Mailvox: the woodworker’s philosophy

This expert woodworker’s philosophy is vital for every Christian and right-of-center individual today:

When woodworking with power tools, I routinely ask myself, “If I fell into this tool right now, what would happen?” If the risk is too great, I reorient myself and attempt to do the job safer. There’s risk in all of it, or I could go back to hand saws and chisels. It’s all about managing risk.

I think that every Christian and conservative (or whatever political strip which is not woke) needs to ask, “What if everything I ever said, did, or where I even went was instantly exposed to my spouse, church, employer, and eventually greater world?”. 

You are standing over that dangerous tool every moment you use an iPhone, Android device, or PC. One must never stop asking that question so you understand the risks you are taking and what it means for your future.

He’s absolutely right. And it’s also important to be open about your past and present failings, in order to prevent those who dig up dirt on everyone from having any hold over you. 

And so, when you close your doors and create darkness within, remember never to say that you’re on your own, for in fact, you’re not alone, because God is within you, and your guardian spirit too. And what need do they have of light to see what you’re doing?

– Epictetus

Mailvox: now they name you

 In fairness, I don’t mind if they just call me SDL:

I’ve been saying for years the Democrats and the media is not our problem. Our problem is the fake Right. Many of whom in the past week are now openly naming “Vox Day” as: still pushing dangerous conspiracy theories to give people a false hope in Trump. 

This prompted several questions:

Why are these personalities tweeting multiple times: 

How dangerous it is to allow a relative to believe Trump is going to fight back. “These relatives need to be treated like crack addicts who stole from your grandmother to feed their addiction.”

If the last 4 years have been a lie, what’s another two weeks?

Interesting. Apparently the whole “He Who Shall Not Be Named” approach has been cast aside. First they ignore you, then they attack you…. 

One wonders how they would describe the “conspiracy theories” that Nancy Pelosi is pushing – TRUMP WILL NUKE DC IF YOU DON’T INVOKE THE 25TH AMENDMENT – if they consider my simple observations to be dangerous.

You can smell their fear. And it smells delicious!

Democrats laid the groundwork on Friday for impeaching President Trump a second time, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California threatened to bring him up on formal charges if he did not resign “immediately” over his role in inciting a violent mob attack on the Capitol this week.

The threat was part of an all-out effort by furious Democrats, backed by a handful of Republicans, to pressure Mr. Trump to leave office in disgrace after the hourslong siege by his supporters on Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Although he has only 12 days left in the White House, they argued he was a direct danger to the nation.

Ms. Pelosi and other top Democratic leaders continued to press Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to wrest power from Mr. Trump, though Mr. Pence was said to be against it. The speaker urged Republican lawmakers to pressure the president to resign immediately. And she took the unusual step of calling Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss how to limit Mr. Trump’s access to the nation’s nuclear codes and then publicized it.

“If the president does not leave office imminently and willingly, the Congress will proceed with our action,” Ms. Pelosi wrote in a letter to colleagues….

At the White House, Mr. Trump struck a defiant tone, insisting that he would remain a potent force in American politics as aides and allies abandoned him and his post-presidential prospects turned increasingly bleak. Behind closed doors, he made clear that he would not resign and expressed regret about releasing a video on Thursday committing to a peaceful transition of power and condemning the violence at the Capitol that he had egged on a day before.

He’s not even at the White House…. 

A tale of two perspectives

James Fox Higgens enjoyed yesterday’s Darkstream:

Another zinger of a quote from this video: “The Babelists are STILL trying to get to Heaven on their own.”

I don’t think any commentator understands the spiritual war better than Vox Day. His writing is also vastly better than his speaking. You should all really read his books if you haven’t. His On the Existence of Gods and The Irrational Atheist are two of the BEST apologetic / polemical books on the truth of Jesus Christ that I have ever read, but they are largely overlooked by Christians. He is a better apologist than William Lane Craig and John Lennox, in my opinion.

And now you understand why I decline all requests for interviews and public speeches. I’ve said everything I feel the need to say in my books. If you want to know what I think, read the books or read the blog.

Erstwhile fan KR, on the other hand, thinks I’ve gone off the deep end:

I’ve been reading you since day one of your worldnet daily column. Before Trump you used to have detailed discussions of theology, evolution, economics, politics. It was fascinating. Your comments section was full of intelligent readers offering interesting insights. I considered you a mentor and the closest thing I had to an idol.

