously I am not so naive as to expect Mr. Greenblatt to simply do the right thing and promptly apologize for the false accusations directed at me and others. SJWs, I am given to understand, are generally accustomed to doubling down. So, I believe it is now time to summon up the long-dormant VFM from the caverns beneath the Dark Lord’s castle to, shall we say, encourage them to be virtuous and honest in their future actions, particularly those directed our way.

But before that we will need the direct contact information for these individuals, beginning with Mr. Nathan and Mr. Greenblatt. Diggers and data-miners, you know the drill. And until we receive a retraction and apology, we will continue to hammer them on their blatant and, ironically enough, defamatory lies.

On a related note, Deplorable Winning saw the humor in their little hit list:

Congratulations to the Vox Day of Best Timeline: Vox Day made the ADL print the 14 words.

Why, thank you very much indeed.