Solipsism and its consequences

The crash at the Tour de France yesterday reminded me a little of what feels like every mother with a stroller I’ve ever encountered in a public place:

A female cycling fan faces up to a year in prison after causing one of the worst crashes the history of the Tour de France and then running away.

Prosecutors in Brittany, in the north of the country, on Sunday launched a criminal enquiry after the female suspect – who had not been identified and who is on the run – was filmed causing the chaos on Saturday.

She was smiling broadly as she held a carboard sign in front of the peloton riding from Brest to Landeneau on the first stage of this year’s world-famous race.

It read ‘Go! Gran, Grandad,’ in a combination of French and German, and was clearly aimed at millions of viewers from around the world.

The woman, who is said to be from Germany, was looking straight at the television motorbike cameras with her back turned to the speeding riders and one – the German Tony Martin – crashed into her.

Martin fell, causing a horrifying domino effect that ended in a tangle of bikes and bodies.

What was striking was the woman’s total lack of awareness that other people existed or the way in which her actions would inevitably affect them. At least mothers of young infants have a maternal excuse for their solipsism – which technically isn’t solipsism since the infant is a separate being – but what sort of moron doesn’t connect a) the motorbike with the television cameras pointing backward with b) the pelaton right behind it?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m very pro-young mother with stroller. They are a biological necessity, even an imperative, for the human race. But there are few things that fill me with the momentary desire to rid the entire planet of every bipedal species walking it than when a woman does the “stop without warning and adjust the infant’s blanket” smack dab in the middle of a entrance or exit. Actually, setting aside the element of solipsism for the moment, what is it about the mere existence of a portal from one space to another that inspires women with strollers with the urgent need to stop right in the middle of it?

I’m not saying women shouldn’t care for their infants as carefully as they see fit. Move two steps to one side or the other and you can park there all day long with no complaints from me. But for the love of all that is good and holy and true, do not ever stop to perform your maternal duties right in the middle of the damn doorway!

China attacks feminism

The reason that the smart money is on China is because, unlike the West, their leaders have been smart enough to see through the various ideologies that have been used to harm both them and the West. The Chinese frog has shaken off the scorpion, whereas the West angrily attacks anyone who suggests it take action in the interest of its own survival.

The Chinese Communist Party has been heavily censoring social media posts by feminists. While the CCP is synonymous with internet censorship, in this case, the stakes are even higher as the country’s ten-year census is nearing. What’s more, the census is suspected to show a decline in birth rates for the fourth consecutive year.

“In recent days, more than a dozen accounts used by feminists were deleted from the Weibo social-media platform as well as cultural-discussion site,” wrote the WSJ.

Weibo and are prominent social media platforms in the country. Weibo is more or less referred to as “Chinese Twitter” as it is also a microblogging platform built exclusively for the Chinese netizens. Both the social media platforms are subjected to heavy surveillance and censorship by the CCP.

A user wrote on Weibo about the declining birth rates and censorship, stating: “What are they afraid of? Are they afraid of more women waking up? Are they panicking when seeing the fertility rates and marriage rates?”

It sounds as if the Chinese are reacting swiftly to save their society and civilization by banning feminism, something that Americans should have done back in the 1970s once it became clear what the fruits of feminism, which is one of the few ideologies that is actually more evil than the German variant of national socialism and less functional than communism, were.

The first rule of societal survival is this: have children. Any ideology that stands in the way of the first rule is not going to last very long.


That is the proper name for “gender dysphoria”, which in practical terms is little more than teenage girls being freaked out by womanhood by the Internet:

In January 2019, the Wall Street Journal ran my article, When Your Daughter Defies Biology.

I was flooded with emails from readers who had experienced with their own children the phenomenon I had described, or had witnessed its occurrence at their children’s schools – clusters of adolescents, suddenly discovering transgender identities together, begging for hormones, desperate for surgery.

Transgender activists attacked me online, so I offered them the opportunity to tell me their stories. 

I spoke to anyone who had something to offer on this issue. Their responses formed the basis of my book about the transgender craze.

I conducted nearly 200 interviews and spoke to more than four dozen families of adolescents, as well as transgender adults – those who present as women and those who present as men…. They have very little to do with the current trans epidemic plaguing teenage girls. 

Closer to the mark are the Salem witch trials of the 17th Century, the nervous disorders of the 18th Century, and anorexia nervosa, repressed memory, bulimia and the self-harm contagion in the 20th Century.

