The corruption of the courts

One of the contributors to Mike Lindell’s symposium describes behavior that some of the recent arbitrants would recognize:

Joe Oltmann, the Tech executive who described hearing Dominion executive Eric Coomer say he had made sure Trump would never win in November, and who said publicly Coomer had extensive ties to Antifa, was at Lindell’s Tech symposium, and briefly told his story. He began by saying people should have no doubt, there is a massive hidden organization in this country that has taken everything over, and it works, in his words, “exactly like the Mafia.” He said when Coomer sued him, the Colorado Court system mysteriously dropped the case in Denver, the bluest district in the state, despite the fact nobody involved lives in Denver, and Denver has nothing to do with the case.

He said the original Judge noted the anti-SLAPP laws of the state would not allow Coomer’s lawyers to depose Altmann or conduct discovery before the initial hearing on the case, so they could not go fishing for details and force Oltmann to have to hire an expensive attorney before he had a chance to get the lawsuit dismissed. That judge quickly got replaced with a new Judge who had marched at Antifa rallies and contributed profusely to Democrats, and that judge, out of the blue in contravening the prior judge and the current case law, before the trial even started, sent notice to counsels out of the blue that she was open to ignoring the anti-SLAPP caselaw and allowing Coomer’s attorneys to go fishing with a deposition of Oltmann before the initial hearing. Oltmann’s attorney, in talking with the judge on a phone conference, argued Oltman should not have to reveal the name of the Antifa member who let him sit in on the phone call with Coomer, because that Antifa member would be killed, to which the judge replied, “I guess we are going to see.”

Everything you have believed about this country – about freedom, about the rule of law, about the Constitution and what it guaranteed you, about what opportunities you had to succeed and what fields you were allowed to operate freely in, even the privacy you were guaranteed in your own home – everything was a lie. They told you this lie, because if they did not, they would face the most heavily armed, and violence-capable population on earth in violent conflict, and you might just take those freedoms and rights by force. And now the lie is collapsing.

An arbitrator used exactly that excuse to deny one arbitrant the right to know who, personally, was responsible for deplatforming him, falsely claiming that to identify the employee responsible would put his life at risk. The level of corruption of some judges and arbitrators, and the extent to which a few of the latter directly ignore the laws that specifically address and control their powers even when explicitely reminded of them, would astonish you.

They will literally declare that black is white, that three months are seven days, and that “no power” means “implicit power to do whatever I want”. Spend five minutes reading some of these corrupt morons’ decisions will suffice to turn the average literate individual with an IQ over 100 into an advocate of violent revolution.

New York Governor resigns

The national Democrats have successfully ejected Andrew Cuomo from the New York governorship:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned, bringing an end to a 40-year political career that made him a pandemic hero but is now in ruin thanks to a damning report by Attorney General Letitia James which labeled him a serial sexual harasser. 

The narrative is still inconclusive as to why, though. It’s not as if they drove Bill Clinton from office and his behavior was at least an order of magnitude worse.

They’re whacking Fredo

The question is, what did Cuomo actually do that made Democrats decide he has to go. I mean, we know it wasn’t actually the sexual harassment of which he is quite credibly accused:

Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer All Call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign

That should go over well

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors response to a subpoena from the Arizona Senate. Translation: we all know we’re legally screwed once the extent of our fraud is revealed, so we’re stonewalling as long as we can.

Why people don’t believe in “science”

An explanation of why the public doesn’t trust science anymore underlines the importance of distinguishing between scientody and scientistry:

From climate to Covid, politics and hubris have disconnected scientific institutions from the philosophy and method that ought to guide them.

The Covid pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the disconnect between science as a philosophy and science as an institution.

If you think biological complexity can come about through unplanned emergence and not need an intelligent designer, then why would you think human society needs an ‘intelligent government”?

Science as an institution has a naive belief that if only scientists were in charge, they would run the world well.

Perhaps that’s what politicians mean when they declare that they “believe in science”.

As we’ve seen during the pandemic, science can be a source of power, but conformity is the enemy of scientific progress, which depends on disagreement and challenge.

There’s a tension between scientists wanting to present a unified and authoritative voice, on the one hand, and science-as-philosophy, which is obligated to remain open-minded and be prepared to change its mind.

The pandemic has, for the first time, seriously politicized epidemiology.

It’s partly the fault of outside commentators who hustle scientists in political directions, but it’s also the fault of epidemiologists themselves deliberately publishing things that fit with their political prejudices or ignoring things that don’t.

Scientists, by and large, are relatively stupid. Even worse, they’re accustomed to being more or less unaccountable. They’re high-level midwits, for the most part, which is why so many epidemiologists failed to note the obvious: if you make an incorrect prediction that costs people a considerable amount of time, money, or freedom, you will not get a second chance to tell them what to do.

For example, no one in the UK cared about SAGE’s third wave doomsday predictions or paid any attention to its demands for a lockdown because its predictions for the first two waves were off by a factor of more than 10.

Furthermore, everyone with an IQ over 115 understands that science is corrupt now, so they correctly view any “study” or recommendation with extreme skepticism.

AL governor effectively resigns

I think we can be confident that Alabama Gov. Kate Ivey will be defeated in the Republican primary next year:

The governor of Alabama stated Thursday that it is “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for rising cases of COVID in the state, adding that “These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain.”