Trump gets elected and you go full on Q conspiracy 24/7 and the posts become 90{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} copypastas. Your commenters are imbeciles and you ban the ones who disagree with you when you post obvious bullshit. Me for example. You have become such a fringe figure that I wonder if you could ever return to engaging in debates with other internet figures as you once did if you wanted to.

So I’m curious, did you just do this to boost traffic to your blog with the Q community and sell comic books? Because nobody as purportedly intelligent as you are could honestly believe half the shit you’ve been posting. Anyone who has your purported gift for strategy and wargaming should be able to clearly see that Trump does not have control over the government, he has no governing coalition, no control over anything and he has been feckless in his appointments and weak in his use of power. All he does is tweet and throw people under the bus who support him. He has been monumentally outplayed by the opposition on an almost inconceivable scale. He will be fortunate if he’s not in a New York jail before the end of the year the way things are going. He is not some fucking god emperor. He was a speed bump on what appears to be now the final demise of America into whatever tech oligarchy comes after the republic.

Admittedly the notion that you would change the way you blog just to sell comics seems implausible because you always struck me as a man of decent moral principles. However the idea that you actually believed all that Q nonsense despite a giant mountain of evidence to the contrary seems equally so because you are not stupid at all.

The third possibility is not one I will write.

Nevertheless I just wanted to express my disappointment at losing what was once the most interesting place on the internet and one of the people I very much looked up to when I was a young man.

I haven’t changed a bit. I honestly believe everything that I have posted, although I have noticed that binary thinkers struggle to grasp probabilistic thinking and the concepts of credible but not conclusive evidence and correct syllogisms based on unconfirmed propositions. I also don’t ban people for disagreeing with me, I ban people for lying and saying that things are “obvious bullshit” when they are actually true, or at the very least, potentially true and not definitely known to be false. 

It’s amusing that he’s saying that I’m more of a fringe figure now than I was when the blog got 10 percent of the pageviews that it currently does. What we have here is the eternal curse of the midwit, who, when he can’t keep up with his intellectual superiors, would rather conclude that they are stupid sellouts than admit that he simply isn’t capable of understanding or believing what they are telling him.

I never cease to find it amazing that people claim that Q is nonsense when it is a vastly more reliable guide to current events than the ever-mutating mainstream narrative. The possibility of President Trump’s plan failing is not, and could not possibly be, evidence that the plan does not exist. Certainly Nancy Pelosi and the media believe it exists and are afraid of it, or they would not be trying to impeach him or remove him from office despite the fact that he supposedly only has 13 days left in it.

But whether it is KR’s own limitations or something else that has broken his idolatry of me, that’s all to the good. He should think for himself, even if his ability to do so is observably limited and obviously inferior to mine. And as for the idea that I’m simply trying to sell comics, well, we haven’t released a single new comic in six months.

KR’s screed may help you understand why I never take praise or fandom very seriously. The ranks of everyone’s stalkers, trolls, haters, and committed lifelong enemies are filled with people who once described themselves as the hated figure’s “biggest fan”.

Mailvox: composited in post

A professional cinematographer examines the President’s most recent video and shares his conclusions:

I’ve been a camera and lighting man for over 10 years with experience in visual effects.   In my opinion there is a high probability that that this video is composited in post. Regarding the low resolution: If he’s getting a deep fake head transplant then the low resolution would have the benefit of smoothing out the masking around his neckline in the profile shot as well as the overly sharp and unnatural edges that outline his body and the flags in the straight-on shot. (Rotoscoping)

Low resolution would also cover up any differences in sharpness if they are compositing together two or more layers with different source resolutions. For example, a 4K Trump head onto a 1080p Trump body and podium. 

Higher resolutions allow for better motion tracking, if it is a deep fake they may have ripped the background and body from a previous speech at whatever the highest resolution was they could get. Dropped it in a 4K timeline with a rendered head and then outputted at 720 or 480 to smooth out and hide the quality disparity.  