At the forefront of all this are adolescent girls. Their distress is real, but their self-diagnosis is flawed – more the result of encouragement and suggestion than psychological necessity.

Three decades ago, these girls might have hankered for liposuction. 

Two decades ago, they might have ‘discovered’ a repressed memory of childhood trauma or multiple personality disorder.

Today’s diagnostic craze isn’t demonic possession – it’s gender dysphoria. 

She’s right to a point. Because the source of the crazes, the spiritual driver that underlies the material aspects, is the same evil spirit of destruction that fuels abortion, professional careers, and every other form of female self-negation intended to prevent young women from becoming mothers. Because mothers are the key civilization; an attack on motherhood is an attack on society’s ability to sustain itself. 

And the reason Silicon Valley is so opposed to this author is because it is full of those who willingly serve that evil spirit.

That’s not a good idea

It’s a GREAT one!

A woman is stirring controversy after calling out her husband’s supposedly “shocking” life decision. The 24-year-old, writing under the username throwra_l8tr asked for help in Reddit’s r/relationship_advice forum. In her post, she shared the extremely unique reason she’s been fighting with her spouse.

The problem? Her husband, who’s 25, has apparently set up an “entire Taco Bell dining booth” in his home office. Many Reddit users found the issue pretty frivolous, but for throwra_l8tr, it’s a serious problem.

“I’m still just absolutely stunned and shocked that anyone, much less my husband, would think it’s a good idea,” she wrote.

She should just be happy that he didn’t arrange for a live-in employee and a microwave to keep him supplied with fresh chilitos and bean-and-cheese burritos on demand. That would take “living the dream” to new heights.

She certainly got something

From a book I recently scanned:

Amelia Earheart was an inspiration to women everywhere. She wanted something more than hearth and home, and she got it.

She died childless and alone, presumably of starvation, on an uninhabited island. So inspirational!

She’s not necessarily wrong

A woman recommends staying away from sigma males:

He’s not your usual type, so you have no plans to fall in love.

You discover: he’s interesting, he’s fascinating, he might very well be a genius. When he talks about data sets, somehow it’s poetry to your ears. His hobbies are unexpected and wide-ranging: philosophy, fishing, tango.

He was a terrible student in high school, yet highly accomplished outside of it. Maybe he traveled across Europe for chess tournaments, or around the U.S. for tennis championships, or spent long hours sketching art in a black sketch book.

There was one teacher in particular that believed in him, and that made all the difference.

He’s extraordinarily successful, astonishingly well-connected. If he was bored in school, he’s been challenged like no other in his career. He has driven an original idea or ambition to completion, with a discipline and willpower you can only imagine, achieved what most humans could only dream of.

And yet the more successful and brilliant he is in a particular area, the more awkward and incompetent he is in the most basic of others: he forgets to eat, he can’t pick out his own clothes, he can’t boil an egg.

But you smile when you learn of these quirks. You find them endearing.

She’s probably right, on average, although it is clear that she seriously underestimates the sigma’s appeal to other women. As a general rule, most women simply don’t believe, at least not initially, how attractive sigmas are to other women because they find it difficult to believe it of any man who is not a conventional alpha. And, of course, being solipsistic by nature, the average woman has absolutely no idea how utterly average her inclinations are.

On a tangential note, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time an attractive woman said, in all seriousness, that she was different because she was really only attracted to tall, good-looking alpha males, who had a little bit, although not too much, of an an edge to them. Yeah, that’s totally different from every other woman on the planet….

But the one thing the writer is missing, naturally, is that the sigma doesn’t necessarily follow any particular pattern with regards to women. He’s not an alpha, so he’s just as likely to be faithful as unfaithful, and being iconoclastic by nature, is equally capable of going off and joining a monastery, a blues band, or the French Foreign Legion. He’s not a gamma, so he’s not going to put any woman on a pedestal. And even the sigma is seldom able to predict his own path with any degree of reliability; I certainly didn’t. But it is true that whatever the sigma’s decision might be, she’s not going to get a vote unless that happens to be an element of his individual code.

And just in case you’re harboring any suspicions, I am reliably informed that Spacebunny did not write this….

PS: Note to the gammas reading this: this does not apply to you. Yes, you’re smarter than the norm and your social life is less than active. Doesn’t matter. Remember how obsessed you were with that one girl? Right.

