Darkstream: Jordan Peterson is a globalist shill

A partial transcript of the Darkstream:

A lot of people have said, “well you know he’s doing so much good, you know, he’s helping these these poor young men who are assailed by feminism, under pressure from SJWs, and they don’t know what to do, they’re raised by single mothers, they don’t have masculine role models, and what he’s doing is really great for them.” The problem is that is nonsense! That’s absolute nonsense! What he is trying to do is he is trying to neuter them!

Jordan Peterson is not raising young men to defend the West, he is not raising young men to become heroes. He is teaching them that they are the measure of Man, they are the measure of Good and Evil, they set the standards, they do whatever they want. How is that any better than what the SJWs are telling them? The indoctrination that Jordan Peterson is providing through this philosophy of Jordanetics is poisonous. It’s like raising a kid on junk food. You can’t be surprised if all you feed a kid is junk food; he lives but he grows up to be fat and soft and weak.

People keep saying, “oh well, I like this about him and I like that about him.” So what? That’s totally irrelevant! The thing is, we now know that he is not only an intellectual fraud, he’s not only an intellectual charlatan, but he’s also a complete fraud when it comes to his own career. People are saying “oh but he’s so popular, and so many people like his videos and it’s just this organic  phenomenon.” That’s a total load of crap! Jordan Peterson is no more a self-made man than Ben Shapiro is.

Jordan Peterson was recruited to help write the UN’s Report on Sustainable Development, A New Global Partnership. He was brought in to polish the narrative for a report that put John Podesta on its panel of eminent persons, and this was back in 2012, this was long before Peterson got famous, and so if you look at the timeline you can see that this is somebody who was raised up in order to fulfill a mission. And what that mission was is to attempt to defuse the growing trend towards nationalism.

How do you do?

Fellow Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web. Today’s Meme of the Day from the Daily Meme Wars.

Reason interviews I.D.W. member Harvey Weinstein:

Weinstein: So, first, let me just say, “Intellectual Dark Web” is a term coined by my older brother, Eric Weinstein, and it’s a term that makes some people uncomfortable, including me a little bit, because the Dark Web itself is obviously a place where lots of stuff happens, some of which is perfectly horrifying….

 What Eric was saying in coining the term Intellectual Dark Web is really that this is an intellectually unpoliced space, that it is a space outside of what he calls the “gated institutional narrative,” which are the stories that we are supposed to believe. It is a very interesting conversation precisely because nobody involved in it believes in those rules. In fact, I think everybody associated with the Intellectual Dark Web is sort of constitutionally resistant to being told what questions they’re allowed to think about or what answers they might be allowed to advance. So, in any case, the idea of the Intellectual Dark Web is a space that is intellectually free, at a moment in which the mainstream intellectual space is increasingly constrained by things like what we were talking about before.

In terms of the association, there is a very clear focus amongst all of the folks who are associated with the Intellectual Dark Web about the free speech crisis or whatever the proper term for that would be if we were to re-figure it, right? There’s a reason for that, which is that we’re all people who would tend to be shut down by the mainstream that wish to maintain control over the narratives that are central to the way we govern ourselves and the way we interact. So it’s not surprising that, A) people in the Intellectual Dark Web would be prone to being de-platformed, and B) that we would be particularly sensitive to the danger of ruling certain opinions beyond the pale.

 As for the political complexion of it, it isn’t at all what people think, and this has been something that Heather and I have discovered in a very odd way. What happened to us at Evergreen felt and was almost literally like being kicked out of the political left. We had spent our entire lives [there], right? The left told us “You’re not welcome anymore.” In fact, you’re not even left—you’re right, or, you know, if it’s really pissed at you, you’re alt-right, or you’re a darling of the alt-right. These are the things that were said.

None of this was true, right? I’m still as far left as I was before. I’m skeptical that the left knows what to do, I’m very skeptical of what the left advances in terms of policy proposals, but in terms of my values, they haven’t changed at all. The interesting thing, though, is having been effectively evicted from the left, we ran into all sorts of other people who we thought might be a bit right of center, who it turned out were actually also left of center and had also been similarly evicted and then misportrayed. So there is a way in which everybody should think twice about why you expect the people are on the political spectrum where you think they are, because maybe they aren’t. In each case, you ought to just check whether or not you think that for a good reason or you just think that because you’ve heard that somebody’s over there.

The Intellectual Dark Web involves me, it involves Heather, it involves Eric. We’re all left of center. It involves Jordan Peterson—he’s a little bit right of center, but if you actually listen to him, there are certain topics on which he sounds downright conservative, and then there are other topics where he really doesn’t. He’s a little bit hard to peg.

Correction: Apparently that was left-wing Dark Web thought criminal Bret Weinstein, not left-wing Hollywood sex criminal Harvey Weinstein.

Daily Meme Wars

I’ve been a bit sporadic about the meme wars lately, since not being on Twitter has tended to make me forget about social media entirely, but now that the holidays are over I’m getting back to the meme factory and will be sending memes like these out again on a daily basis.

