The pro-pedo campaign

Apparently it’s not going well in India:

A Google engineer has been beaten to death in the latest attack sparked by false WhatsApp messages accusing people of kidnapping children in India. Mohammad Azam was attacked along with two friends by a 2,000-strong mob in southern Karnataka state’s Bidar district. Police said 27-year-old Azam and his companions were returning to their home in neighbouring Hyderabad city after visiting a friend in Bidar when they stopped midway and offered chocolates to local school children.

That’s certainly a rather more robust response than the US one, which of late has been to hire them as elementary school teachers and scoutmasters and youth pastors. It’s really not that hard. Normal men put up with children, they don’t go out actively seeking their company. And after reading The Last Closet, nothing sends an ominous chill up the spine like hearing the phrase, “he’s practically a child himself.”

The pedowall cracks

I suspect there is more than “creative differences” behind this unexpected parting of the ways:

Nickelodeon and prolific TV producer Dan Schneider have opted to end their longtime partnership.

“Following many conversations together about next directions and future opportunities, Nickelodeon and our longtime creative partner Dan Schneider/Schneider’s Bakery have agreed to not extend the current deal,” the Viacom-owned cable network said Monday in a statement. “Since several Schneider’s Bakery projects are wrapping up, both sides agreed that this is a natural time for Nickelodeon and Schneider’s Bakery to pursue other opportunities and projects.”

Translation: someone is about to get Weinsteined and DisneyViacom is proactively attempting to create distance in order to protect its other orientationally-challenged creators.

UPDATE: Some details are beginning to come out. Apparently the three young actresses coming forward do NOT include Amanda Bynes or Jamie Lynn Spears, the two most obvious names considering the identity of the alleged abuser. More details on the WereNotSorry video, which explains the way in which the Hollywood media acts as quasi-defense attorneys for the Hollywood values creeps.

Bombshell Dan Schneider info on @ROTCRadio w/ @GabeHoff of @AnOpenSecret
3 actresses, names “everyone would know”
2 are 100{e4703c56c4188c228685943b148064279a37085e2b6bbaf4ff431841da5c8102} ready to talk, other not sure b/c of career
Gabe confirms “major child sex abuse scandal at Nickelodeon”

Something turbulent this way comes

Mark Tapscott gives warning on Instapundit:

The journo community in the nation’s capital has been rumbling in recent days about a bombshell report supposedly being prepared for publication by the Washington Post that will ruin the careers of dozens of Members of Congress, from both parties.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks.

That may explain why the heat on the God-Emperor has been turned up to eleven. And yet it smells like… pizza? The chans have been predicting something of this sort coming for months, so it’s interesting to see that word has now leaked out into the DC press.

The sickness in the SFWA

Believe it or not, the current President of the SFWA is defending the pedophiles and child molesters of her organization and attempting to sweep Moira Greyland’s damning bestseller under the rug, probably because they have never expelled its inactive members who are convicted pedophiles or looked into the behavior of its Grand Masters such as Arthur C. Clarke and Samuel Delaney. John Del Arroz has more about the vile behavior of Cat Rambo.

It’s no wonder these people are so obsessed with “harassment policies”. One innocuous off-color joke by a Tor editor several years ago sent all of fandom spiraling and signalling. He was fired and ostracized from conventions after that. But it’s as they say, SJWs always project. The reason they focus so hard on what they call harassment, is they have far darker skeletons in their closets.  They know the actions they and their friends engage in, and so they have a hyper focus on the public appearance, the social element. They witch hunt average men to call harassers, all while on the other hand promoting the most deviant, pornographic lifestyles imaginable. Ironically, my wife, a far more beautiful woman than anyone you’ll see at a sci-fi con, has only had problems with men creeping on her and going over the line twice in her life — both by self-professed male feminist science fiction professionals and at science fiction conventions.

It was no wonder that yesterday, SFWA President Cat Rambo made a vile attempt to downplay Moira’s story of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Marion Zimmer Bradley. To someone like Rambo, MZB’s identity as a feminist and gay icon is far more important than the real human who was hurt. In her capacity at SFWA, Rambo should be championing Moira, a  best seller with a related work in the field — instead, she downplays the relevance in order to make more politically charged and wholly irrelevant attacks on the president. She’ll go so far as to protect the pedophiles in sci-fi that she’ll label anyone concerned over what happened to a real human being “alt-right” in order to dismiss them.

