Socialgalactic discourse

@fubear: I have observed that efficient access to the beer cooler is essential enough that masked people will get shoulder to shoulder with their fellow man. The winos still maintain 6’.

@voxday: Of course peasants don’t mind crowding. We civilized people prefer to maintain a civilized – and healthy – distance from the unwashed masses. I generally try to maintain social distancing of at least one kilometer.

Then again 1.5 SD is usually sufficient for all practical social distancing purposes.

We’ve been here before

What a surprise! The initial word of mouth for the new Star Wars film is spectacular! Again!

The Force is strong with this one.

The first reviews are in for Star Wars: The Last Jedi — and everybody is blown away.
The world premiere of the eighth chapter in the Skywalker saga, directed by Rian Johnson, took place in Hollywood on Saturday night.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi is everything. Intense, funny, emotional, exciting. It’s jam-packed with absolutely jaw dropping moments and I loved it so, so much. I’m still shaking,’ wrote Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier.

‘I can’t believe The Last Jedi exists. @rianjohnson is a madman and I love him for it. He takes Star Wars to the edge and throws it over. What a crazy, awesome movie. We’ll be talking about this one for a long, long time.’

Sure we will. Having been a Star Wars fanatic turned hater by The Phantom Menace, I have not seen a Star Wars movie since. But I do take sadistic pleasure in the observing the usual process of a new release in the series.

  1. OMG! It’s the BEST since EMPIRE!
  2. Okay, maybe we got a little carried away. But it’s still really good!
  3. Well, I mean, it’s all right.
  4. Actually, there are a lot of things that don’t make any sense.
  5. And are pretty lame, come to think of it.
  6. This movie sucks.
  7. Now, what was the second one called? No, the second of the new ones, not the prequels.
The fact that SJWs are hell-bent on talking up Mary Suewalker and the ambiguously gay interracial duo only exacerbates this phenomenon.

The LA Times Jen Yamato claimed: ‘StarWars: The Last Jedi is so beautifully human, populist, funny, and surprising. I cried when one POC heroine got her moment because films like these leave their mark on entire generations — and representation matters.’

You don’t say…. All that being said, I would genuinely enjoy it if they follow the color-by-numbers approach so closely that Luke cuts off Mary Suewalker’s hand before he reveals that he was the sperm donor for the interracial lesbian couple who were murdered by racist Nazi stormtroopers, leaving her an orphan.

Happy Converged Christmas at Tor

This is hilarious. The Macmillan executives who just shut down Pronoun have got to be eyeing serious cuts at Tor Books in 2018. At least Pronoun did what it was supposed to do.

Black Excellence: Honoring Kwanzaa through Science Fiction and Fantasy

It may be the holiday season, but for many people that goes beyond just Christmas or Hannukah. In my case, it means honoring my ancestors and culture through Kwanzaa. I’ve celebrated Kwanzaa alongside Christmas for nearly two decades now. While I no longer go through the whole ritual of lighting the mishumaa saba (seven candles) in the kinara (candleholder) or setting out the mazao (crops) and kikombe cha umoja (unity cup) on the mkeka (mat), I still try to honor the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) on which Kwanzaa was founded. One of the ways I do that is by spending the week of Kwanzaa focusing on work created by African Americans, from television to movies to comics to books to businesses and beyond.

It’s always amusing to see people pretending to care about fake holidays for fake Americans. As for me, I like to celebrate Black Excellence during Kwanzaa by watching Serena Williams defeat an white girl half her weight in straight sets while listening to Puff Daddy’s greatest hits, after which I read one of SFWA Grand Master Samuel L. Delaney’s beautiful tales of true gay love between man and underage boy.

It’s a very special time of year.

It’s really not fair

But sometimes they throw you a big fat one right over the plate:

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
A white woman who has a child with a black father has a 2 percent chance of the father financially supporting that child.

lionorder ‏@lionorder
That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day. There’s proof that black dads are more hands on then others.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
Child abuse doesn’t count, sport.

One has to keep one’s hand in, if one is to remain an Award-Winning Cruelty Artist, after all.

When I say it, it’s funny

But when YOU say it, it is mean and it is not funny and you should stop:

It turns out that saying “the train is fine” has turned into a rhetorical tool by assholes to needle people they disagree with, so much so that just the other day I received almost a thousand hits on the video because of another author’s invocation of the catchphrase.

Being a parent of a child with autism is not a great experience. You get all the hardships of just being a parent, plus the additional burden of dealing with a child who does not have full control of his or her emotions or cognitive state. It can be frustrating, even heartbreaking, and because of that it’s good to be able to step back and laugh a little. But one thing we should not do is turn autism itself into the joke, or accuse people who are not autistic of being disabled themselves….