Put them on Twitter, put them on Facebook, just put them out there, period. It’s a great way of effectively countering the constant propaganda pressure on ordinary news consumers. To get your daily meme wars in your morning email, sign up here. Because it’s easy to ignore an argument, especially if you’re a rhetoric-speaker, it’s much harder to ignore images such as the one below popping up in your timeline. Especially if you don’t know what it means.

Alt★Hero: Vendetta

I used to work at a Conservatism Inc. institution with a $60 million/year budget, the ~$170k @Voxday Alt★Hero project will be more impactful than the past ten years of the aforementioned institution’s activities combined.
– Nick at Instapundit

The image above is fan art contributed by a freelance pro who is supporting the project. If you’d like to see more of the real story, we’ve added another draft page at the Alt★Hero campaign, which has reached its penultimate day. And for those who may happen to be under the mistaken impression that I am laying it on a bit too heavily, please note that the threats being uttered by Captain Europa there are a direct quote of the Metropolitan Police in London via their twitter account.

The big news promised earlier is this: Chuck Dixon has agreed to write an Alt★Hero novel! Entitled Vendetta, the novel will be set in the city of Avalon and published by Castalia House in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. We’ve added two rewards so you can buy it today in either ebook or paperback format (as part of the trilogy of novels that have been announced) by backing the campaign. Vendetta is a new character he has created who appears in Avalon volume I and will be the protagonist of his first novel.

Also, due to more than a dozen requests for them, we have added two conditional Rewards. Chuck Dixon and Castalia House will commit to producing volumes IV, V, and VI of the Alt★Hero series Avalon if the campaign reaches the $185k mark, and we will provide the digital editions of those three volumes to all the appropriate backer levels. $23k in two days is a little ambitious, but the general consensus seems to be that it is reachable if people have the option of backing the 4th omnibus print editions.

Novel Ebook #3
This is to receive a copy of Alt★Hero novel #3, Vendetta, by Chuck Dixon, in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats.

Paperback Trilogy
This is to receive three paperbacks consisting of Alt★Hero novels #1 and 2 by Jon Del Arroz and Vox Day and Alt★Hero novel #3, Vendetta, by Chuck Dixon. The paperbacks will be 5.5 x 8.5 and 200+ pages each. Worldwide shipping is included.

Add-On: Paperback #4
This is to receive the paperback omnibus that includes volumes IV, V, and VI of the Alt★Hero series Avalon, written by Chuck Dixon. You will also receive the digital editions of the first nine volumes if you are not already receiving them. Worldwide shipping is included. NOTE: This Reward is conditional. If the campaign does not reach $185,000, this Reward will not be delivered and backers will not be charged for it.

Add-On: Hardcover #4
This is to receive the hardcover omnibus that includes volumes IV, V, and VI of the Alt★Hero series Avalon, written by Chuck Dixon. You will also receive the digital editions of the first nine volumes if you are not already receiving them. This will be a collector’s item with a cover that will only be made available to backers; it will not be the cover that goes into distribution. Worldwide shipping is included. NOTE: This Reward is conditional. If the campaign does not reach $185,000, this Reward will not be delivered and backers will not be charged for it.

By the way, one important aspect of supporting the #4 options is that this will create the material for SIX additional small comics, bringing the total we’ll be releasing to 24. That’s the equivalent of a full year of two comics series, which should help us considerably in kicking down the door of the retail channel.

UPDATE: Only $19k $14k 7k to go with 24 hours left.

Meme of the Week

As it turns out, the weekly vote has reliably lined up with the more objective measure of Twitter impressions. DACA Families was the weekly winner, with 32,631 impressions. The least popular was Hotel Catalonia, with only 11,316.

To become a #DailyMemeWarrior and receive the Meme of the Day in your email every weekday morning, sign up here. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Meme of the Day is going to exceed 50k impressions, quite possibly 100k. This is not it. But it’s good to know the NFL is embracing the fullness of free speech at its games.

And keep this in mind when you consider their mutual responses to President Trump.

SportsCenter‏ @SportsCenter
Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith spent part of Saturday discussing how to best handle President Trump’s statements.

Apparently they should have spent more of it. And then kept their mouths shut.

UPDATE: This is an interesting rumor floating around the chans from a purported NFL employee.

Some NFL teams have been looking into firing players who are pulling this protest shit. But their lawyers have all told them, while they can do it, the fired players could then take them to court and win. The 49ers were among these teams, who have consulted their lawyers; hence why CK never got fired. Their lawyers told them it was cheaper to just let him do his bullshit.

Goodell knows he has fucked up big time, but can’t do anything except tacitly let the teams blacklist players who pull this shit. Goodell and most of the coaches know that the players throwing these tantrums have them by the balls.

I think they’re about to find out that not firing them will prove to be considerably more expensive.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin discusses the NFL situation.

We’re seeing drops in attendance.  We’re seeing drops everywhere, in advertising as well and that’s because there’s no business enterprise that is ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base…

Based on recent events, it would appear far fewer people understand this basic fact of business than you might imagine.