Meme of the Week

As it turns out, the weekly vote has reliably lined up with the more objective measure of Twitter impressions. DACA Families was the weekly winner, with 32,631 impressions. The least popular was Hotel Catalonia, with only 11,316.

To become a #DailyMemeWarrior and receive the Meme of the Day in your email every weekday morning, sign up here. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Meme of the Day is going to exceed 50k impressions, quite possibly 100k. This is not it. But it’s good to know the NFL is embracing the fullness of free speech at its games.

And keep this in mind when you consider their mutual responses to President Trump.

SportsCenter‏ @SportsCenter
Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith spent part of Saturday discussing how to best handle President Trump’s statements.

Apparently they should have spent more of it. And then kept their mouths shut.

UPDATE: This is an interesting rumor floating around the chans from a purported NFL employee.

Some NFL teams have been looking into firing players who are pulling this protest shit. But their lawyers have all told them, while they can do it, the fired players could then take them to court and win. The 49ers were among these teams, who have consulted their lawyers; hence why CK never got fired. Their lawyers told them it was cheaper to just let him do his bullshit.

Goodell knows he has fucked up big time, but can’t do anything except tacitly let the teams blacklist players who pull this shit. Goodell and most of the coaches know that the players throwing these tantrums have them by the balls.

I think they’re about to find out that not firing them will prove to be considerably more expensive.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin discusses the NFL situation.

We’re seeing drops in attendance.  We’re seeing drops everywhere, in advertising as well and that’s because there’s no business enterprise that is ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base…

Based on recent events, it would appear far fewer people understand this basic fact of business than you might imagine.

Mexico needs help

Today’s #DailyMemeWars Meme of the Day concerning the tragedy in Mexico has proved excessively spicy for cuckservatives. Needless to say, I was deeply concerned and hastened to address the obvious problem.

Concerned Gentleman: There are 200+ dead. This is in bad taste. ((thumb dn))

Supreme Dark Lord: Your bow tie is crooked. You might want to straighten that out, cucky.

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What say you, supporters

I like to think that I know my own supporters’ minds better than the average individual, but I could be wrong. What say you?

Vikfield‏ @vikfield
This was a really bad idea. You are dividing the right by forcing this meme. Please re-think this.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
You can’t divide the Right by pointing out who is not, and has never been, of the Right. We tried this with the neocons, remember?

Vikfield‏ @vikfield  55m55 minutes ago
Btw, check out the RT and Like stats on this Meme vs your other #DailyMemeWars What you are doing is not popular with your own people

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
It wasn’t popular when I predicted the 2008 financial crisis either. I don’t give a quantum rat’s ass about popularity. I never have.

Vikfield‏ @vikfield
I’m not talking about popularity with the masses but within your own supporters. What you are doing is illogical and we can see that.

Vikfield is a genuine supporter of two years duration. So, I’m willing to hear him out and at least entertain the possibility that his assertion is correct. Here is the meme and the statistics compared to other recent #DailyMemeWars tweets. The tweet in question is italicized.

Aug 25:  9,747 Impressions, 152 Likes, 136 Retweets
Aug 24: 26,215 Impressions, 200 Likes, 143 Retweets
Aug 23: 21,539 Impressions, 271 Likes, 200 Retweets
Aug 22: 37,030 Impressions, 428 Likes, 305 Retweets

I have to admit, it’s not a spectacularly successful meme – far too wordy and rather esoteric – but I think it would be stretching it somewhat to claim that it is “not popular” with my own people. I am not going to back down on anything I’ve said, but I’m quite willing to hear your opinions concerning my take on the Fake Right.

Speaking of which, you’d think they’d learn. But they never do.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
I don’t do rallies. Or events. Or conventions. I reject all speaking invitations and I have for 16 years.

Jason Kessler‏ @TheMadDimension
Is that because of your stutter?

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
No, it’s because of your face. Your soft, pasty-white, terrified face with tears running down it as a girl tackled you.

Winning the rhetorical battle

This successful memetic campaign is an object lesson to every dialectic speaker tempted to show off how smart and righteous he is by sperging about someone else’s rhetorical sally.

Far-right activists are using fake Twitter accounts and images of battered women to smear anti-fascist groups in the US, an online investigation has revealed. The online campaign is using fake Antifa (an umbrella term for anti-fascist protestors) Twitter accounts to claim anti-fascists promote physically abusing women who support US President Donald Trump or white supremacy.

Researcher Eliot Higgins of website Bellingcat found evidence that the campaign is being orchestrated on internet messageboard 4Chan by far-right sympathisers.

One image shows the slogan “53% of white women voted for Trump, 53% of white women should look like this”, above a photograph of a woman with a bruised and cut face and an anti-fascist symbol. The woman pictured is actually British actress Anna Friel and the photograph was taken for a Women’s Aid anti-domestic violence campaign in 2007.

