Here we go again

D-Live appears to be interested in being the next to attract the baleful gaze of the Legal Legion of Evil



Your DLive channel has been restricted for violating our community guidelines. You will be unable to stream until this ban is lifted which will occur at 2021-02-10 04:51:28 UTC.

(checks TOU database)

  1. DLive
  2. arbitration
  3. AAA
  4. California law 

Looks like someone is about to get an education in California law. The LLOE really should charge for this. But this is all the more reason to a) support UATV and b) get on SG.

Deleting Mailchimp


Your account has been closed.

Thank you for having been a Mailchimp customer since Nov 14, 2015. This confirms your request to close your account for Castalia House. Your account will be moved into Mailchimp’s routine data deletion cycle.

We’d love the opportunity to earn back your business. If you’d like to try us again, our support department is always happy to get you started.

This was not a deplatforming. We canceled our two paid plans there because it’s important not to support converged corporations that deplatform people in order to enforce their ideology. We’ve already found another way to stay in touch with Castalia readers via email.

And speaking of not using converged companies, I’m very pleased to be able to announce that Castalia and Arkhaven are now able to do direct crowdfunding campaigns on our own sites. We don’t plan to do anything on this front until the March-April timeframe when we finish delivering on most of the original AH campaign, but it is great to no longer be dependent upon using sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

An unfortunate glitch

Alas, poor SJW. It appears our Googler’s ill-considered efforts have already been overturned by his superiors. And yet, the evidence of his defamatory actions remains in our possession. Whatever shall we do? A question to ponder indeed, as we await the unrelated outcome of Google’s obvious labors in its infrastructure that have been affecting everything from YouTube to Gmail accounts.

In the meantime, Crypto.Fashion has commemorated that great day upon which Google publicly announced that this blog is, in fact, officially dangerous. I so need one of these for the Darkstream. As for those aforementioned efforts, it must be admitted that they did succeed in reducing yesterday’s pageviews to a paltry 295,112, which is a mere 168 percent increase from this year’s daily average of 110,305.

UPDATE: Apparently those warnings about malware and information-gathering apps was all just an accident or something, as this Google systems review – which usually takes several weeks – successfully concluded in record time. Google actually resolved this faster than Amazon did! Thanks very much to everyone who helped chronicle the full extent of this inexplicable and unfortunate software glitch.

Review successful for

To: Webmaster of,

Google has received and processed your security review request. Google systems indicate that no longer contains links to harmful sites or downloads. The warnings visible to users are being removed from your site. This may take a few hours to happen.

How very good of them to resolve the matter so speedily! I’m sure your appreciation, like mine, knows no bounds.

How the SBC was converged

 As usual, listening to the self-appointed experts who inevitably recommend that more resources and influence be directed their way has led to convergence, declining members, declining revenues, and organizational failure for the Southern Baptist Convention:

Most of my writing on Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) issues has focused on our diminished effectiveness in advancing the Great Commission and what we must do to become more evangelistically effective. That is what I care about most, reaching every person with the good news of Jesus Christ. Some of you have learned something of my thinking through a series of articles I wrote in February and March about “saving the SBC ship,” and giving the ship back to those who built it.

My essential contention is that the SBC took the wrong road when it adopted the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) recommendations in 2010 and the annual reports of the SBC prove it. The last 10 years are the worst decade in the 175-year history of the SBC in terms of decline. The GCR put the SBC on a road in which the national entities gained power and financial resources, and local Associations and State Conventions lost influence and resources. The practical effect was that the SBC became more “top-down” as tens of millions of dollars were shifted to the national SBC from more local cooperative partners. Although I serve the Northwest Baptist Convention (NWBC) of churches, and stewardship of the NWBC is my primary concern, most of our churches are affiliated with the SBC and the road taken by the SBC in 2010 greatly affects our work in the Northwest. My most recent article on this, illustrated with charts, can be read at The Crisis of the Decline in the SBC.

It’s the same damned – literally damned- thing every single time. FFS, when are Christians going to learn that being tolerant and nice and inclusive is quite literally the broad and easy way to Hell? If the world is celebrating you, your books are on all the bestseller lists, and the media is saying nice things about you, then you are doing Christianity wrong!

The world hates Jesus Christ. If it doesn’t hate you, then you’re probably not much of a Christian. The ERLC people are liars. And they serve their Father, the Devil.

Recently the ERLC was caught claiming that the SBC is a “hierarchy” and “umbrella” organization of all Southern Baptist churches and organizations in an amicus brief filed in support of NAMB.

Give them enough time and they’ll be filing amicus briefs in favor of NAMBLA. 

Perhaps I should offer them Jordanetics

Penguin Random House employees are not happy about publishing Jordan Peterson’s latest offense against coherence, the Christian faith, and the English language:

Several Penguin Random House Canada employees confronted management about the company’s decision to publish a new book by controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson at an emotional town hall Monday, and dozens more have filed anonymous complaints, according to four workers who spoke to VICE World News. 

On Monday, Penguin Random House Canada, Canada’s largest book publisher and a subsidiary of Penguin Random House, announced it will be publishing Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life by Peterson, to be released in March 2021. The book will be published by Portfolio in the U.S. and Penguin Press in the U.K., both part of the Penguin Random House empire. 

Four Penguin Random House Canada employees, who did not want to be named due to concerns over their employment, said the company held a town hall about the book Monday, during which executives defended the decision to publish Peterson while employees cited their concerns about platforming someone who is popular in far-right circles. 

