Civnat fail

 Donald Trump Jr. clearly doesn’t understand the gatekeeper issue any better than his father did.

Guys let’s all help @prageru stop big tech bias sign up here to get in the fight! They are on the frontlines of this issu and need your help!!! It’s a fast and easy signup For something that truly matters

– @donaldtrumpjr

Substituting one neoclown thought policeman for another neoclown thought policeman is not going to accomplish anything. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so tediously predictable. FFS, Dennis Prager has already banned people for thought crime. He’s about as convincing a champion of free speech as Torquemada or Josef Stalin.

Any institution that is not explicitly Christian and Nationalist will be subverted by not-Christians and globalists. Civnattery is guaranteed failure.

Dementia Joe

If you haven’t figured out that this is a charade yet, you’re not paying attention.

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick reports Joe Biden has lost 50 percent of his cognitive abilities. McCormick, who worked for Biden for six years, details Biden’s decline in his new book Joe Biden, Unauthorized. After working with Biden up close, McCormick says Biden is not the same man and has suffered at least 50 percent decline.

Predators go where the prey is

I don’t trust ANYONE involved with children’s charities, especially not those related to sex trafficking, refugees, or vaccines.

A photo has emerged showing accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell at a charity event to oppose sex trafficking prior to her arrest. Maxwell, smiling, is seen at the 2013 fundraiser for Stop the Trafficking of People in New York’s Meatpacking district, posing with the group’s founder Celhia de Lavarene. 

‘She’s got some nerve. But I am not surprised,’ de Lavarene told The Sun. ‘I’ve come to realize that these people need to appear to be doing good and make people believe it.’

In July, Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire and federally charged with enticement of minors and sex trafficking of children in connection with her decades-long association with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

I’m not saying that everyone involved in charity organizations is evil, I’m simply observing that being heavily involved in the charity world can be every bit as indicative of being massively evil as being a generally good person.

Of course, if your cause is something like “clean water for African villages”, you’re probably just well-meaning and stupid.

No sympathy for Shapiro

I wonder if the Littlest Chickenhawk is beginning to feel differently about his past calls for instigating violence and putting people in harm’s way when it’s he and his family who are being targeted instead of the young American men he encouraged to invade “Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and others” in the name of empire.

Ben Shapiro, the conservative talk show host and editor of The Daily Wire, was the target of serious death threats and the suspect has just been arrested … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Shapiro, who frequently appears on cable news shows and has a hugely popular podcast, filed a police report with the LAPD. We’re told the threats were not just against Shapiro but his family as well. He’s married with one daughter.

We’re told the Department got in touch with the FBI and created a joint task force to hunt down the culprit. Our sources say a man was arrested Wednesday in Washington state for making the threats. We’re told these threats were “extremely serious” … not just someone blowing off steam.

I have zero sympathy for Ben Shapiro. None whatsoever. He’s a libelous and shameless liar who despises America and Americans, hates Jesus Christ, and is actively attempting to subvert history and redefine Western civilization out of existence in the same way his predecessors self-servingly redefined both America and its Christian heritage.

It’s very easy to call for war and violence when you think you’re untouchable. But no one is untouchable except the dead.

As for death threats, BFD. I’ve been getting them for 18 years. As the moderators know, I’m still getting them in the comments from time to time; the last set was just two weeks ago.

Australian shenanigans

The promoter of Milo and Ann Coulter’s Australia tour is trying to pull a fast one:

Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to visit Australia for a five-show tour alongside conservative speaker Ann Coulter in December. The pair was set to discuss the topic “how to save Australia”.

But on Monday, tour promoter AE Media emailed ticket holders advising them that “due to unforeseen circumstances” Milo Yiannopoulos’ 2018 tour had been cancelled. Instead of being offered a refund, fans were told their tickets would be honoured in the form of tickets to see the joint speaking tour of British conservative personality Tommy Robinson and self-descibed “western chauvinist” Gavin McInnes.

Mr Yiannopoulos confirmed the news in a post on Facebook and Instagram.

“Yesterday, I woke up to the news that my Australian tour with Ann had been cancelled and the promoter was “transferring” tickets to another series of events,” he wrote. “This is illegal. If you’re a ticket holder and want a refund, they are obliged to give you one and I will make sure that happens.”

It’s always interesting to learn who is deemed acceptable and who is not. Needless to say, this sort of thing is only one of the many reasons that I have never accepted a speaking invitation to any group, university, or corporation.