A land without women

It’s always interesting to see the doublethink involved when the lifeless fruit of abortion-on-demand presents feminists with the paradox of women choosing to abort their little girls:

None of the 216 children born across 132 villages in one Indian state over the last three months were girls, authorities have revealed. Officials in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand state have launched a probe over fears parents have been having sex-selective abortions.

India outlawed sex-selective abortion in 1994, but it’s still common practice to terminate female fetuses as they are seen as a financial burden, with families often needing to provide money for costly dowries, despite the fact they were outlawed in 1961.

Baby boys are favoured as they are seen as the main breadwinner and the birth of a son is seen as a cause for celebration and family pride. Ashish Chauhan, Uttarkashi’s district magistrate, said the rate was ‘suspicious and has highlighted female foeticide’ according to the ANI news agency.

Abortion is evil, period. As, of course, is feminism. The problem is there is no rational or practical way to balance both a) legal abortion on demand and b) a ban sex-selective abortions. The only correct solution is to ban all abortion.

“A fundamental human right”

A British judge appalls modern sensibilities by defending the core foundation of marriage:

A British judge has invoked the ire of online commentators, activists and politicians after remarking that it was a man’s “fundamental human right” to have sex with his wife during an already controversial court case. “I cannot think of any more obviously fundamental human right than the right of a man to have sex with his wife… I think he is entitled to have it properly argued,” senior High Court judge Justice Hayden was quoted as saying during a preliminary hearing on a case involving a married couple of 20 years.

If the entire documented process of marriage does not provide consent, what on Earth does? What on Earth can? If marriage does not grant a man sexual rights to his wife’s body, why on Earth should any man ever marry a woman in the first place? What, precisely, does a man acquire in return for the right of permanent claims on his material wealth and income; remember that a contract is not even legally a contract if obligations are not assigned to both parties. How is a woman’s husband even theoretically distinguishable from every other individual on the planet if he has no more rights to her body than anyone else?

There are many, many legal examples of one-time consent. Those who enlist in the armed forces are not able to legally withdraw their consent at a later date or decide that they’re just not in the mood to obey the orders given by their superior officer. And it’s reprehensibly stupid for women to insist on creating this novel post-marital consent standard when they are already complaining about the increasing unwillingness of men to marry them.

This is why the concept of “marital rape” is not only legally incoherent, but insidious and dyscivilizational. No man should ever even consider marrying any woman who subscribes to the concept because she does not believe in the actual institution of marriage at all.

Quote of the day

“I have to admit, my first thought after hearing there had been an arrest in Hollywood by armed FBI agents with guns drawn was not college admissions. Wait, Felicity Huffman is a pedophile too?”
– Spacebunny

Putin 2020

If the God-Emperor cannot, or simply will not, build Americans their promised wall, drain the swamp, stop the foreign invasions, repatriate the post-1965 immigrants, or put America first, then perhaps Americans need to turn to a leader who is actually capable of leading his nation on its behalf:

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian women for everything they do in life, like taking care of the home and staying beautiful. He made the remarks to a group of Russian female policewomen on International Women’s Day, which was celebrated throughout the Soviet Union.

“You manage everything at work and at home, whilst staying beautiful, bright, and charming,” Putin said, adding that “It is hard to imagine the history and development of our country without the contribution of the great Russian women.”

“What does a young woman need to maintain her figure? Three things: a workout machine, a masseuse and a suitor,” Putin told the police officers….

“Our women’s ability to achieve success is remarkable. You manage to cope with everything at work and take care of the family. Your love unites, encourages, supports, consoles makes us feel warm,” reported Russian state news agency TASS on Putin’s official comments.

“You are destined to go the whole way of creating new life – the miracle of childbirth. This great happiness of motherhood and child-rearing transfigures this world, fills it with kindness, gentleness and sympathy and asserts the traditional values that have always made Russia strong,” Putin said.

“We shall be always indebted to you,” Putin said in his address to the women of the nation. “This is true of each of us and of the state in general, which remains obliged to do so much for the sake of those who spare no effort in rearing their children.

Hungary and Russia will be of increasing importance in the 21st century because they are two of the only nations that are putting their national interests first. The USA will continue to decline and eventually go the way of the Soviet Union because it is actively waging low-intensity war against the interests of the American nation.

Don’t get me wrong. President Trump remains the best available option for the USA. He has exceeded expectations and is one of the best Presidents the country has ever had. But unfortunately, it appears he was too little, too late. And as I warned from the start, there was very little chance that a civic nationalist would be up to the challenge posed by the realities and social rifts of a waning multiethnic, multireligious empire.