Sick. She refuses to disavow a dead pedophile and deflects. Why? We can only speculate, but from what I’ve observed in Sci-Fi fandom in conjunction with Moira’s story, MZB and Breen are not isolated incidents. The exposure of their story frightens the gatekeepers of the industry who have pushed an agenda of this lifestyle for decades.

Cat Rambo is a complete trainwreck. She makes Stephen Gould look sane by comparison, and Gould actually honored the author of Hogg by naming him an SFWA Grand Master. I have never been so proud to be the first SFWA Life Member to have had the SFWA Board vote for my expulsion. What sane, psychosexually healthy individual would want anything to do with such a deviant-filled degenerate organization?

Twitter was unimpressed.

J_Ishiro‏ @J_Ishiro
The SFWA and World Fantasy are so quick to condemn #hplovecraft’s racist opinions, yet won’t touch Marion Zimmer Bradley’s ACTUAL CRIMES? In her daughter’s own words, Bradley was a monster.

An Eclectic Scribe: Richard Paolinelli‏ @ScribesShade
 Actually, just wondering how many more of them are being sheltered by the SFWA now like the one you just referenced. BTW, I never supported either Moore or Trump so your deflection attempt, much like your leadership of @SFWA, seems to be a complete failure.

superversivesf‏ @superversivesf
It is rather telling that you decline to denounce the behaviour of convicted pedophiles and child abusers with “What does it matter at this point?” WTF is wrong with you?

Henry Vogel‏ @HenryVogel_
SFWA Pres, who believes it’s more important to dig up a 60-year-old corpse than deal with the 20-year-old one in her organization’s basement.

BADKarma‏ @karmalysing
The Fascist Left, where viciously denouncing the victims of pervert abusive pedophiles is “being on the right side of history” if said pedophiles happen to be homosexual and famous.

What’s Cat Rambo going to do for an encore, name the corpse of Marion Zimmer Bradley the 2018 Damon Knight Grand Master, then dig her up for the ceremony? If Rambo isn’t pressured to resign by the SFWA membership, that will speak absolute volumes about the deviants and pedophiles who are still lurking in their midst.

Tom Hanks has Hollywood values?

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft‏ @SaRaAshcraft
Everyone loves Tom Hanks. I can’t stand him after what he did to me. He’s worried about @realDonaldTrump for good reason. He knows trump is going after pedophiles.

It seems far-fetched, but at this point, nothing and no one is too far-fetched to be impossible. And the various mentions of the Roeper School, “an international leader in gifted education and the longest running school in the country for gifted students in preschool through 12th grade,” in the related discussions rang a familiar bell. For some reason, pedophiles are utterly obsessed with the idea of gifted children, even going so far as intentionally trying to breed them.

From The Last Closet by Moira Greyland

Between 1953 and 1956, my father was working with Dr. Sheldon in the Constitutional Laboratory at Columbia Medical School. Dr. Sheldon had become the coordinator of parapsychological research studies of New York’s gifted children, also called the “Superkids.” Among the Superkids were my father’s long-time friends and colleagues, Jack Sarfatti and Robert Bashlow. An unfortunate part of my father’s “research” on the Superkids was to bring them into the New York science-fiction fandom. Given my father’s future tendency to use science-fiction conventions as a place to locate gifted boys to groom and later molest, I cannot overlook the possibility that my father was sexually exploiting at least some of the Superkids.

My father loved children, especially boys, in much the same way many of us love a rare steak. Every child he met, Superkid or not, would be encouraged to go to science-fiction conventions, which meant they would often be separated from their parents for hours at a time and available to talk with him.

When my father attended science-fiction conventions, he would usually sit in a high-traffic area playing with a spinning mirrored disc or other science-related toy, until a curious male child would approach him. This was his usual method of seduction during the Seventies and Eighties that I personally witnessed, and I conclude that he first developed it in the Fifties.

While these public interactions might at first seem harmless, when one adds to it the heady mix of adult attention lavished on the vulnerable boy, reassurance of the boy’s remarkable intellect whether it was true or not, and intense, highly-focused conversations, the result frequently produced a victim who was willing to provide more or less anything that Walter wanted from him.

Note that the latest X-men series being produced by the notorious director (((Bryan Singer))) is called The Gifted.

My surmise is that children who are identified as gifted early on are more easily separated from their parents and other children for the nominal purposes of providing them with a better education, and are thereby more easily preyed upon. It’s also easier to get gifted children to keep their mouths shut, because they are accustomed to not being able to speak freely in front of adults or children for fear of betraying their higher intelligence.

