Mailvox: vaccine seizures

I own a home care company in [redacted]. Our clients pay us privately. Most of our clients are between the ages of 70 years old – 95 years old. 

We are seeing some adverse effects in older clients with the not-vax. 

Today we had a client go from part time care to full time care. She is now having seizures and they coincidentally started happening after 24 hours within the second dose.

Coincidentally… except it’s not a coincidence. It’s an adverse effect.

Mailvox: miscarriages skyrocket

The vaxx is definitely affecting fertility:

My wife is a longtime nurse. High-risk maternity. She says that, since the vaxx, miscarriages have skyrocketed; “off the charts”, she says.

And her union, apparently, is trying to mandate the jab. If they do, she’s going to walk away. The degree to which this shit has been insinuated into the medical and legal communities here is just staggering. 

It’s a world gone mad.

They wouldn’t be pushing their fake vaccines so hard if they weren’t horrifically bad for you. Don’t even hesitate to walk away from your job or cut ties with family members rather than submit to it. It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s genuinely possible that the continued existence of the human race literally depends on those who refuse to submit to the wickedness.

There’s pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is caused from toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is how big is that subset and how bad and broad are those toxicities? The honest truth is we don’t know and furthermore there is a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us… I have colleagues in the government who were aware and were months before the toxicity was disclosed that the toxicity was an issue… They are finding that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events… My senior colleagues at the FDA have known that this was the case for months… we have multiple signs that the CDC is editing this data in support of this noble lie.

– Dr. Robert Malone

Mailvox: firing physicians

The evil powers-that-be are putting the pressure on medical workers in the United States now:

I work at [well-known university]. I received notifcation today that I will be terminated [before October] if I fail to provide documentation of vaccination against COVID-19. I’m a physician in my residency with 11 months remaining before graduation. 

I completed an internship in general surgery at [another university]. I can technically apply for a medical license in the US, but I will not be board certified in my specialty if I am terminated before completing residency. I have significant debt from medical school, as well as a wife and 2 children. Not being board certified is sure to hinder my employment prospects in the future.

I am healthy without medical issues and am in my early 30’s. I don’t want to take the vaccine under these circumstances, especially not an mRNA vaccine. 

I feel I am at an inflection point in my life and my career because of this issue. My wife is also unvaccinated and not interested in receiving any vaccination at this time. The issue would be easier without any student loan debt, but I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle my relatively modest income provides. 

I wanted to make you aware of the current situation on the ground, as it has officially reached 4th and long with less than 2 minutes to go for me. I pray I can stay true to my convictions and remain unvaccinated. 

First, no one said life was going to be easy. This is an important test; I don’t know a lot of medical workers, but those I know have already decided to quit rather than get vaccinated. If enough of them hold to their course, the wicked will be forced to choose between backing down and being held responsible for destroying the medical system.

Obviously people who are evil enough to harm tens of millions of people won’t hesitate to destroy the system, but being publicly seen to do so for no good reason might be a step too far for them, especially in the powderkeg of the current United States.

Anyhow, it’s an easy choice. If you are forced to choose between your career and your health, the latter is more important. Especially now that both the logic and the evidence fall soundly on the side of refusing the fake vaccinations. It may help to remember that Christians have been, and in time will be, presented with choices that are even more stark, although a choice that for the true Christian, is even easier.

This is just a prelude of hard decisions to come, which is the price Americans have no choice but to pay for abandoning the faith of their fathers and permitting their government to be taken over by foreigners and devil-worshippers.

UPDATE: heard from another medical professional. Covid cases are on the rise in their area, but ALL of the infected are vaccinated. Not some, not most, all of them.

UPDATE: Reuters reports that three-quarters of the Covid cases in Singapore involve vaccinated people.

UPDATE: 84 percent of the new cases of COVID in Israel are vaccinated individuals.

These reports could be an early sign of ADE, Antibody-Dependent Enhanced breakthrough infections. This would potentially be really bad, as it implies CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY is still on the table. That’s the scenario, based on several failed experiments with mRNA vaccines on animals, in which the variants wipe out everyone vaccinated against the original strain.

Mailvox: changing the lyrics

Replace the word ‘pillow’ with the word ‘murder’.

Hush now, hush now, the murder comes….

See, that doesn’t work. It creates an image of a large group of crows landing on the Boomer for some inexplicable reason rather than one of him being gently smothered by a foreigner in his nursing home.

Why cant you mock the boomer without inciting murder?

But I most certainly can! And have! What part of “Proud to be a Boomer” incited murder?

I’m proud to be a Boomer

‘Cos this world was made for me

And The Beatles were the greatest band in human history.

