Comply with the fake science!

Now doctors are being deplatformed and disemployed for failing to submit to the Narrative:

A doctor in Northern California has been fired from his job after he co-authored a letter that questioned the science behind his county’s lockdown order.

Dr. Michael deBoisblanc was working as the trauma medical director for John Muir Health in Contra Costa County, California, until last Friday, after he questioned the scientific basis for again locking down citizens of the area.

KNTV reported that deBoisblanc wrote a letter to the county health director and board of supervisors voicing his concern regarding the continued lockdown policies prior to his dismissal.

The former medical director spoke from his own experience as a parent, expressing his apprehension that Bay Area students were not being allowed to attend in-person classes, according to KTVU-TV. Along with doctors Pete Mazolewski and Brian Hopkins, deBoisblanc wrote that there were “deep concerns regarding more lockdown measures.”

“The science is clear,” the letter continued, “that more lockdowns lead to much more non COVID morbidity and mortality. Public policy is being based on erroneous assumptions.”

It’s always easy to know when the science and history narratives are fake. Because the truth imposes itself, it has no need to be imposed by government force and relentless rhetoric. 

Stay healthy, take Vitamin D

Especially if you happen to be worried about Covid-19 or Covid-19+:

Stop waiting for a miracle drug: A Boston University doctor says a sufficient amount of vitamin D can cut the risk of catching coronavirus by 54{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c}.

“People have been looking for the magic drug or waiting for the vaccine and not looking for something this simple,” said Dr. Michael Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine.

Holick and his colleagues studied blood samples from Quest Diagnostics of more than 190,000 Americans from all 50 states and found that those who had deficient levels of vitamin D had 54{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} higher COVID positivity compared to those with adequate levels of vitamin D in the blood.

The risk of getting coronavirus continued to decline as vitamin D levels increased, the study, published in the Public Library of Science One peer-reviewed journal shows.

“The higher your vitamin D status, lower was your risk,” Holick said.

I upgraded from my daily Vitamin C regime to one that included D, Zinc, and D+K2 about a year ago. Forget Covid. I haven’t even had a cold since.

The nurse is dead, allegedly

 Anonymous Conservative provides evidence that that poor nurse who fainted on camera after receiving the Covid “vaccine” actually died from a reaction to it.

Remember that nurse who they trotted out in front of the cameras after she got the vaccine, she got light headed, keeled over right on camera, and then the camera cut out as doctors crammed around her lifeless body? Official local news media reported social media posts turned up which seemed to indicate she had died, but the family didn’t want anybody talking about it because they were threatened. 4Chan began to look into it, and based off death records, they think her body was shipped back to her hometown to be quietly put on the death records there. /pol has noted, her friends and family plus nurses are ignoring all the Instagram comments asking if she’s okay, she usually posts every 2-3 days and it’s been like a week since she posted on Instagram, there was a post up on the hospital page for FB saying she was feeling better and now they took it down, someone made a new channel to pretend she’s alive while leaving her old channel alone, and a friend posted a picture of the two of them together, but /pol noticed the picture was part of a set from a while back, and not recent.

First, /pol/ is always right. Second, the death notice is real, based on the county records.

Tiffany Pontes Dover

Age: 30

Location: Higdon, AL

Death Report: Done

Data Source: De Kalb County Death Records 

Third, I have personally witnessed a vaccine reaction that caused a child to immediately slump unconscious and heard the administering doctor say “oh, shit!” in obvious alarm. You will never, ever, convince me that vaccines are entirely safe; they are not and they will never be. FFS, even peanuts and eggs and penicillin are not entirely safe for everyone, so anyone who claims that vaccines are is lying.

Only an idiot or someone over the age of 70 will even consider taking one of these vaccines.

Note that this wouldn’t be the first time that people were literally dropping dead after being injected with a vaccine:

I heard that seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated. This was in an army camp, so I wrote to the Government for verification. They sent me the report of U.S. Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. The report not only verified the report of the seven who dropped dead from the vaccines, but it stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of the yellow fever vaccine during only 6 months of the war.

It’s perfectly safe!

Only confirmed idiots will be getting this “vaccine”. It hasn’t been comprehensively tested for efficacy, it obviously hasn’t been tested for long-term health effects, it hasn’t gone through the normal scientific testing routines, and most damningly, the manufacturer is not liable for any adverse effects. And it’s being relentlessly pushed by a group of people who very publicly advocate lowering the global population, so it won’t be even a little surprising if scientists eventually “discover” that it inhibits fertility.
This YouTube comment pretty much sums up the current situation: 

Now guys look, I know this looks bad, yes. I know that the nurse who took this vaccine that was developed in under a year and has no long-term testing, has fallen completely unconscious five minutes after taking it. And sure we faked the first nurse getting the vaccine by just having him get poked with a needle while the guy administrating it pretended to inject him with an empty syringe. Sure we’re threatening the medical licenses of doctors who express even the slightest reservations about this vaccine and actively silencing and banning the accounts of people who are saying they don’t trust the vaccine and shitposters making memes about it. But I think you’re just being paranoid and engaging in misinformation and contributing to the formation of baseless conspiracy theories.