I’m not going to tell people how to comport themselves online. As I said above, I don’t even expect this entry is going to change anyone’s mind about anything. What’s more, I figure at least some of these assholes will come around and leave hateful comments because I’m daring to point out their thoughtlessness. That’s pretty much par for the course for people who think disabilities are a joke. At the same time, I’m not going to simply watch my blog stats tick upward based on the assholish behavior of others and say nothing. I try to be inoffensive here, but come on.

You will note I’m not naming names. I’m not into the shame game. If someone chooses to out themselves on their own blog or in the comments below, that’s their business, but I’m not going to gather up a bunch of villagers, arm them with torches and pitchforks, and send them en masse toward the castle. That’s not my way, and while it may have been in the past, it isn’t any longer. I’m content simply to say my peace and be done with it.

All I ask of those of you reading this is: stop it. You think you’re being clever and funny, but you’re not. You are being an awful person, and while you might believe it’s for a good cause, whatever point you’re trying to make is lost. Sure, your friends might have a hearty chuckle at how you called someone autistic and isn’t that hilarious, but those of us who live the struggle are not laughing. Our kids aren’t laughing. Our brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews who suffer with ASD aren’t laughing. It’s not a joke.

I’m so glad he’s not going to tell people how to comport themselves on line. Because if he had, I might have been inclined to observe that it’s not hard to see how the acorn doesn’t fall all that far from the tree. Fortunately, he didn’t, so I won’t.

It clearly escaped Mr. Speech Policeman there that “the train is fine” is not utilized simply as a means of needling those with whom one disagrees. It is utilized as a rhetorical means of demonstrating that the person with whom one disagrees is focused on the wrong thing, often to the point of seeming obsession. In other words, the behavior is observably similar to that of an autistic person, which is why the application of the phrase is funny. Humor is contextual, after all.

As it happens, I find this attempt to take offense at an unapproved use of the phrase to be ironic because it has effectively replaced something most people would tend to find rather more offensive, namely, the demand that the interlocutor “stop sperging”.

Which just goes to show that there is absolutely no point in paying any attention whatsoever to these idiot speech police. Considering the lengths to which they go to find offense, I would think they should be abasing themselves before me and expressing their heartfelt gratitude, not whining and crying… except of course that seeking attention by whining and crying is the whole point of the exercise.

The train is still fine.

UPDATE: Our own Autistic Commenter, ER, comments.

I happen to be autistic so I feel qualified to respond to Sam: Shut the fuck up you attention-seeking virtue-signaling hypocritical speech-policing pussified retard! The train is fine!

UPDATE II: And Azimus makes an apt observation:

The most fascinating aspect of all this is the guy Sam Hawken somehow manages to contort himself into a position where the original material mocking autistic people is funny, but a simple reference to it is offensive. I would love to give the man a piece of paper and a pencil and ask him to map out how this makes sense to him.

Lessons in Rhetoric: Swedish edition

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
@voxday So you’re glad that Breivik did what he did? You’re fucking despicable.

Vox Day @voxday
Why do you support Swedish women being raped and murdered by invaders? You’re despicable and a coward.

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
Why do you support the mass murder of innocent teenagers?

Vox Day @voxday
Why do you support Swedish women being raped and murdered by invaders? You’re despicable and a coward.

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
You are a pathetic racist fascist cunt.

Vox Day @voxday
You are a testosterone-free evolutionary dead end. Why do you sacrifice Swedish women to orcs?

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
Men of colour are not orcs.

Vox Day @voxday
Yes, they are. See, here’s a picture and everything!

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
You are just sad.

Vox Day @voxday
You’re an aspie who still lives with his parents. That’s called “psychological projection”. Also, the train is fine.

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
I’m not a fascist shit, so I’m better than you, and what train are you talking about?

Vox Day @voxday
The train is fine, Markus. The train is fine.

Markus from Sweden @the_Markunator
What train?!

Vox Day @voxday
The train that is fine.

Saladin’s taqiyya

It’s amazing that any Muslim still thinks that the West is collectively dumb enough to fall for this line:

Saladin Ahmed ‏@saladinahmed
Hey racist assholes exploiting an atrocity: Refugees from Syria, etc. are looking to *escape* this sort of violence, not to spread it.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Give up on the taqiyya, Saladin the Liar. Refugees from Syria committed the atrocity in Paris.

Leandro Novaes ‏@leahn_novash
3.609 retweets of his lie. It’s worrisome the amount of support the enemies of civilization can muster.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
No, Saladin the Liar is one of the SFWA’s affirmative action pets, so he gets inordinate attention.