The Roeper School was founded in 1941 by George and Annemarie Roeper, who were forced to flee Nazi Germany. 

Imagine that. Every single time.

The hunt closes in

This is a blind item from the entertainment lawyer who was correct about everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey and Matt Laeuer:

Ever wonder why one widow looks like she is grieving every day, all day, and the other looks like she is getting ready to party all the time? Well, lets go back in time a bit to the first widow. We all know she is a black widow who only cares about herself and her survival. Right up there with that is how much she loves money and fame. So, when a couple of people came to her and offered her a great deal of money to make some of her past crimes and foibles go away, she was all ears. When they offered her a chance at her own reality show down the road, she really listened. When they told her that her A- list (PJ) celebrity husband was going to divorce her and enforce that prenup, she was 100{84e33cb3079486242e497491211df3d205f46b3a0e51fcdbcd64cea5b9aea06c} on board.

They provided her with drugs that were much stronger versions of the ones her husband used to take. Her job was to get him hooked again. They told her exactly what to do, and how to do it every step of the way. When that first wire transfer hit a relative’s bank, she was the most enthusiastic helper ever. She might not have been there to commit the actual crime, but she was part of the conspiracy to kill him and she has had no problems with the money and fame she has received after his death. She is so greedy and so concerned with herself that she never even asked more than a few questions about why anyone would want her husband dead.

Contrast her situation with another widow. A widow who became one not that long after the first. She was married to an A- lister (RJ) herself. She would never have done anything to harm her husband. Nothing. Someone could have offered her millions of dollars and she would say no. Every day she grieves for her dead husband. She grieves for her family. She also grieves for the people that her husband and the other A- lister were trying to help.

Her husband was an inspiration to so many troubled youth and teens. Naturally those people reached out to the A-lister when they struggled. About a year or so before his death he was told by one of the teens that he had been sexually abused. The teen talked about others who had all been abused at the hands of the same group of people. The teen named some names and our A- lister knew who some of the people were. In fact, he knew one of them really well. That one is a permanent A+ lister who has been known in the past to make his problems go away permanently. When our A- lister approached him, the A+ lister advised him to not pursue things any further and to let the matter drop. It was shortly after that conversation that our A- lister talked to his friend PJ and told him what the teens had said and his conversation with the A+ lister. At that point, PJ and RJ went and spoke to the A+ lister. This time, they were warned more strongly and threats were made about their careers which the A+ lister could destroy.

PJ and RJ started interviewing the teens and recording the interviews. No one knows how that information got back to the A+ lister.

This would appear to be about the “suicides” of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. What I find most interesting about this story is that the A+ lister was, and is, very closely tied to a very famous movie director whose name keeps coming up in these hellish stories out of Hollywood.

And after editing The Last Closet, I can assure you, where there is this kind of smoke, there is usually a raging inferno that is considerably worse than anyone wants to believe. I strongly suspect that the public has barely begun to scratch the surface of the (((Hollywood Values))) story.

Divine confirmation of what everyone is learning about (((Hollywood)))

A coverup at the opera

It appears that (((James Levine)))’s co-ethnics have been protecting the Metropolitan Opera’s abusive homosexual conductor and paying off his victims for decades.

As the Metropolitan Opera reeled from the suspension of its longtime conductor James Levine over sexual misconduct accusations, a fourth man came forward Monday saying that Mr. Levine had sexually abused him decades ago, when the man was a student.

Met officials scrambled to deal with the cascade of accusations, emailing donors to assure them that the Met will be taking “all appropriate actions” — even as the opera house came under sharp criticism for not investigating Mr. Levine after learning in 2016 of a police inquiry into a report of sexual abuse against him.

The Ravinia Festival also announced Monday night that it had “severed all ties” with Mr. Levine, its former music director, who had planned to begin a five-year term as conductor laureate in the summer of 2018. “We are deeply troubled and saddened by the allegations and sympathize with everyone who has been hurt,” the festival said in a statement.

The man who made the new accusations Monday, Albin Ifsich, said he had been abused by Mr. Levine beginning in 1968, when Mr. Ifsich was 20 and attending the Meadow Brook School of Music, a summer program in Michigan where Mr. Levine was a rising star on the faculty. He said that the abuse continued for several years after he joined a tight-knit clique of young musicians who followed Mr. Levine in Cleveland and later New York….

In the email to Met donors, Ann Ziff, the chairwoman of the Met’s board of directors, and Judith-Ann Corrente, its president and chief executive officer, wrote that they had been “deeply disturbed” by the reports about Mr. Levine. A recipient of the email shared it with The Times on Monday night.