Sperg designs brave new world

Unsurprisingly, it fails to account for how normal human beings prefer to live their lives:

In 2008, I found myself speaking with the big boss himself, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. I was in the second year of my Ph.D. research on Facebook at Curtin University. And I had questions.

Why did Facebook make everyone be the same for all of their contacts? Was Facebook going to add features that would make managing this easier?

To my surprise, Zuckerberg told me that he had designed the site to be that way on purpose. And, he added, it was “lying” to behave differently in different social situations.

Up until this point, I had assumed Facebook’s socially awkward design was unintentional. It was simply the result of computer nerds designing for the rest of humanity, without realising it was not how people actually want to interact.

The realisation that Facebook’s context collapse was intentional not only changed the whole direction of my research but provides the key to understanding why Facebook may not be so great for your mental health.

The eventual collapse of Facebook is going to be positively epic. The entire operation is simply another attempt to fit the square peg of human behavior into the round hole of Mark Zuckerberg’s imaginary world.

The significance of this revelation, which is not exactly a surprise to those of us who have noticed Zuckerberg’s bizarre behavior, is that Facebook is going to make increasingly bad decisions based on its inherently false assumptions about people.

Don’t smoke your own supply

I regret to observe that Marvel decides to postpone its suicide.

Every year, the LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD recognizes and awards a selection of television shows, films, and books that feature powerful portrayals of queer people. This year, a number of Marvel’s comics were recognized for the contributions they’ve made to queer culture, but those nominations were bittersweet for one incredibly disappointing reason: They’ve all been cancelled.

America (from Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones), Black Panther: World of Wakanda (Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Yona Harvey, Alitha E. Martinez, and Afua Richardson), and Iceman (Sina Grace, Alessandro Vitti, and Robert Gill) have each been nominated for GLAAD’s 2018 Outstanding Comic Book category, and with good reason. Over the course of their respective arcs, each series explored various parts of the queer experience in ways that, frankly, are new for comics. Iceman’s dug into Bobby Drake’s coming out as a gay man later in life; America’s focused on what it’s like to be a queer immigrant going to college for the first time; and World of Wakanda delved into the complicated intimate lives of the Dora Milaje.

But all of these books recently met their ends, as so many new, progressive comic books do these days. Low sales led to their cancellation just as an entirely new audience was sure to hear about the books, specifically because of their being nominated for GLAAD awards and other honors.

Note to self: in the unlikely event GLAAD offers to recognize or award any Arkhaven comic, decline the honor.

The ridiculous thing about trying to appeal to the LGBLT-whatever crowd is that it simply isn’t very big. And since the world of comics isn’t all that big either, you’re putting yourself in the unenviable position of selling to a fraction of a fraction. That might work for a small indy publisher, but it’s not going to be viable for the market leaders.

Argue about inclusiveness all you like, celebrate diversity and tolerance and progress if you are so inclined, but at the end of the day, your core market is always going to determine the extent of your sales potential. And since an ever-increasing number of people are sick to death of SJWs, that’s why I’m quite confident that openly anti-SJW material is going to prove to be considerably more popular than anyone expects, be it a business book, a comic book, or a beer-holder.

Fortunately, I’m confident that DC is going to more than make up for Marvel’s halting baby steps away from the precipice.

Ye cats….

Steve Sailer observes that the civic nationalists really are as dumb as they appear.

They Really Do Believe Emma Lazarus’s Poem Is “The Foundational Principle of Our Country”

Well, you certainly can’t claim that the country doesn’t deserve its fate. Especially the country that was founded in 1883. I don’t think you have to be pig-ignorant to be a civic nationalist, but it observably helps.

Mountain View quakes with fear

Google’s Colin McMillen FEARS FOR HIS LIFE because my ideas are so terrible, my mien is so frightful, and my gaze is so lethal that my mere existence on the same planet puts specific Googler’s lives in clear and present danger!

Indeed, the mere act of emailing the Supreme Dark Lord clearly amounts to recklessly endangering human lives. Or rather, it would if SJWs did a better job of passing for human. You know they’re going to blame the next earthquake in the Bay Area on me. But then, who is to say that they would be wrong to do so?

It must be quite the little witch hunt they have going there. Of course, if they ever do discover the various sources of the leaks, I’m pretty sure that at least one identity will absolutely shock them to their core.