All of SJW virtue-signaling and “I’m so sorry you had to experience that” condolences from the SFWA hugbox should be amusing. It’s also fascinating how the only place those poor refugees “from Syria” could  *escape* that sort of violence was in the West, instead of any of in any of the many countries belonging to their co-religionists.

In addition to implicitly trying to pass off Islam as a race, Ahmed himself belies his own argument. Look at the books featured on his Twitter header. Are they written about Native American culture? Are they written about Norman Rockwell American culture? About any Western culture? Of course not. Californian immigrants californicate. Islamic immigrants islamify. That’s how mass migration works. That’s how it has always worked.

Take it from a Native American whose brothers are literally on the reservation today.

UPDATE: See, this is exactly why they should have been sinking the damn boats:

Paris attacks terrorist suspect Ahmed Almuhamed ‘was rescued near Greece after his refugee boat sunk’. According to Serbian media, a Syrian passport belonging to Ahmed Almuhamed was found at the scene of the attack at the Stade de France. Now a Greek newspaper claims to have discovered the 25-year-old and a family member, called Mohammed Almuhmed, were rescued from a wrecked migrant boat that had sunk on the journey from Syria.

My personal attendance policy

I understand that some SJW on wheels (and does anyone know if “wheelchair” trumps “black”, “woman”, or “cyberviolence survivor” in the SJW hierarchy?), recently followed the lead of Mr. Scalzi and others in announcing a Personal Policy regarding future convention attendance.

Since attendance polices are apparently now a Thing in the science fiction world, I decided I would be remiss should I fail to do likewise. Therefore, I am pleased to present the official Vox Day Personal Convention Attendance Policy:

  • Offer an public statement on the convention website, and a written statement to me submitting to my Supreme Dark Lordship and offering specifics about tributes and sacrifices that will be offered to honor me throughout the course of the event.
  • A sign over the venue entrance no smaller than 1.6 meters by one meter with the following words inscribed: “SJW delenda est”.
  • All SJWs in attendance are to be clearly identified with rainbow badges and bar codes. Their next-of-kin shall be notified by convention personnel within 36 hours of the end of the event.
  • One throne of bones constructed with four silvered skulls; the seat and backrest should be either royal blue or blood-red velvet. The throne shall be placed stage right with sufficient room behind for no less than four armored minions.
  • An Unsafe Space which only Evil Legion of Evil members, minions, and their invited victims are permitted to enter. It must be equipped with an original Intellivision system and no less than 10 games (not including Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack), a Nespresso machine with Ristretto and Canella capsules, 12 bottles of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG, and either a) a floor-drainage system or b) a large, high-quality wet vac.

I am, granted, only the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, with a mere 456 Vile Faceless Minions at my every whim, beck, and call, but I’m a cruel and arrogant voice that can no longer use my money and time to support conventions that cannot take the time to ensure that my dark reign is not properly recognized. You literally cannot pay me to attend a convention without a submission policy.

Fun with #WrongFamily

From what I understand, Nick Searcy is actually a good guy whose conservative heart is generally in the right place. However, someone should probably let him know that I’m really not the right guy with whom to play the “I adopted a black child and therefore cannot be criticized” game. I have to admit, this is the most fun I’ve had on Twitter in a long time.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
Do VOX & @Cernovich applaud the overt racism behind #cuckservative? Xtra hate for adoption!

Vox Day ‏@voxday
I certainly endorse use of the term to deride conservative pro-immigrationists destroying America.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
I’m not pro illegal immigration. I hosted a doc about it. But you are anti-transracial adoption?

Vox Day ‏@voxday
The adoption angle strikes me as an irrelevant rhetorical sideshow from both sides.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
Maybe you could spread the word among your fellow #cuckroaches. My transracial family offends them.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
The word isn’t “transracial”, Nick, it’s “multiracial”. Adopting kids doesn’t make you black.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
Wrong as usual, anonymous internet dickweed. The term is “transracial.” Eat it.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Nick, adopting kids doesn’t make you black. And stop hiding behind them. It’s pathetic.

Guild Carver ‏@Guildcarver
Stop trying vox the facts are against you. Definition.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Transracial would be if Nick said his family was Chinese. Do try to keep up.

Guild Carver ‏@Guildcarver
nick & family is white. Adopted son that is black. Transracial dickbag.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Godfrey Elfwick is transracial. Rachel Dolazel is transracial. I am multiracial.

Guild Carver ‏@Guildcarver
you’re nothing more than a dumbass who is ignoring facts to make a bullshit point for 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Stop with the transracist hate. #WrongSkin is real! Evidence.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Perhaps we should set aside “transracial” and “multiracial” and go with #WrongFamily? Everyone agree with that?