“Together with general manager Peter Gelb, we are committed to a complete investigation of the allegations against Mr. Levine, and we would like to assure you and all of the Met’s loyal donors that the company will be taking all appropriate actions,” the two Met officials wrote in the email. “We also want to assure you that we will never lose focus on our artistic mission to continue to deliver performances of the highest artistic level to our audience.”

Some opera lovers and others took to social media to question whether the Met knew about troubling behavior by Mr. Levine and why Mr. Gelb and other leaders did not investigate him before now, given disturbing rumors about his private life that had long circulated in music circles.

Mr. Gelb, in an interview, dismissed rumors circulating online that the Met had reached settlements in the past with the families of abuse victims as untrue.

“Since I’ve been at the Met there has not been a single instance of somebody coming forward to make a complaint, ever, about Levine in recent Met history,” Mr. Gelb said. “And if you talk to the previous general managers about their watches, they say the same.”

“There have been no complaints and no settlements, and this has been verified by the Met’s finance office, our development office,” he said.

Perhaps Mr. Gelb is telling the truth. Or perhaps he is playing semantic games with the word “recent”. Certainly there is contradictory information being spread around Twitter and elsewhere. From the timeline of David Hines‏ @hradzka:

For those who missed it, James Levine — music prodigy, acclaimed conductor, music director 1976–2016; artistic director 1986–2004; music director emeritus 2016–present — had a scandal break involving abuse of a 15yo boy. Except if you had any serious New York classical music scene people on your TL, you saw them *freaking the hell out* because they knew how huge the story was. There were lots and lots and lots and lots of rumors about Levine and boys, but nobody knew anything actionable because nobody knew any victims.

One of the top music execs in the country told me 20 years ago when I asked “it’s all true, there have been millions paid in settlements.” I believed him. Levine has led an extremely sordid life that would have landed anyone else in prison long ago. Because the people who did know were either paid off, or doing the paying off.

One of the great conductors in the world and yet, at some point, he stopped conducting in Europe. Didn’t anyone wonder why? That’s a rare thing. I always assumed it was his health, but a friend with close ties to the industry said earlier tonight on Facebook that he’d heard Levine had actually been banned from visiting England.

That is absolutely true. And it’s not the only place. The shit he did in Munich when he was there. Ernst Rohm level stuff. Basically, there’s no way anybody in a position of power at the Met during his tenure didn’t know, and if the payouts were at “millions of dollars” *twenty years ago…*

So, which is more probable, the decades of rumors are completely false and have no basis in fact or this is yet another example of one (((gentleman))) in a position of power covering for another (((one)))? Ask yourself this question: if the Metropolitan Opera is telling the truth, how is it possible that so many accusers from so long ago have come forward so quickly, and Levine has only been suspended? It appears his (((defenders))) are still trying to protect him, even as they claim that he’s already stepped down, he’s old news, and actually, they aren’t entirely sure to whom you might even be referring.

The cracks in the Pizzagate wall continue to grow. Note that director (((Bryan Singer))) went inexplicably AWOL from his current film project before being fired from it yesterday. The filthy creatures know their lies and their behavior is going to be exposed sooner or later and they are beginning to panic. Given the way in which past hints have turned out to be correct, it appears everyone from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to Jared Leto, James Franco, and Don Henley will be going down, and that’s just the world of entertainment.

A playwright bites the dust

What a surprise that someone named (((Israel Horowitz))) should turn out to be a sex criminal. I am, of course, absolutely shocked that yet another illustrious member of the (((immigrant community))) that created America practically from nothing and has lots and lots of Nobel Prizes and is selflessly devoted to healing the world should turn out to be yet another pervy freakshow:

Inspired by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and others, a total of nine women have come forward publicly for the first time to describe a pattern of sexual abuse and violations of trust by a man they considered a mentor and friend. Mr. Horovitz is an award-winning author of more than 70 plays, including “The Indian Wants the Bronx” (starring Al Pacino in 1968); “Park Your Car in Harvard Yard” (on Broadway in 1991); and “Out of the Mouths of Babes,” which ran Off Broadway last year.

Over his five-decade career, Mr. Horovitz has been an influential player in the theater world. As the founding artistic director of Gloucester Stage, a respected regional theater that called itself a “safe harbor for playwrights,” and as an Obie-winning writer whose work was produced frequently in New York and Paris, he has had the power to offer roles, jobs or a helping hand to generations of actors.