Take a look at the background… it appears to be a still image, it’s rock solid, no digital noise at all. In my opinion there is also additional bokeh added to it. (Blur)

Lastly, there are lens abnormalities.  These are shot on longer focal length lenses, which means you will have dramatic focus falloff.  When looking at the profile shot for example, the focus falloff between GEOTUS and flags is minimal. While it is significant between the flags and the walls. However, the distance appears to be greater between GEOTUS and the flag than between the flag and walls. This is not how lenses work, at the very least the background is being altered. 

Running with the deep fake idea, it’s worth noting that this video is strikingly similar to the setup where he addressed the nation regarding voter fraud last month. By that I mean the same lighting, same angles and same lens focal lengths. That video was also the first time there was an edit which awkwardly cut to a side angle. Perhaps they deep faked this demoralization propaganda into that original video. 

What does it all mean?  I think it’s doctored

A prerecorded PR package concession speech from GEOTUS smells like total bullshit to me. Especially considering he’s been conveniently disappeared by the tech overlords since yesterday. 

If I were to speculate it seems the Deep State is trying to deflate the public. Yesterday’s happenings showed the world just how vulnerable they are when the people are determined to exact justice. They need to have our leader kneel and become diminished in our eyes before we become even more emboldened. They need our submission, it is the only way they can prevail. 

Mailvox: a report from DC

 A reader who was in DC shares his experience. I’ll write up my analysis of events later today, but based on what I’m hearing, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: while there were a few Antifa infiltrators in the crowd who were there for the sake of the media’s cameras, the Storm Troopers who cleaned out the Capital on January 6, 20201 were not Antifa. So lose the damn bow ties already and stop cucking like Senate Republicans.

I attended the event in DC today and just returned home.  I’m writing to share my observations in case they prove useful.

Got there at 545 AM to see a massive stacked line wrapping around the entire Washington monument.  That initial huge crowd blossomed into a gigantic gathering that took over the entire grounds of the monument and dwarfed the 30-40K inside the ellipse.  This was no rally.  No light-hearted festival feel.  This crowd was angry – more on that below.

A cohort of weak speakers started things off, including fairly uninspired fluff from Eric and Don Jr., a few exceptions interspersed.  The people grew increasingly restless – they wanted the plan for victory, and were there to take marching orders to achieve it.  Then Guiliani came on and explained how they watched the Georgia steal happen again last night in real time, with the exact same vote dump / Dominion vote swap after counting had “stopped.”  The kettle began to simmer. 

Finally, the usually punctual DJT stepped up 45 minutes late.  Master rhetorician that he is, he slowly turns up the heat, calls out all the weak Republicans – many by name – and alludes to the Pence betrayal which really lights up the deplorables.  Probably 15-20 minutes after he asks everyone to head to the capitol, and promises to lead us there, cell service comes back on line and everyone sees news of the Pence double cross.  It was pitchfork-and-torch time.  I don’t care if there were a few Antifa plants – that raucous team trump mob would have taken the capitol without an ounce of soyboy incitement.  If Trump had asked it, team MAGA would have taken over the entire city and burned their masks in celebration.

My summary:

  • Trump knew Pence was planning the double cross
  • He was testing the intensity of his support – would enough show, and would we take it to the Swamp creatures ourselves when called upon? To both he got a resounding yes.
  • Disrupting the electoral certification was a bonus.  Rudy thought they needed extra time to get help from the state legislatures that were reneging on their elector certifications.
  • Pence is another full-on compromised pedo Swamp creature.  All he had to do was send the dual slates back to the legislatures.  He didn’t have to count squat.

Why I am confident

/pol/ wants to know why I’m confident that Trump, and not Biden or Harris, will be the President of the United States for the next four years.

I‘ve pretty much accepted that Trump is not going to be President in 2021. Why is Vox 100{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} certain that Trump is going to cross the Rubicon? I respect Vox but I just don’t see it. What does he know /pol?

This guy gets it.

Basically, Trump’s EO shows he knew the voter fraud was coming, and he was getting ready to catch it. If you can accept he knew it was coming, and had Mil Intel at his disposal, it is very unlikely you aren’t looking at Trump’s plan.

People today have no idea how surveillance tech has advanced, because it has all been blacked out from back when you needed to get in a room to bug it if you wanted to listen. Now, they are listening to people breath in another building, without ever going near it.