But I don’t recall the Boomers being any happier about that one. Just can’t please some people, I guess.

Mailvox: a dialogue with a doctor

Dear Sir:

Like you, I am disgusted with how this epidemic has been politicized.  After being managed very well medically, it has been denied by those who now plan a Gestapo-like invasion of privacy to confirm vaccination.  (But what would I know as I have only been a doc for a mere half-century and have no brothers in high office), nevertheless, I think your blog is in error.

Numbers of my friends have and have relations who have died from this disease. Indeed, 509 ppl have died in the AL since April.

While I am no longer practicing since last October due to unrelated medical problems, I nevertheless thought it prudent, at 72, to get the vaccine the day it first became available. I hold no opinion about people who choose not to be vaccinated, just as long as they do not invent stupid narratives in an attempt to get others to validate their poor decision by making worse decisions based on bad data.

Walter C Boutwell, MD

[Redacted], Alabama

The mRNA fake vaccines are complete bullshit. If you understood either statistics or science, you would know that. If you have an issue with Denninger’s chart, take it up with the reporting agency.

I could not care less if people over 70 take the vaccines or not. They’re going to die of something sooner or later, and if it makes them feel better, so be it. But it is a heinous crime against humanity to encourage anyone under the age of 40 to take it when it a) won’t protect them against a disease that is very, very unlikely to harm them, b) won’t protect anyone else, and c) will harm them.

You doctors are not the causal problem, but you’re certainly part of the practical one due to your collective inability to be reasonably skeptical of what the drug companies tell you. For example, how many people did you personally harm by prescribing Vioxx to them? And what’s your excuse going to be when it becomes clear that the Covid vaccines are killing more Americans than guns are?

Finally, even if 509 people died in Alabama, you know damn well that not a single one of them was a “healthy young person” died of Covid at a Birmingham hospital in 2021. Not one. I happen to know a nurse who worked on the Covid ward of a large hospital during the height of the pandemic, I specifically asked her about the age range of those who were on the ward, and the youngest person she saw who required hospitalization during the entire six-month period was over 65.

Prove any of your contentions.

Hush, Boomer.

So, after all the hyperbole and shit storm you are reduced to ad hominem argument. Run away, little blogger. But next time, be seen and not heard.

What part of “Hush, Boomer” was hard for you to understand? Ask not for whom the pillow fluffs, Herr Doktor Boomer, it fluffs for thee. 
You know this jackass of an ex-doctor never bothered to ask the pharmaceutical companies to prove any of their contentions when they gave him various substances to inject into his uninformed and unsuspecting patients over the decades. But the minute that someone challenges the obvious absurdities, incoherencies, and obvious falsehoods of the current mainstream narrative, suddenly the Boomer requires a gold-plated, peer-reviewed study published by Nature and personally attested by the sworn statements of no less than six Nobel Prize winners before he’ll even consider the possibility that it’s false.

Mailvox: I wouldn’t say NEED

But for those of us who are capable of being instructed by information, these ten datapoints about Brazil may be welcome, especially since the media appears to consider them sufficiently significant to keep them from us.

10 Things Foreigners Need To Know About Brazil, But The Media Will Never Tell Them

1. President Bolsonaro was elected with 58 million votes and enjoys overwhelming support from the population and from voters. His recent motorcades in several major cities have attracted hundreds of thousands of people, in a mass show of support for the government NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN BRAZIL.

2. Bolsonaro is the first President Brazil has had since 1985 who is not a leftist or sympathizer . His election was deemed unacceptable by the Left who, as soon as the vote count ended, swore to raise hell and to stop at nothing to remove him from power. 

3. Former president Lula was indicted for several crimes and sentenced by many different courts to a prison term. In a shocking and incomprehensible reversal he was let out of prison, all his convictions were annulled and the judge who sentenced him – Sergio Moro – was deemed biased. Most Brazilians see this as a travesty of justice and a politically-motivated violation of the Rule of Law carried out to place a convicted criminal in next year’s presidential race.

4. Life is pretty much back to normal now. People are working, going to school, traveling, going to bars, malls, restaurants, movies, hotels and beaches. The “stay at home” time is gone. 

5. In recent months a congressman, a journalist and several demonstrators were illegally arrested just because of their opinions. None of the arrests were ordered by the President.

6. Over 40,000 inmates, most of them convicted of violent crimes, were let out of prison all over Brazil for “humanitarian reasons” during the pandemic. Many have killed after being released.

7. Police operations in the 1,400+ slums of Rio de Janeiro – all held by drug-lords or gangsters  – have been suspended by court order since June 2020.