The images first started circulating on social media late on 23 August with hashtags #PunchNazis, #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain and #BashTheFash. Accounts appearing to belong to anti-fascist groups tweeted the memes, calling on activists to physically attack women who voted for Trump.

I retweeted one of the memes, which met with the following responses. First, from Antifa sympathizers crying foul, which is a sure sign of a meme’s effectiveness.

Antifa LI‏ @RefuseFascismNY
its also fake. Notice how these battered women memes are ONLY showing up on alt-righty accounts? No attribution. Just a fake logo.

Far Right Watch‏ @Far_Right_Watch
Various US based Far Right Groups are creating both fake #AntiFa accounts and memes as their latest weapon. Few are fooled.

Taz Wake‏ @tazwake
If you have to fake an account to make your point, your point is probably wrong.

Patrick‏ @TrickFreee
Here’s another Daily Stormer troll waging information warfare on the United States. Literal information warfare, no one doing anything.

Second, from dialectic-speaking spergs, who, despite more than 2,400 years of evidence to the contrary, continue to cling to the belief that “credibility” is the key to successful persuasion. Which, of course, is a little ironic, considering that the appeal to authority is a well-known logical fallacy. And it demonstrates, again, why dialectic-inclined spergs really need to learn to SHUT. THE. HELL. UP. when they happen to encounter rhetoric in the wild. You do not criticize a football coach’s play-calling by appealing to the rules of baseball. It is a category error.

Spritz‏ @Halfamish
This is fake, from 4chan. They already do enough shit that we don’t have to spread lies. That only weakens our credibility.

goth vampire daddy‏ @admirableism
you’d think having to straight up lie about the opposition would make one realize their cause is shit. and yet here we are

And third, from rhetoric speakers who grasp the brilliance of the 4chan campaign and the way that it simultaneously undermines Antifa’s rhetoric as well as reframes them in a manner that most third parties will find incredibly distasteful.

Malt‏ @maltsphere
Confirmation for top tier memeing is when BBC write an article “exposing” it as a 4chan troll. Ignoring that this is what punch a nazi means

Jay 5.1@notjayfivekille
Replying to @voxday
This is a brilliant satire of Antifa and the savagery of alt-left politics.

Remember, the most effective rhetoric communicates truth without necessarily being literally truthful in the details. It persuades through emotion, not reason, which is why it cannot be analyzed in the same way as a logical syllogism. Today’s #DailyMemeWars meme took the 4chan meme and went one level deeper, using nothing more than actual quotes from Antifa and Antifa-sympathetic media, for maximum memetic effect.

As always, we see that the Left is far better on the offensive than they are on defense. Which is why it is preferable for us to always seize the initiative and simply ignore their rhetorical attacks. The irony of people who constantly lie about their opponents complaining that they are not being portrayed accurately is significant, and is why their protests, even backed as they are by all the biggest media organs, are useless in the face of the rhetorical meme magic. And if you want to force-multiply these increasingly effective efforts, sign up for the Daily Meme Wars here.

Meme of the Week

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  1. 30.4% American Taliban
  2. 25.3% Nationalist vs. Globalist
  3. 18.1% Stupidity not Strategy
  4. 16.7% 1932 Berlin
  5. 09.5% Antifa America
Speaking of memes, what did the US Navy think was going to happen when they named a ship after a bumbling rat-weasel?

Meme of the Week

It was close, but Liberals and the Military just managed to edge Moderate Arrow.

  1. 29.3% Liberals and the Military
  2. 28.8% Moderate Arrow
  3. 15.8% Star Trek: Disaster
  4. 14.1% Third Colossus
  5. 12.0% Alt Lite and Alt Right

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Meme of the Week

The Meme Warriors have spoken. An solid win for Deus Vult with nearly 700 votes cast. Interestingly enough, however, it was this week’s two least popular memes that racked up the most impressions on Twitter.

  1. 32.0% Deus Vult
  2. 22.8% Save the Planet
  3. 20.8% Weasel John McCuck
  4. 19.3% Dogs are Racist
  5. 05.1% AIPAC vs America
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Meme of the Week

The Meme Warriors have spoken. An easy win for Zimbabwe 2014-16. I was a little surprised by that, as the Feminism is Cancer meme had the most impressions.

  1. 34.5% Zimbabwe 2014-16
  2. 21.2% Feminism Cancer
  3. 20.0% Conservatives and the Ladies Room
  4. 15.7% Doctor What?
  5. 08.6% Godfrey Jedi
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His skin was wrong

His skin was wrong
But his heart was strong
He fought for social justice.

And now he’s gone
His account withdrawn
Saint Godfrey, pray for us!

And yes, although our hearts are heavy, we’re still fighting the Daily Meme Wars with courage and resolve. Join our crusade. Saint Godfrey would have wanted it that way. And he is with us, always.

UPDATE: Amazingly, Saint Godfrey is already performing miracles.

theanniechrist‏ @theanniechrist
I walked on the beach with Godfrey. When I looked behind us, there was only 1 set of footprints ?