With that kind of intel, and knowing what was coming, it is unlikely Trump will lose. Plus, given he was thinking about it, my bet would be he viewed it as a problem which needed a shocking, long-term solution. It was not just a speed bump he had to get over. Remember Trump has to live in the US after his Presidency. If he left the vote fraud in place, and Cabal just took over after he left, he and his family would get Kennedy’d fast as a message to others.

If you look at the whole thing, the only way all the pieces fit together is Trump was ready for this, and he will end up in office. 

Moreover, the God-Emperor Donald I is not acting like a man who believes he lost. Nor is Creepy Joe acting like a man who believes he won. And the media’s behavior, to say nothing of the behavior of the corrupt Republicans, is entirely consistent with the Trump Wins scenario. At the end of the day, you are faced with two choices. One is what President Trump has been consistently telling you. The other is what the mainstream media has been incessantly shrieking at you. And the one thing we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is that the only scenario we can be absolutely certain is false is the one that the mainstream media is pushing, because the Official Story is never true.

Now, the mere existence of a plan does not mean that it will be successful. The enemy always gets a vote and no plan, no matter how well gamed-out it is, can be reasonably expected to perfectly anticipate all of the enemy’s moves. But the elements of the plan that have been exposed to our view to date do not indicate an inept or mediocre planner whose efforts are likely to fail behind it. To the contrary, they show signs of a strategic mind that may even rival some of history’s greats. 

There are clear and unmistakable indications of a great political double-envelopment in action. It may or it may not succeed; Hannibal could have failed at Cannae if the Roman infantry had been able to break the Carthaginian center after the massive trap was sprung upon them. Or one of his subordinate commanders could have lost his nerve and failed to give the necessary orders to close the trap at the right time. But at this point, it is hard to imagine any of the primary players losing their nerve when the plan is playing out, the traps have all been laid, the enemy has dutifully entered them en masse, and the end game is in sight.

At the end of the day, it’s just pattern recognition. Because no matter how confusing or inexplicable the various pieces of the puzzle may appear to be, they are neither random nor are they unrelated. They all – well, those that are real, anyhow – they all have to fit together somehow. Here is one pattern that looks familiar in the current context.

Mailvox: Google censoring text messages

A reader writes of his recent discovery concerning Google’s apparent interference with Android text messaging.

I’m a longtime lurker and a never-poster. I came across something very interesting on Sunday, December 13th. Perhaps you’re already aware of this, but I figured I’d pass it along in case you are not. 

A friend and I were texting on Sunday. He has an android phone and I have an iPhone. I texted him a link to “,” a website I’ve been reading for election info. It took quite a bit of back-and-forth, including us each taking screenshots of our phones, but eventually we figured out that his android phone was censoring texts that included the url for the website above. I’ve since tested it with several other friends who have android devices, with the same result. iPhone-to-iPhone transmission appears to be fine. 

This was a bit of a redpill moment for us. I’m certainly a believer in the Plan, but was still pretty shocked to see such conspicuous actions being taken. I figured (stupidly) that text messages would be a bit more sacrosanct than twitter or YouTube have proven to be. 

Anyway, you are of course free to pass this along to your readers if you want. I promptly bought a protonmail account and am trying to divest myself of all google devices. This is not an easy thing for many of us. Perhaps a comprehensive list of non-converged platforms would be in order. 

They’re getting very desperate indeed. It’s a good time to move from Gmail to ProtonMail or another mail service that respects user privacy.

Mailvox: their best and brightest

As this reader’s email demonstrates, Trump’s actions will almost certainly take the Swamp by surprise no matter how clearly he signals it.

Laurence Tribe just tweeted about Trump’s EO, which he claims he just learned about, and it frightens him/

Note that Tribe is one of the left-wing legal “heavyweights” who gave the intellectual credibility and push to the impeachment coup. A long-time, “well-respected”  Harvard law professor and a Vyshinsky for his masters. He was the law professor who, when Obama was at Harvard Law, claimed Obama helped him to write the much-mocked, crackpot legal article “The Curvature of Constitutional Space” , which I can confirm is nonsense and argle-barge even by the standards of law review articles. 