8. Brazil has an electronic, country-wide black-box-type voting system which is centrally controlled by an Elections Court. This court regulates the elections, enforces the regulations, runs the voting operations, tallies the votes and resolves disputes. Brazilians want the system to be auditable. The Elections Court is fighting this request tooth and nail.

9. Big media has lost all credibility. They have spent the last year and half drumming up fear in the population and presenting viewers and readers with a skewed view of reality created with the sole purpose of removing the President from power.

10. Supporters of the President have been intensely harassed, hit with bizarre secret court investigations, banned from social networks, subpoenaed by Congress inquiry commitees and vilified on national TV for the unforgivable crime of expressing their support for the President.

Mailvox: she was warned

I suspect that now people are starting to realize that they personally know more people with serious adverse reactions to the spike proteins than a serious case of Covid, the pressure to change the narrative is building:

This is the first time I write to you. Although my opinion was already aligned with yours, the following anecdote did persuade my fianceé to not take the vaxx:

A friend of mine warned his mother-in-law of the not-vaccines. She was completely healthy, yet she went against his advice. The day after the injection, she developed a fever, got trouble breathing, and her body started to ache so much that she was hospilitized for a couple of days. 

A few days ago, it was time for her second shot. Had she – a boomer lady – put one and two together? Had she started to listen to her family members? 

Needless to say, she had not. Now she’s back in hospital – but just so that the state can harvest the organs from her dead body.

Mike Lindell wept….

Look, this really isn’t that hard. If you wouldn’t buy a toaster or a microwave without a guarantee, don’t accept free genetic modifications from international megacorporations without one.

Mailvox: the endless greed of the Grasshoppers

 Anyone who simply can’t understand why the younger generations despise the Boomers need only read this email I received recently. Can you honestly read it and say you’re even a little bit surprised to learn how things went south? It sounds as if the grandparents knew how awful their Boomer children were, but failed to sufficiently account for the full extent of their wickedness and greed that is all too typical of the Boomer generation.

 I just wanted to thank you for the unique insight into “Boomer” mentality, as I never quite understood where the false sense of grandiosity or entitlement came from, but have been acutely aware of how this sense of entitlement has even found its way into the behaviour of Boomers who profess even the most “conservative” and “traditional” values. Your recent posts have allowed me to understand the behaviour of my Father, Mother, Aunts, and Uncles.

When my Grandparents passed away unexpectedly two years ago, we discovered that they put their entire estate into a trust for their grandchildren (“The Grandchildren”). In the simplest explanation, the terms of the trusts required that the income generated by the trust assets be distributed initially to my mother and her siblings (“The Children”) for five (5) years, at which point, the income and the assets, would be transferred to The Grandchildren so that we might, in the words of the trust, “settle our debts, raise our children, and carry on the legacy of the family.” This inheritance was unexpected. 

Since the death of my grandparents, life for The Grandchildren has been a living nightmare; The Children have taken the Estate to court and have, it appears, successfully invalidated the trust. To justify their actions to The Grandchildren, The Children have essentially argued that they planned their retirement on what they would be inheriting from their parents, despite the fact that they are all either very comfortable financially or objectively wealthy. My uncle actually asked me, “what is more important, my ability to pay off my house before I am 65 or your able to pay off your house when you have just started your career and have 40+ years of work ahead of you.”

I believe that The Children’s decades of materialism, multiple divorces, frivolous spending, and general arrogance have left them thinking that they are owed this, simply by virtue of their belief that what their parents owned is theirs. My parents, while promoting traditional morals and ethics, Christianity, conservative values, a “family-first” mentality, and demanding that we all go to college, refused to pay for our education, assist us with our home purchase, or any other expense after we were 18 years-old. None of my cousins’ educations were financed by my Aunts and Uncles because “we’d all appreciate it more if we paid for it ourselves.” I don’t doubt that this is correct, but we’re now all saddled with debt for an education that they always told us we needed, most of us cannot afford to buy our own homes, and all of us are shocked and confused by the actions of our parents.

This greed, and the associated anger, was turned upon The Grandchildren. Even though we are not permitted to agree to invalidate the terms of the Trust, we are now seen as the enemy. I have lost my parents to this greed, this arrogance, and this evil that they cultivated; now I have to fight the bitterness that I feel towards all of The Children for what they are putting us through, for the fact that I cannot expose my own children to the vitriol that they espouse, or the anger that is now percolating; it has been 18 months since I saw, or spoke, to my parents, because I choose not to be vilified, demeaned, or verbally abused.

The Children have always been greedy, self-important, and materialistic; now I know that we are not alone carrying this cross. I am only saddened by the fact that my children lost their grandparents the same day I lost mine. 