But let’s be fair. These covid vaccines may well have a positive eugenics effect over time, as only the less intelligent will be dumb enough to take it.

Be sure to get your Covid vaccine!

“Ah feah mutch be’er now dat ah know ah’m pwotected from dat tewwible fwu!” said Rose Smyth-Wiggins, 32, as she drooled from the motionless side of her mouth. “Ah feah wike ah can safewee go ou’side again.”

“Now ah can go rack to woke,” said Michael Wang, 40, as he rubbed incessantly at the insensate side of his visage. “But it’s rike dat song says, ah can’ feah mah face!”

“Hooarerr mrrmrrrkh guwahwahgrrmm,” added Choe Price, 48. “Hoahdurrhim hodor!”

A Pfizer representative assured the public that the vaccine is perfectly safe and that the effects, which may include Bell’s Palsy, sterilization, and anaphylaxis, should be temporary. “Unless, of course, they happen to be fatal,” she added.

The Terminator of viruses

The real problem with Covid-19 clearly isn’t its virulence or its lethality so much as its inexorable commitment.

Doctors and nurses in Italy are astounded at the resilience of one Maria Orsingher, a 101-year-old who has lived through the Spanish Flu, the Second World War, and who has now survived Covid-19… three times.

Orsingher first tested positive back in the early days of the pandemic in February. “In February, mother was hospitalized in Sondalo and then also the doctor of the hospital in Sondalo, where she was treated, told us that she had never had such an elderly person come out of the coronavirus in this way, she was breathing alone and not he had a fever,” says daughter Carla.

Having recovered, the centenarian then celebrated her 101st birthday in July. Unfortunately, she was then hospitalized with a fever in September, at which point she tested positive for the disease a second time and underwent treatment for 18 days. Medical staff were amazed at her resilience and told local media the hospitalization was mostly precautionary. 

Alas, the coronavirus came for her one more time, as she tested positive again last Friday. 

Covid vs Sig. Orsingher is the Godzilla vs Mothra of 2020. 

Endgame approaches

We’re rapidly approaching the mother of all Q-proof tests. If Joe Biden wins, as predicted by all the polls and all the mainstream media, we’ll have to conclude that Q was, at best, a morale-boosting LARP. If, on the other hand, Donald Trump wins, even the most dedicated Q skeptics will have to admit that Qanon was more reliable than the entire mainstream media.

And if The Storm begins, everyone will be forced to acknowledge that Q was the real thing from the start.

Item: The National Guard has deployed across 12 states.

Item: “Are you ready to finish what we started? ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’ is not just a catch-phrase.” – Q

Item: A Q post from October 2017 contains some intriguing dates. People assumed at the time that the reference was to 11.4.2017. However, in retrospect, it is clear that the year was never specified and “the next several days” does not refer to the time of the post, but the time of the predicted events.

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

Item: Boris Johnson announces month-long national lockdown of England.

Item: France is now in a new national lockdown that will last at least a month.

Item: Swiss authorities suggested that another nationwide lockdown was an inevitability.

I strongly suspect that the new European lockdowns, which are being instituted despite the fact that there has not been a significant increase in the number of new cases, the hospitals are not overloaded, the number of deaths is not increasing rapidly, and the infected patients are observably less seriously ill than they were during the previous lockdowns, are related to the coming events rather than to a second wave of the coronavirus.

The end of the annual flu

The medical and scientific communities can’t figure out where the flu has gone or why it has virtually disappeared:

In the Southern Hemisphere, where the flu season happens during our summer months, the WHO data suggests it never took off at all. In Australia, just 14 positive flu cases were recorded in April, compared with 367 during the same month in 2019 – a 96 per cent drop. By June, usually the peak of its flu season, there were none. In fact, Australia has not reported a positive case to the WHO since July.

In Chile, just 12 cases of flu were detected between April and October. There were nearly 7,000 during the same period in 2019. And in South Africa, surveillance tests picked up just two cases at the beginning of the season, which quickly dropped to zero over the following month – overall, a 99 per cent drop compared with the previous year.

In the UK, our flu season is only just beginning. But since Covid-19 began spreading in March, just 767 cases have been reported to the WHO compared with nearly 7,000 from March to October last year. And while lab-confirmed flu cases last year jumped by ten per cent between September and October, as a new season gets under way this year they’ve risen by just 0.7 per cent so far…. Other research by Public Health England has confirmed this. Globally, it is estimated that rates of flu may have plunged by 98 per cent compared with the same time last year.

‘This is real,’ says Dr David Strain, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School. ‘There’s no doubt that we’re seeing far fewer incidences of flu.’

So where has flu gone?