Anyway, the fact that Tribe just today sounded the alarm means I think a shift in The Narrative is coming by in the next few days. Now they will screech about Trump being a banana dictator and how the military should remove him before January 6th—you know, for the sake of “democracy.”  

Here’s an alarming Trump Executive Order dated 9/12/18 that I somehow missed until now. 

It’s EO 13848

The more people are aware of it, the less likely it will be that Trump can use it to pull off a sneak attack on our liberties before leaving office.

You will observe, of course, what an advantage is conveyed by possessing that vaunted 115 IQ with an advanced degree….

A little hagiography

As you know, I’m sufficiently arrogant to find praise from others mildly distasteful, which is why I post very positive mailvoxes. However, this hagiographic effort was both sincere enough and serious enough about the reader’s lessons learned here to justify a link.

How many times in your life do you get to interact with someone who’s truly infamous?

And we’re not talking about a little notoriety here. We’re talking about so unspeakably abominable that his enemies tremble at the sound of his name.

I’m not even kidding.

The adversaries for the man we’ll be talking about today often refuse to print his name. It’s as if they fear it might conjure him up like some monstrosity from the deepest bowels of the internet.

Behold, a colossal miscreation from the void, some sci-fi horror experiment gone completely wrong, the most hideous behemoth of the digital deep! And it demands to feast on the flesh of its enemies!

It’s a good start, right? And now we have official confirmation from no less than Google itself that I am dangerous as well as notorious. Anyhow, to the lessons:

After a decade of curiously watching Mr. Day chisel at the marble, I’ve learned a thing or two. Best of all and as always, what I’ve learned, in business, leadership, and life, has been tested out in the field, in real life.

Building a Business

The experts make a lot of mistakes to capitalize on

The Patreon fiasco mentioned above is a huge mistake. And a huge opportunity for those willing to take advantage of it. And as we saw this week, corporations are serving up an endless buffet of entrepreneurial opportunities at the moment. But whether it’s your mortal enemies or your business competition, you’ve got viable possibilities for hitting back or building an alternative.

There’s strategy, and then there’s logistics

If I had a dime for every strategy meeting I’ve been asked to attend, I’d be an international bank. What became of most of those strategic plans? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The corporations and consulting firms love cooking up useless strategy plans. But Vox Day taught me that deploying your plans, taking stock of the real means you’ll do it, is just as critical as your scheming. It’s the only way to rise above mere bullshitting.

Marketing, including SEO, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Once upon a time, slick, well-financed, and professional won the race. But those days are gone. What’s most interesting about Mr. Day’s website is that he admittedly knows nothing about SEO. Or advanced website metrics. In fact, he seems unaware of large swaths of the marketing industry. But with his kind of site traffic, you can see that the marketing industry is clearly jerking itself off.

Business is war by other means

Although I suspect Vox Day may disagree, business organizations are just as much political organizations as anything else. Corporate espionage, protection racketeering, dark intelligence services. What separates governments from private enterprise is more paper-thin than you might imagine.

And if you’re going into business today, you may want to study up on military history as much as business models. His career shows that it’s not always business as usual. And in this way, you can have a better real-world understanding of power and might.

It’s particularly interesting that he picked up the link between business, politics, and war before I read, much less posted, anything about Unrestricted Warfare. The part about strategy and logistics is even reminiscent of what the Chinese authors of the book believe to be one of the essential principles of that 5GW.

When setting objectives, give full consideration to the feasibility of accomplishing them. Do not pursue objectives which are unrestricted in time and space…. Every objective which is achievable is limited. No matter what the reason, setting objectives which exceed allowable limits of the measures available will only lead to disastrous consequences.

Il professore doubles down

 There is no jackass like an academic jackass. Assuming, of course, that his “degree” isn’t self-awarded.

I am Italian and I have several degrees, one of which is in Italian language. I am still translating and speaking in 5 languages and I know Latin to the core. IF YOU HAD ANY IDEA OF WHAT LATIN AND ITALIAN ARE, YOU WOULD REALISE HOW IDIOTIC AND CONCEITED YOU ARE. APOLOGISE AND LEARN!!! IN IGALIAN IS “LA VOCE DEL POPOLO” AND KIN LATIN” VOX POPULI”.

Yes, this is the moron from the previous post. He has several degrees of stupidity, anyhow.