Mailvox: Absolution for the Boomers

A Catholic Boomer suggests how Boomers can seek absolution for their sins against the succeeding generations:

I am a traditional Catholic and a boomer who agrees with you that as a generation, the boomers are a wicked generation. No fact is needed to prove this beyond the reality of the boomers having murder tens of millions of their children by abortion. What I want to write here is what boomers should do to repent of this sin, and all their other sins, in the years of life they have left— so as to obtain God’s forgiveness and absolution. I will use as model the Catholic “sacrament of reconciliation” or “penance.” The first step is repentance: to truthfully admit the sin and feel sincere sorrow for the offense to God and for the harm it is has caused to others. All traditional Catholic spiritual writer and all Saints emphasize what Vox has emphasized: stop making excuses or looking at the sins of others and concentrate on your own sins and correcting your own faults.

Sincere repentance requires restitution: if I have stolen another’s money, I must restore that amount to him, or at least as much as I am now able; to refuse to make the restitution I am able to make means I have not yet sincerely repented, I have not yet seen the seriousness of my sin. The boomer generation has stolen so much from future generations, there is now no way to pay back in full; but the repentance of each boomer should include at least turning over assets like their second homes to children and grandchildren and start leading a simple, ascetical life (for example, no cruises) in order to leave as much inheritance as possible.

Sincere repentance also requires a firm decision to cease committing the particular sin; included in this firm decision is avoiding the near occasions of sin: an adulterer must agree not to voluntary meet with the partner in sin; the alcoholic renounce going to bars, a glutton avoid expensive restaurants, etc.  Finally, receiving absolution includes accepting an appropriate penance: that is, accepting to increase the time in prayer, of reading Scripture and “good” spiritual books; also to practice the types of asceticism that will free me from the habitual tendencies that lead me towards particular sins.

Finally, saying a generation is wicked does not mean every individual within it is wicked. But even the “non-wicked” or the relatively good must answer this question: why did I fail to stop the wickedness, why did I fail to cooperate with the graces God was sending to turn this generation from its sinful course. Considering our many sins of omission, even the relatively good boomers still have much for which to seek God’s forgiveness and absolution.

Frankly, I am extremely dubious that any Boomers will repent of their collective crimes, much less actively seek absolution of the sort he recommends. But it would certainly help both them and their children and grandchildren if they were to do so.

As for me, I would settle for simple silence and staying out of the way while the younger generations attempt to salvage what can be salvaged from a broken society and a severely wounded civilization.

“But what were we to do?”

The plaintive cry of the Boomers seeking to excuse the wickedness of their g-g-generations:

What was a boomer who saw the evil to do to make change? Y’all happily — and humorously even though you mean it — acclaim the DotP — but what would you have had us do? Vote? Write articles or letters? Shoot doctors? March in the streets?

We would have had you simply behave like every other generation before you instead of rejecting their values and traditions. We would have had you practice stewardship of the nation rather than strip-mining it.

  • Stay married.  48.9 percent of Boomers who ever married had been through at least one divorce by 2014. That number is almost certainly over 50 percent by now.
  • Bear children rather than murdering them. As many as 30.4 percent of Boomer pregnancies ended in abortion. Now that Boomers can’t get pregnant anymore, the abortion rate is lower than it was when it was first legalized in 1973.
  • Pass your houses and second houses on to your children instead of selling them to foreigners and corporations.
  • For middle-class and upper middle-class women, raise your children instead of working. As the wealthiest generation in human history, Boomer mothers had less need to work than any women in all of human history. And yet, female participation in the workforce doubled.
  • Call that which is good, good, and that which is evil, evil.
  • Pass on your knowledge and your skills rather than hide them from your children.
  • Advise the younger generations to avoid the wide and easy path you walked.
All the Boomers had to do was not change anything and things would have been massively better today. American society would have continued to progress on its upward curve and yet another generation would have been better off than its predecessors. Instead, Boomers chose to “change the world”, to embrace the lies, to sell the farm and eat the seed corn. They will leave behind them a broken, bankrupt, declining, demoralized, and occupied nation.
Even now, Boomers could sell the condo, give the house to the kids, get rid of the boat, the jetski, and the Thunderbird, and utilize their resources to help their children and grandchildren get out of debt and into home ownership. They could stop robbing the younger generations by accepting Social Security and Medicare subsidies in excess of their own contributions. And I have no doubt that a few of them have already done some of those things or are doing them.
But you know, and we know, that most Boomers will refuse to do even what little they can still do after a lifetime of relentless self-absorption.