Governor Kay Ivey made the comments during a press briefing, declaring “Let’s be crystal clear about this issue. The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks.”

“Almost 100{cc08d85cfa54367952ab9c6bd910a003a6c2c0c101231e44cdffb103f39b73a6} of the new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks. And the deaths are certainly occurring with the unvaccinated folks,” Ivey added.

She continued, “We got to get folks to take the shot. The vaccine is the greatest weapon we have to fight COVID. There is no question about that the data proves it. I’ve taken the shot back in December, both shots. It’s just the thing to do. The unvaccinated is who we need to focus on.”

“Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Ivey further proclaimed.

This is anti-scientific retardery piled upon retardery. It’s already confirmed everywhere from England to Singapore that it is predominantly the vaccinated who are contracting Covid. Either this woman is literally retarded or she’s taken the ticket.

The vaccine isn’t a weapon against Covid at all. It doesn’t immunise against it. It doesn’t reduce the symptoms. The whole reason for this full-court press from the governments and the media and the sports leagues is because the vaccines don’t work, they aren’t safe, and they aren’t effective. And everyone with even a modicum of common sense and an IQ over 115 knows it.

REMINDER: heard from another medical professional. Covid cases are on the rise in their area, but ALL of the infected are vaccinated. Not some, not most, all of them.

REMINDER: Reuters reports that three-quarters of the Covid cases in Singapore are vaccinated people.

REMINDER: 84 percent of the new cases of COVID in Israel are vaccinated individuals.

The poison dwarf comes out

I think everyone who paid any attention at all to British politics knew John Bercow was always Labour at heart:

Mr Bercow – who was a Tory before becoming Commons chair in 2009 – caused fury on the Conservative benches for what they saw as bias in the handling of Brexit wrangling. He finally quit the supposedly impartial post in November 2019, but has now announced that he is a Labour member….

A senior Government source said: ‘This will surprise nobody and shows Labour is still the party of Remain.’ 

The move to Labour completes an extraordinary political journey for Mr Bercow, originally elected as a Tory MP, from self-confessed ‘hard-Right’ politics in his youth to Labour member. It also marks a sharp break with the tradition that Commons Speakers, who give up party political affiliations on taking that post, stay impartial by retiring to the Lords as crossbench peers. 

Mr Bercow told the Trevor Phillips programme on Sky News: ‘It’s not personal against Boris Johnson. I do think that he is someone who has only a nodding acquaintance with the truth in a leap year, and I think that the utter contempt with which he has treated Parliament is lamentable, and I think it has exacerbated the very strong feelings of resentment towards him, because I think a lot of people feel that’s not the way to behave…. ‘Now I’m a private citizen, as Robert Buckland says, I’m entitled to take a political view. And my view is a left of centre view. I identify with Labour values, Labour principles, Labour policies.’

It will surprise precisely no one to learn that John Berkowitz is about as British as Benjamin Netanyahu and Bill Kristol. Remember, identity reliably trumps ideology, and this guy was working as a professional infiltrator from the age of 18. Note his first assignment:  “As a young activist, Bercow was a member of the right-wing Conservative Monday Club. He stood as a candidate for the club’s national executive in 1981 with a manifesto calling for a programme of “assisted repatriation” of immigrants, and became secretary of its immigration and repatriation committee. However, at the age of 20 he left the club, citing the views of many of the club’s members as his reason.”

It is astonishing, is it not, to observe how many young would-be leaders of the right are actually left-wing foreigners in disguise.

A bold statement

“We’re gonna take back the Senate, take back the House, we’re gonna take back the White House – and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special.” 

– Donald Trump, June 5, 2021

Fake democracy in decline

The Swiss and the Norwegians were the first to reject the grasping claws of the European Union. Now, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Swiss have confirmed that the European superstate is in decline:

Switzerland shocked Brussels by walking away from a closer relationship and into an uncertain future, but MP Thomas Aeschi says the Swiss will not be a cash cow eternally milked to keep the EU alive, preferring Swissexit instead.

Switzerland today is celebrating its breakaway status from the European Union, having finally tired of the bullying and rhetoric from Brussels and walked away from a proposed framework arrangement after seven years of negotiations, preferring to go it alone in Swissexit. 

Never a full member of the EU, that decision leaves its relationship with Brussels facing an uncertain future. The two are bound together by a collection of 120 bilateral agreements that, one-by-one, will lapse over time. However, choosing to walk away from deadlocked negotiations was, it seems, not so hard after all. 

With clear echoes of Britain’s divorce from the bloc, an imperious Brussels once again massively overplayed its hand and the Swiss eventually tired of the bullying, the rhetoric and the threats. They laid their cards on the table, stood up and walked away. That’s seven years of talks that amounted to nothing. Nichts. Rien. Niente. 

Aeschi said that following the abandonment of discussions, “People will see the EU’s real face. They will understand that the European Union may not be as democratic as it says it is and that it is not truly interested in what the people want.” 

The European Union uses the word “democracy” in much the same way that Stalin’s Soviet Union or Biden’s ersatz USA does, which is not even remotely synonymous with the customary usage as defined in the dictionary. What it really means to them is “in submission to the Promethean world order” and refers to something that the Arabs might describe as the Dar al’ Tanwir.

Keep that in mind every time you hear Israel being described as “the only democracy in the Middle East”.