In response to questions this week, Mr. Horovitz, 78, told The New York Times that while he has “a different memory of some of these events, I apologize with all my heart to any woman who has ever felt compromised by my actions, and to my family and friends who have put their trust in me. To hear that I have caused pain is profoundly upsetting, as is the idea that I might have crossed a line with anyone who considered me a mentor.”

His son, Adam Horovitz, said in his own statement: “I believe the allegations against my father are true, and I stand behind the women that made them.”

Jana Mestecky said that Mr. Horovitz would summon her to his house to drop off scripts — then answer the door naked. He kissed her, fondled her and groped her from behind as she worked, she said, often telling her she “wouldn’t get anywhere with such ‘twisted Southern morals.’” (Ms. Mestecky grew up in Alabama.)

All these accusations of sex crimes are clearly bad for the Jews. We really should criminalize such accusations, just as we’ve criminalized advocating the boycotting of Israel. After all, free speech is hate speech and hate speech is anti-semitic.

Wouldn’t America be so much better and advance much faster if everyone simply accepted Hollywood values in place of those twisted Southern morals? And on that note:

Disney Debuts ‘First Boy Princess’ in ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’

The Frankengroper must go!

The Frankengroper strikes again! A FIFTH woman accuses (((Senator Al Franken))) of groping her:

An Army veteran says Sen. Al Franken groped her in December 2003, telling CNN that while she was deployed in Kuwait, the Minnesota Democrat cupped her breast during a photo op. Stephanie Kemplin, 41, of Maineville, Ohio, is the fifth woman in two weeks to accuse Franken of inappropriate touching, and the second person to allege that such behavior took place while Franken was on a USO tour. Three of the five women have been identified by name.

Kemplin said while she was stationed in the Middle East during the Iraq War, she met Franken — at the time, a comedian and writer — as he was visiting American troops with the USO. A longtime fan of “Saturday Night Live,” Kemplin got in line to take a photo with Franken. “When he put his arm around me, he groped my right breast. He kept his hand all the way over on my breast,” Kemplin said in an interview. “I’ve never had a man put their arm around me and then cup my breast. So he was holding my breast on the side.”

Why hasn’t (((Franken))) been forced to resign yet? There will certainly be more women surfacing; the sort of creep who is prone to doing things like this isn’t going to do it just five times and then stop. And we already know his apologies are fake; he has admitted as much in the past.

Now is it becoming more clear why women hate gammas so much? This is the sort of thing gammas do if they think they can get away with it; everything they do is based on false pretenses. And women are actually pretty good at sensing this sort of thing.

Mailvox: an enemy in disarray

Sidehill Dodger fails to see the benefit in routing the enemy:

And it does look like a purge – so many, so fast, such big names, so many corporations. The only thing I know that’s close is something literally out of Stalinist Russia, or Mao’s China.

That’s exactly the feeling I get whenever I see the daily list of those to be purged. Yes, I know it’s mostly the liberals who are getting hit, but somehow I just can’t feel the Schadenfreude.

I am puzzled by Vox’s attitude, the gleeful way he welcomes the burnings. He says we “have to believe the women”. What, really? He’s a smart guy, so I have to recognize that maybe I’m missing something. But I have no clue as to what it might be. It seems to me that though individual lefties are being taken out, the Left as a whole grows stronger as the tumbrels roll toward the guillotine. What is the message men hear from the Media? That it’s evil to be male. So look for an upward tick in soy prices, and transgender surgeries. How is this good?

Whose side does the Dodger think these people are on anyway? When the enemy line breaks, that’s when you send in the cavalry! The Left is most certainly NOT growing stronger as the rottenness at the core of the institutions it controls is exposed; what we have seen so far is merely a few pieces of infected bark being removed.

Men are given the message that it is evil to be white and male and Christian every day by the media. So how can it possibly not be good when that media is exposed as liars and hypocrites, and their message is shown to be as false as false can be?

One should always celebrate when the truth wins out. And there is nothing even remotely uncomfortable about these truths for us, ugly as they are. Sidehill Dodger demonstrates the lugubrious uselessness of the conservative, who sees nothing but future defeat in every victory. And if nothing else, a media that is in disarray is one that is not attacking Western civilization, which is why we should assist the God-Emperor and whoever else is exposing these creeps and sex criminals embedded in Hollywood, politics, and the media with enthusiasm and energy.

What part of “we are in a cultural war” does the Dodger not understand? The time for shedding tears for the enemy fallen is after the victory is complete, not when the issue is still in doubt.