Covid-19 is the flu, obviously. Despite whatever differences there might be between a coronavirus and a rhinovirus, Covid-19 is simply playing the role that the annual flu strain, which is different every year, does. It is a little more dangerous than the normal flu virus, though considerably less dangerous than certain historical strains. Which is why all the lockdown and mask nonsense is now totally pointless, and is merely delaying the natural process of the virus working its way through the population before it finally peters out.

It wasn’t a bad idea to err on the side of caution when the virulence of the disease was unknown. But now we know, so there is no reason to continue being paranoid about it.

The Age of Reason is over

 Karl Denninger notes that humanity is entering a new Dark Age:

The age of reason has failed and we stand on the edge of a new Dark Age.

Let us start with Covid19.

In February Fauci described Covid19 as “akin to a severe pandemic or seasonal flu.”  He was not mistaken; it is.  As I’ve presented, if you do not intentionally kill people with the bug that’s exactly what we have — a flu.

You cannot argue with mathematics.  Attempting to do so is witchcraft.  It is a belief in the occult.  That casting “spells” and “hexes” changes outcomes.  It is the exact opposite of science.

This county has had 13 deaths “from” Covid19.  We know not all of them were actually from Covid19, but how many we cannot determine.  Nobody has put forward the death certificates of the 13 souls who passed.  Why not?  This can be trivially done without names, addresses or other identifying information — simply list the causal chain of death for each.  Where is it?  Not published — not here, nor anywhere.

Yet from 2014-2017 each year about 26 people in this county die of influenza and pneumonia.  Approximately 1,000 people die each year in this county from all causes.  Over six months time we’ve lost 13, which is half of 26, and we’ve undeniably reached suppression, so the rate of death over the last six months is unlikely to be replicated or greater in the next six months.

In other words: Covid19 is the flu.

Sevier County, as near as I can tell, has no nursing homes.  It does have “assisted living” centers, including one less than five miles down the road from my home.  But nursing homes, unlike assisted living centers, are full of people who are incontinent — the rate of incontinence among nursing home residents is approximately 40{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4}.

We knew in February this bug expressed in feces.  We knew it conclusively.  We knew it spread from aerosolized feces too, because it did — twice, in documented form, in two apartment buildings that had no P-Traps on the sinks — one in Wuhan and another in Hong Kong.  There was no other plausible explanation for how the people who got the bug in those buildings were infected.  These sorts of shortcuts are horrifyingly stupid yet common in SE Asia; the $5 that a P-trap costs is simply not paid, building codes be damned.

One of the alleged “seminal” papers on how Covid19 is spread was peer-reviewed at the beginning of June.  It was claimed in that paper that the bug was primarily droplet-spread and the paper explicitly stated that the bug was responsive to the inverse of absolute humidity — which is a property of physics that all droplet carried contamination follows.  It is the reason we have a “flu season.”  The problem with this claim is that it was “reviewed” in early June and by early June we knew this claim was documented to be false as there were outbreaks all over the United States in places with 100 degree temperatures and 90+{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4} relative humidity.  In other words despite the predicate claim that the reason NY got hit so hard was that it was still “winter” by summer you couldn’t run that load of bull**** any longer as the virus was spreading in extraordinarily hot and humid conditions.  Yet the paper’s entire premise and conclusion was based on nothing more than witchcraft as the base claim upon which everything else rested was disproved prior to publication.

The journal in question has not withdrawn it themselves, the authors have not repudiated it, the WHO and CDC have not disavowed it and every one of them know it’s bull****.  We’re several months beyond this and yet all through summer the virus has raged.  This is proof, beyond any reasonable scientific doubt, that “droplets” are not the primary means of transmission.

The Prometheans sold everyone on the lie that Reason and Christianity were incompatible. That was the core falsehood of the so-called Enlightenment. But it is now undeniable that to the extent the latter has been rejected, the former has been lost.

You think it’s parody

But the fact that Twitter banned Titania McGrath, however temporarily, only demonstrates that reality will catch up and surpass the parody, and most likely sooner rather than later.

What we call “illness” is a social construct, defined negatively against its antithesis “wellness”. Society, in other words, has created the category of “illness” as a means to impose power on those who do not subscribe to cultural norms of what it means to be “well”. “Health” and “wellness” are mere taxonomies of privilege, inculcated by the hegemonic and oppressive discourses of “medical science”. Referring to someone as “well” or “ill”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”, is simply the medicalisation of human diversity.

When you consider that they’ve already disposed of “male” and “female”, as well as “girl” and “boy”, and redefined psychiatric disorders as sexual orientations, don’t think they won’t eventually claim that it is criminally shapist to encourage an obese woman to lose weight or healthist to prescribe insulin to a diabetic.

Perhaps those who are anti-mask can use this tactic when criticized by Mask Nazis for not wearing a mask. Simply point out that it is hurtful and privileged and healthist to object to your sexual preference for coronaviruses.