“He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him,” a junior employee who is a member of the LGBTQ community and who attended the town hall told VICE World News. 

Another employee said “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives.” They said one co-worker discussed how Peterson had radicalized their father and another talked about how publishing the book will negatively affect their non-binary friend. 

I have to admit, I am genuinely curious to learn what sort of morons are going to take seriously anything that the sleepless, tear-stained, drug-addicted occultist says anymore. 

More balance! Less order! Descend into chaos to rise above it! But not meth… definitely not meth! Where are my pills? I NEED MY DAMN PILLS!

UPDATE: The Original Cyberpunk informs us that the great consolidation in publishing continues apace. Formerly the Big Six, the Big Five are now the Big Four.

Breaking publishing industry news: Bertelsmann, owner of Penguin Random House, has just acquired Simon & Schuster. If it was me I’d call the consolidated company Simon & Schuster & Penguins Oh My!, but what this means is that there is now one less major fiction publisher in the world.

What a great day to be independent! I will be vastly amused if my old editor ends up in charge.

DC dead in 6 months

That’s the word from ex-DC illustrator Ethan van Sciver, anyhow:

It’s claimed that DC Comics will close down as we know it by June 2021, according to information provided to Ethan Van Sciver, a twenty-seven year veteran of the comic book industry who also recently said Jim Lee will be leaving the company.

Van Sciver, known for working on DC’s Green Lantern with Geoff Johns (who recently announced he is publishing a creator-owned comic book at Image Comics and not with DC) claims an insider filled him in AT&T has plans to close down DC Comics publishing by June.

Van Sciver says that while the publishing of comic books will end, the popular characters such as Batman, Superman, etc. will live on in the form of movies, TV shows, and video games, which make money for AT&T while the comics do not.

“Comic books themselves have fallen into the hands of extremely irresponsible people in editorial and in publishing who have taken comics and turned them from a good, fun pastime, escapist fantasy into identity, political, evil, poisonous pamphlets that insult their own readers,” says Van Sciver on his ComicsArtistPro Secrets YouTube channel. “AT&T fired a BIG portion of their editorial staff in April and just this week they fired the rest of them, essentially. We understand from sources at this point that there are no editors at DC Comics anymore. There are the people who just used to get coffee, interns, people who aren’t making very much, people who are going to be running the company until it ends.”

Van Sciver continues, “I received a tip, by the way, an unverifiable tip, I gotta say, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but they are saying DC Comics will close down publishing paper comics in June of 2021. I think they just solicited March’s comics, and I guess that, if this is true, that’s going to be it.”

June 2021 is almost perfect timing in light of Arkhaven’s plans to launch a major new comics platform next spring. 2021 promises to be a very interesting year on the comics front.

DC downsizes again

There is an all-hands-on-deck meeting taking place at DC Comics today, with those who are remaining. There will have to be a lot of job changes – even though with all the NDAs, no one can actually talk about their lost jobs or their new jobs publicly for some time. People can’t even update their LinkedIn accounts without losing their redundancy payments.

Daniel Cherry III, newly appointed DC Comics General Manager, is doing exactly what he was brought in to DC by Warner Bros President Pamela Lifford to do, to calculate corporate downsizing, assess minimum requirements, fire the highest paid people, promote the juniors with small raises, imply “you’re lucky to still have a job in this economy” and cut freelance rates and commitments.

Dark Herald has more at Arkhaven about the Red Honeymoon:

The Red Wedding massacre at DC Comics was three months ago and it was pretty brutal.  

A few of the more overly optimistic comics fans thought it was going to be the start of a turnaround, where DC would abandon its pursuit of all things Woke and go back to sensible basics.  Others thought that it was the start of a focus on graphic novels and Young Adult engagement in the hopes of attracting Zoomer’s interest in DC’s characters.

Then Daniel Cherry III was brought over from Blizzard, and far from promising an end to Wokeness, promised to make things even more Evolved.  However, it turns out he had a different mission. 

Meanwhile, Arkhaven has just reached an agreement with an international publisher that will effectively double our existing library. But we can’t talk about it yet….

Over the target

The blog is suddenly getting hit today by hundreds of spam comments. It’s a clear indication that the Hunter Biden incest and corruption scandal is squarely over the target. Fortunately, we’re already on full moderation lockdown, so most of the comments are going directly to spam.

The global shutdown

It’s becoming more and more obvious that in the eyes of the terrified global pedocracy, Qanon is the real pandemic:

Europe’s domestic intelligence and law-enforcement services have apprehensively watched the QAnon conspiracy theory migrate from the US and now consider it a significant security concern.

That assessment was given by two security officials contacted by Insider, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity given the nature of their work.

QAnon advocates claim that the US is secretly controlled by a cabal of politicians, celebrities, and media figures who engage in child abuse and pedophilia and that President Donald Trump will eventually move against these people. Its believers seek clues from an unknown government insider known as Q. There is no evidence to support the theory, and none of its foretold reckonings have taken place.

Now what could they possibly be apprehensive about? As for the statement that none of its foretold reckonings have taken place…. 

UPDATE: /pol/ says more Hunter Biden video will be released soon.

Over 30 people in the media have a copy of the hard dive and other info. We’ll all be releasing everything at the same strategic time. Its gonna be like a nuclear bomb on the DNC. I might exclusively leak some stuff here shortly before we drop the bomb. I will tell you that The Bidens make Weiner look like a fucking saint and expose Joe as possibility the most crooked VP in American history.