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
I’m sure all of your fellow #cuckroaches would love the term #wrongfamily.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Cool, I’m glad we’re agreed. I will join you in your fight against transfamilialphobia. #WrongFamily. 

The thing is, once you realize someone doesn’t merit being taken seriously, you may as well amuse yourself at their expense. You can probably figure out the exact point at which I reached that conclusion. And their other merits notwithstanding, anyone who wants to take a serious debate about mass immigration and transform it into a posturing sideshow about their get-out-of-racism-free token is not an individual with whom one can have a serious discussion, at least on that subject.

I found it particularly amusing that Mr. Searchy managed to transform the offense he took at one hashtag into another one he likes even less. And I have a brilliant #WrongFamily graphic meme in mind for the very important fight against transfamilialphobia.

When egos collide

I thought you all might find this Twitter exchange to be as amusing as I did. Surgeons are notorious for their arrogance, while your humble host is not exactly known for being devoid of confidence.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
A published study appears to have detected vaccine fraud in a CDC study of autism and the MMR vaccine.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday No, not so much. But your swallowing that codswallop whole shows just how little you know about science.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@gorskon Amusing. You clearly don’t even understand the difference between statistical review and science. You’re science-illiterate.

Sebastian Armstrong ‏@spikesandspokes
@voxday @gorskon Hilarious, he is a cancer surgeon who has been part of breast cancer research, and YOU think HE is science-illiterate!

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@spikesandspokes @gorskon He observably is science-illiterate. Statistical analysis is not science. Neither, for that matter, is surgery.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@spikesandspokes @gorskon We’re getting ready for our fantasy football draft. Or, as you science-illiterates would call it, “doing science”.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday @spikesandspokes Says the guy who has never published in the scientific literature and thinks he knows science.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday @spikesandspokes As opposed to
someone (me) who has actually published multiple scientific papers,
including one coauthor in Nature

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@gorskon @spikesandspokes No, says the guy whose scientific hypotheses have been turned into multiple published papers and cited by Nature.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@spikesandspokes Don’t worry. @voxday amuses me with his arrogance of ignorance with respect to science, particularly vaccine science.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@gorskon @spikesandspokes You’re the one dumb enough to claim statistical review is science, not me.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@gorskon @spikesandspokes BFD. Nature has also cited one of my original hypotheses. And it doesn’t erase your basic blunder re statistics.

Vox Day ‏@voxday 2h
@gorskon @spikesandspokes But your logically fallacious appeal to credentials does amuse me. Now, I’ve got to get back to my draft science.

 David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday @spikesandspokes Also, hypotheses are a dime a dozen. Hypotheses that stand up to scientific scrutiny are what matter, silly boy.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
 @gorskon @spikesandspokes They did, Mr. Doctor Scientist. That’s kind of the point.

Vox Day ‏@voxday @gorskon @spikesandspokes I’m not worried.
Your insecurity is hilarious. Nobody gives a damn about your
credentials, Mr. Doctor Scientist.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday @spikesandspokes Who’s more insecure, the guy w/ actual scientific accomplishments (me) or the guy who brags about hypothese (you)?

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@gorskon @spikesandspokes I don’t brag about it. You’re the one who rushed to cite Nature, not me. I simply pointed out: BFD. So, you.

David Gorski ‏@gorskon
@voxday @spikesandspokes And you’re the one who bragged first about a hypothesis cited in Nature.

Vox Day ‏@voxday now
@gorskon @spikesandspokes Wrong again. I responded at 2:59 to your mention of Nature at 2:57. Science illiterate and can’t tell time either?

One thing I’ve noticed about scientists is that they never seem to understand that their expertise in one particular area doesn’t translate very well, if at all, into unrelated areas. That’s why it is so easy to trip them up; their rush to defend their wounded intellectual vanity leads them from one error into another.

And, of course, they always retreat to their credentials and citations in lieu of being able to actually argue their way out of a paper bag. It’s probably a character flaw, but I do love it when this sort of situational moron decides to take a crack at me.

UPDATE: To be fair to the guy, I was the first one to mention Nature. And, since apparently none of my would-be critics are smart enough to search the blog, the hypothesis referenced is obviously my argument demonstrating that religion does not cause war, which has been cited everywhere from Foreign Policy to Wikipedia to Nature to The New York Times. And as for anyone who wants to resort to the obvious dodge of crediting The Encyclopedia of Wars, well, I will simply laugh at you and observe that while I have it, and have read it, you obviously haven’t ever even laid eyes upon it.